Sid Williamson Is Back!


Help Ma Boab! Just as you thought it was safe to get back in the neo-Nazi water, someone comes along and does a wee in it. Yes, veteran incontinent fascist Pete ‘Sid’ Williamson is back! One of the eejits on the Stormfront web forum has re-posted the blessed fat one’s latest missive – but does this signal his Sidness’s return to the fold? We certainly hope so. Monitoring UK fascists is a grim job at the best of times but now and again the likes of Sid lighten our days. In his posting, Steak and Sidney claims that as ‘someone [really?] who was once a part of the most important movement in Britain, and indeed the world, [are you sure?] I continue to look in from the outside [I wonder why?] … I have come to a conclusion that it is us the white people as a whole who are the problem. Everyone appears to have lost the plot.’ Crivvens! As reported in a recent ‘Malatesta’ posting, Sid was on the receiving end of a good kicking in Brighton courtesy of some hapless Nazi fuckwit called Darren who was sitting enjoying a bottle of white cider in the graveyard when Sid happened upon him, ‘having strong drink taken.’ As is his wont, Sid began blethering on and Darren, having heard enough, gave the fat one a  slap and sent him on his way. And now, by coincidence, El Sid reappears on Stormfront! Jings!

Arse Clown

For those not in the know, Pete ‘Sid’ Williamson is one of the more ‘colourful’ – albeit fading – characters on the far right who has long been a source of amusement to our  stalwart anti-fascist comrades in the south. Fatty Sidbuckle was nicknamed the Saltdean Sofa Soaker after an unfortunate incident involving a bucket of ale and a failure to negotiate the bathroom in time whilst snoozing on a comrades coach. It is unclear who exactly coined the name but it is used by all and political sundry and is an example of rare solidarity between anti-fascists and Nazi eejits who jointly condemn the soggy trousered misanthropist!

Sid has been in and out of as many far right grupuscules as the current NF svengali Eddy Morrison (and shares a wee drink problem tae). So many people has he pissed off (and pissed on) that even other Nazis set up a website discrediting him, the now sadly defunct Williamson Watch. This was started by Sean Hadley, another ‘colourful’ nazi-becile who posts as ‘Tactics’ on fascist forums. Not being ones to praise these deluded and inadequate panty-waisters, Williamson Watch was entertaining in that it delighted in amassing embarrassing and insulting posts about the fat arsed clown. His misdemeanours are many, his achievements few and they should both be celebrated with equal scorn. The website was closed down back in June as it seemed that Sid had been wiped off the far right ring piece but now he has managed to negotiate the other turds and crawled back round the S-bend and up into the toilet bowl of the far right forums like a freshly deposited haggis supper.


Many are the tales of Sid (and we welcome more). Once, when in the company of Lady Birdbath of Fawlty Towers, one of the more harebrained aristocratic mentors of the far right, Sid stylishly boaked in front of her. To hide his embarrassment Sid explained that it wisnae boak but ‘beer froth.’ Since when did ‘beer froth’ have carrots in it? Another time, attending a court case up North, Sid turned up to show his support in union jack t-shirt, braces, arse revealing breeks and boots thus convincing the jury that the accused must have nothing to do with right wing politics. Verdict? Guilty. There were also rumours of a fairly recent court case with accusations against Sid involving ‘interference’ with some younger lassies from his estate. So why no jail? The chat is that, like Eddy Morrison, he has been compromised by the state and has a small degree of license to cause disharmony on the far right scene in exchange for a regular case of Kestrel. Whilst he certainly does cause disharmony, the point may be a wee bit stretched (like Sid’s massive underpants). Morrison at least has actually achieved something, i.e., gaining positions in various nut box parties only to drive them into the wall, a wall that Sid can only wee against.


Sid sez that he joined the NF as a youthful skinhead in 1984 when he had full bladder control but since then has drifted in and out of favour with numerous idiot factions with the subsequent loss of urinary retraction. Sid has been in the ill-fated White Nationalist Party, British People’s Party, NF and BNP as well as other nutty grupuscules and, at various times, has been expelled, sometimes several times, from most of them. The mind of Sid is a swirling cesspool of allegiances and side –swapping. He has little loyalty to anyone other than who is buying the next round: he is on record slagging off Nick Griffin for being both bisexual and gay (Crivvens! Not both?); he has slagged off Kevin Quinn of the British First Party; he has  criticised the NF; and he has crossed swords with numerous BNPers (John Griff Wood for example) having offered them out from the comfort of his keyboard. Unfortunately he rarely has the bus fare to get elsewhere to realise such threats. Sid is currently blaming white folks for their own problems and signs off with the ‘14 words’ tagline, i.e., ‘We must secure the depositing of our dole money in the nearest off licence.’

Incontinence Pants

Sid is apparently living at 39 Shepham Avenue, Saltdean, Sussex (thanks Williamson Watch). His hoose is easy to spot on the Google satellite photo: it’s the one with the bins full of incontinence pants and empty bottles of cheap cider (‘the Nazis favourite’). He is apparently living with a ‘Turkish’ lass with whom he is said to have children – hence, by his own logic, he is a ‘race mixing’ white person ‘who has lost the plot.’ This dreadful ‘race-mixing’ has a correlative further up north with the cross-dressing Liverpool BNPer Tony ‘Hammerhead’ Ward who married a Chinese lass to stop her having bairns! Jings, how kind!


Sid has long been in the vanguard of internet irritants and, sitting with his stomach lined with pork pies and alcohol, is given to length diatribes, violent threats and incoherent mumblings. For anti-fascist researchers this can be most amusing. Although Sid has been banned many times from Nazi forums despite his ‘cunning use’ of false names he has been praised for this latest outburst by fellow Nazis on Stormfront. In the past Sid has posted regrets over the nationalist scene being divisive but then, after a wee trip oot for a bottle, gets back on his incontinence chair and slags off anyone who irks his wrath for failing to live up to his Aryan ideals. Ideals that is of hypocrisy, failure, alcoholism, unemployment and obesity. We would appreciate any more info on this fine upstanding Aryan loser. You know where we are. 

PS: By the way, check out our militant Polish comrades in Antifa discussing the finer points of melody with a bunch of fascist ‘musicians.’ Ow!


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Malatesta aka M. Testa, undercover anti-fascist blogger, has analyzed the changing fortunes of the British far right for nearly a decade. He has given lectures on anti-fascism, published articles in Anarchist Studies and Freedom magazine and wrote Militant Anti-Fascism: 100 Years Of Resistance (AK Press 2015) which the Morning Star called a '‘Potent Primer On Europe’s Anti-Fascist Struggle … a useful source of information about the fight against fascism.’
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