The British Freedom Party & Fluffy Fascism

It is hard to credit the British far right with any abilities short of frothing at the mouth at ‘immigrants’ but you have to give them their due when it comes to organising splinter factions and parties. So convinced are they of their political importance that it is hard for them to agree with each other and fall outs are frequent. The latest development is the British Freedom Party which has drawn in former BNP members. However, none  of the far-right websites appear overtly impressed and the odious BNPers on VNNuk claim the BFP is “full of people with bizarre obsessions, misfits, mutants, swamp dwellers, and addicts and screaming fat ugly mongrels and sexual deviants..” Unlike the BNP with their paedophiles and hedgerow terrorists.

The BFP website, featuring what looks like a Gap advert, appears to be promoting a kind of ‘fluffy fascism’ and is registered to Simon Bennett who famously pulled the plug on the BNP website the day before the general election, much to the amusement of anti-fascists everywhere. He has since been attacked by most of the British far-right websites. The Fluffies claim to be ‘Cultural Nationalists’ but are BNP by any other name – they just don’t have the baggage of holocaust denial, violence, corruption or criminal records. Yet. The Fluffies pledge financial transparency and have laid out their immigration policy. Batty Barnes has also made up a policy about political correctness for Old Bill. No more PC for the PCs he says sternly. Jings!

Apparently, setting up a new party was Plan B for Bennett and Eddy Butler following the failure of the BNP leadership challenge and the unlikelihood of reforming the constitution. It will be no surprise that ‘The Expelled’ from the BNP will scramble onboard in the hope of regaining their sense of worth and a much coveted title. Batty Lee Barnes has been puffing it on his bilious website as well as on the British Democracy Forum. This was not unlikely seeing as he has been howling like a sick dog in the political wilderness having nothing to do. Barnes could well be tempted into the coven with the promise of a title like his former BNP Legal Adviser handle although given the BNP’s legal worries they’d better steer clear of him. Batty Barnes has been a bit depressed recently but his whining blog has not lost its rancorous savour.

At the moment the main far right organisations you can vote for if you wish are the BNP, NF and BPP and the Fluffies want a slice of the action. Let’s have a look …


The BNP has been rocked by its disastrous fortunes at the hustings and ever since then has imploded in a frenzy of expulsions, resignations and allegations of fraud. Former golden boys like Mark Collett, Batty Lee Barnes, Simon Bennett, Eddy Butler, Richard Barnbrook and many more have fallen by the wayside so it was pretty inevitable that, starved of the benefits of being a ‘somebody’ in the BNP hierarchy, a new party would emerge and be attractive to these losers. Butler and the reformists have realised that the chances of booting Fatty Griffin out of the driving seat is fucking remote and that significant changes to the BNP constitution are not going to happen. Griffin intends to stay put until 2013 when he will step down and hand over the party to a favoured mug, probably leaving very little housekeeping money in the tea caddy.

However, Nickclops is very sensitive about members and potential members being siphoned off and the thought of all that lovely cash not being paid into Griffin PLC brings a tear to his glass eye. He has a very loyal team of dissemblers at his command over on the VNNuk forum who constantly rubbish the reformists, the Butler-ites, BNP dissidents and now have the scent of The Fluffies in their nostrils. Despite the fallouts, many members and former BNP members will wait to see how it pans out in case The Fluffies  turn into another ill-fated, blowhard grupuscule.

The BNP is on the ropes. It is only a matter of time until Griffin is standing like the Boy on the Burning Deck with all having deserted him. The question of the accounts is still not settled. He set up the Scrutiny Committee to monitor the BNP books and they have given it the okay. This is irrelevant because, as one Nazi poster pointed out, unless it is okayed by the Audit Commission it is of no legal consequence.

The NF

The NF suffered a coup last year when the Eddy Morrison clique outmanoeuvred the former leader Tom Holmes and took over.

Morrison is well dodgy, an alcoholic and known to have assisted shadowy state forces in the past and is seen as completely untrustworthy. The conspiracy theory is that he took over the NF and the state can therefore control and neutralise any threat by the NF as the BNP collapses and members defect. Well that’s the story, anyway …  What we do know is that the NF reneged on their promise that they would not stand candidates in the same wards as the BNP thus splitting the racist vote and that they are keen on standing more candidates – although where they get the money from is unclear. They are skint. Joining costs a tenner and they haven’t got that many members. The NF have just announced that they are standing a candidate in the Thames Valley by-election soon which we will be closely monitoring. When Morrison et al took over the NF they soon got a semi-professional website going and published a regular newsletter. Holmes was a geriatric technophobe and sent out photocopied letters to the few members he had retained from the glory days of the 1970s. The NF website tells of a recent meeting were Morrison ‘launched a ferocious attack on the absurdities of political correctness’ – Yikes! They also claim ‘rapid growth’ but this must surely allude to leader Tom Linden’s beer belly.


As for the tiny British People’s Party, they are a laughable collection of alcoholics stuck in the past, claiming to be ultra-nationalists. Double Yikes! Their ‘spiritual leader’ is Colin Jordan who was once arrested for stealing ladies underwear from Tesco’s. Amongst their alumni are the aforesaid Morrison, Kevin Watmough and Pete ‘Sid’ Williamson who are either alcoholics or drug users or both. Watmough started the Redwatch website, has links to the ageing porkers of Combat 18 and has received many a pasting from anti-fascists. Williamson is also known as the Saltdean Sofa Soaker by left and right following an incontinent embarrassment on a comrades couch. Last week one of his comrades battered him senseless in Brighton. If you’re reading this Sid, let us know how you are or at least deny Darren did you over!


So what will happen with the fluffy BFP? After the initial launch they will no doubt attract a percentage of disenfranchised BNPers but many on the web forums are being cautious, hostile or sceptical. It is likely that Butler will be elevated as boss and Bennett his close second with help from Peter Mullins but the crucial thing is their membership and immigration policies and how they phrase these. They may be seen as BNP-lite minus the bad PR of Griffin’s boys. If they get to the hustings they will help split the racist vote, like the NF when they stand in the same wards as the BNP. Is there a future for fluffy fascism? We shall see …


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Malatesta aka M. Testa, undercover anti-fascist blogger, has analyzed the changing fortunes of the British far right for nearly a decade. He has given lectures on anti-fascism, published articles in Anarchist Studies and Freedom magazine and wrote Militant Anti-Fascism: 100 Years Of Resistance (AK Press 2015) which the Morning Star called a '‘Potent Primer On Europe’s Anti-Fascist Struggle … a useful source of information about the fight against fascism.’
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