Gay Nazis and Deviants? Surely Not?

Whilst trawling the far right websites is by turns scary, hilarious and stupefying, it rarely fails to be unpredictable. As we all know the BNP and other Nazi grupuscules are fairly candid about their rampant homophobia but they often come a cropper when they realise that ‘iron hoofs’ are in fact part of their number. The far right (and indeed much of the national media) seem absolutely incapable of distinguishing between gay people and paedophiles and regularly call for the death penalty for all ‘perverts,’ ‘paedos’ and ‘nonces’ whilst conveniently not looking closer to home and forgetting there are gay members of the BNP and regular revelations of yet another member of the BNP convicted for child pornography. Which is a tad hypocritical.

Griffin & Webster: ‘Things happened that night between Nick and myself.’

It has long been a ‘bone’ of contention that Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, was once in a gay relationship with ex-National Fronter Martin Webster. Webster has already written about his relationship with Griffin, which lasted 4 years, and, in the week following Griffin’s confrontation with gay activist Peter Tatchell, Webster has now gone down the YouTube and is talking about it there (tap in ‘BNP Nick Griffin Is Gay’). Subsequently, on Real Nationalists Online – a splinter from the North West Nationalists web forum – there is a thread delicately entitled ‘Is Griffin A Cocksucker?’ Webster’s revelations contradict Griffin’s crass statement that he found the idea of 2 men kissing ‘creepy.’ Webster was eventually ousted from the NF by John Tyndall for ‘homosexualism’ whilst Griffin prospered. The far right rumour mill is not to be taken too seriously and conspiracy theories hatch on the web as fast as Griffin can write begging letters (in his latest 1 he is even asking for sums as small as 50p. The good ship BNP is seriously holed. No jokes please!). One of the more interesting theories is that Griffin is being blackmailed by the ‘secret state’ over his sexual history in order to wreck the BNP. Given his ineptitude, it is doubtful the secret state need to be involved but it is a rumour that hangs around him much to the embarrassment of his acolytes.

Following the leadership challenge by Eddie Butler (Bitler) and sundry suspensions, Griffins online attack dogs on VNNuk Forum have been slagging off Peter Stafford of Liverpool BNP for being gay. VNN started a thread on ‘Liverpool’s Resident Homosexual’ (Stafford) stating ‘Why the fuck LBNP haven’t done anything about this fucking mincer is very odd.’ Indeed. Another poster wrote that ‘Eddy Butler has a big gay following. I know many other gay men in the party who support him’ thus smearing Butler and his supporters. All typical tactics by Griffin’s boys who also continue to smear Jonathan Bowden who is supporting Butler. Are these web Rottweiler’s aware of Nick’s previous ‘proclivities’? Have they discussed this with him over tea?

Liverpool BNP

VNNuk has featured a long running thread entitled Searchlight Spies which is now running to 260 pages at last count and is dedicated to outing ‘reds’, ‘wrong ’uns’ and ‘nonces.’ The thrust of the thread is that Liverpool BNP and other branches are riddled with informants and people spend considerable amounts of energy and bile exposing them, targeting the likes of Tony Ward and Peter Tierney in particular. The hirsute Tierney was recently done for attacking an antifascist but it is Ward’s self-outing on VNN that really takes the garibaldi. On the website, amidst various threats to out and smear, Ward surprisingly posted the following: he ‘would like to tell you I am Transgendered, I am a non transitioning transsexual’ and that ‘I kept that quiet for the BNP’s protection not mine.’ Jings! There was a subsequent explosion of homophobic  condemnation which is not going to do LBNP many favours. Tony ‘Hammerhead’ Ward married a Chinese women to prevent her, he said, from ‘race mixing.’ How kind. On hearing this we can assume she no longer lends him her frocks.

To add to this there was also a thread on VNNuk supporting woman and child beating cop killer Raoul Moat who some said was striking back at the establishment. This again caused a highly entertaining slanging match on the merits of Monsieur Moat or ‘Moaty.’ Apart from being a violent murdering psychopath, Moat had apparently been depicted in make up and a fetching mini-skirt which caused the most consternation amongst the Nazis. Several posters openly supported Moat but to be fair, others did not. This is not exactly great PR for the BNP.

The sexual intrigues of Liverpool Nazis continues. On recent posts we mentioned that someone had been smearing local Liam Pinkham claiming that he was booted out of the British Freedom Fighters (BFF) over an alleged relationship with an underage girl. (It is likely this rumour was started by now BFF leader Mark Galpin). Given the perpetual infighting and slagging that characterises the Nazi websites it did not take long for more information to emerge. A VNN thread on the recently jailed ‘Wigan Mike’ Heaton (see previous ‘Malatesta’ postings) has been most revelatory. Not all Nazis see Heaton as an Aryan saviour it would seem and his ex-girlfriend ‘Kim Whitenightshade’ is one of them. Ms Whitenightshade referred to Wigan Mike’s preference for ‘his daughters friend who is 22 years younger than he is’ and also to  ‘Countrywide’s’ chats with Mike’s 15 year old daughter.’ Crivvens! Countrywide is also known as Mark Galpin of the BFF, who smeared Whitenightshade as a ‘police informer, MI5 agent and proven grass’ as well as starting the Pinkham rumours. Kim confirmed that Pinkham, who was ‘misled’ by the ‘Big Fat Fucks,’ had been having a ‘supervised and non-physical relationship’ with Whitenightshade’s 15 year old daughter but was ‘the perfect gent.’ Following a domestic, Kim is no longer allowed near Heaton – which is no big deal as he is in jail for the next 30 months. On VNN, Kim claims she is revealing all of this because she was booted out of the BFF by ‘Chubbo’ in a jealous rage over Heaton. ‘Chubbo’ is nicknamed thus for ample reasons.


And it goes on. Last week former BNP member Darren Francis was done for having sex with an underage girl in Northampton. And Simon Shepperd who has just been done for internet unpleasantness (see Heaton Guilty by ‘Malatesta’) has recorded his preferences for the under-16s in an autobiographical screed. And they are not the only Nazi perverts:  NF member Martyn Gilleard was done for bomb making and possessing 39,000 obscene images of children; BNP candidate Roderick Rowley was done for child porn and BNP members Ian Hindle and Andrew Wells had child abuse convictions. More heterosexually, ex-BNP top rankers Mark Collett and Dave Hannam were accused of attempting to seduce 2 underage girls at the 2006 Blackpool BNP jamboree and Collett had done this type of thing before in 2005. That Nazis and BNPers espouse one thing and do another is obvious, particularly in terms of violence, crime and drugs. But next time they all start shouting about hanging gay people and lumping paedophiles in there with them, they should perhaps check what their comrades have been up to.


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