Cat Fights!

Meeeeee-oooowwww! Don’t you just love a good cat fight? Far be it for the ‘Malatestas’ to feel any kind of schadenfreude when it comes to the associated idiots of the English Defence League but it is lovely to see those two hotties of the EDL, Roberta Moore of the Jewish Division and Hel Gower, Tommy Robinson’s PA, going it at it tooth and claw. Check out Gower the EDL’s smokin’ glamour girl here:

Hel Gower, who is 70, runs the EDL Support Group and is currently being accused of anti-Semitism, racism and not saying her prayers at bedtime over on the EDL Extra website and our wee chums on the excellent Everything EDL site have captured it all in its full and bloody glory! Lookit!

The EDL Extra site claims that ‘Hel-fire’ Gower has some kind of mystical pull over diminutive leader Stephen Napoleon-Lennon and this is why she is never chastised for her online outbursts and naughty behaviour! The toys are flying out of the prams as the Jewish division also claim to have names and evidence of the various EDLers involved in anti-Semitic smears. EDL Extra claim that Hel Gower is a supporter of the BNP, NF and geriatric ‘terror-gang’ Combat 18 – who readers will remember got turned over by the EDL in 2009 with 1 member catching the wrong end of a fire extinguisher. The claims made on Extra have been criticised by other EDLers for ‘making us look shit again.’ Now, now lads, you are perfectly capable of doing that yourselves by piling into a town uninvited, causing disruptions and damage and getting nothing but negative publicity in the media …

Incidentally, we have been going through the archives and have yet to find any complimentary publicity in the press about the EDL. They think that any publicity is good publicity but we think Gary Glitter and Jonathan King may disagree. There was the 1 piece in the Daily Star praising them but that was pretty much negated the following couple of weeks by negative reporting following a panic at Dirty Desmond’s HQ and the Star have subsequently reversed their position. Searchlight have also started using the Star to distribute anti EDL/BNP stories which used to go via The Mirror. But anyway … back in the cat house …

The Schisms Continue!

The EDL continue to fragment and the predominant schism appears to be the Infidels. These wee radges are more vociferously right wing and nationalist (i.e., racist!) than the Tommy Robinson Band with their ‘multicultural racism’, pro-Israel stance and gay friendliness. The Infidels split has energised the torpid jobbies on the various Nazi websites with VNNuk claiming that the Infidels are preferable to the ‘Zionist’ EDL and Shirtfront (rhyming slang) do as well. They have also claimed that Tommy and his boys legged it when confronted by the Infidels at Blackburn following the ‘outing’ by Tommy of an internet critic and the subsequent brawl at the coaches. Result: Infidels 1, Tommy, shat. The Infidels are supported by John ‘Snowy’ Shaw who was  nicked at the Dudley rooftop protest. He left the EDL after falling out with Tommy who had raised a wad of cash for the ‘Snowy Defence Fund’ which has yet to be accounted for. We can only presume that the EDL royal couple, Stella and Charlie, benefitted somehow from the rotten proceeds. The Infidels have also said that the National Front would be welcome on any of their day trips. So they are not even attempting to disguise their far-right leanings.

See post 17!


In a more conciliatory tone Jeff ‘Stabber’ Marsh of the Casuals United has been urging people to stop using the ‘Allah/Mohammed is a pedo’ chant on demos. This week saw a  couple of EDLers convicted in Halifax for such offensive chants and other posters agreed that it makes ‘the ELD [sic] sound like a bunch of retards.’ ‘Stabber’ Marsh is not concerned about causing offence rather than being caught. Stabber says ‘Stop it!’ but good luck with that Jeffrey. On the same thread a poster also claims that ‘there are no moderates in Islam there is only Islam, “moderates” is a western term and you wont find them using it.’ Which again illustrates the sophisticated, in-depth understanding that the ambassadors of non violence (and non-profiteering!) in the EDL have of world religions.

It just seems to be getting worse for Tommy and the EDL with many people realising the pointlessness of ‘defending’ various car parks from ‘Muslamic extremism.’ However, the Infidels are something to watch out for. Will they have the organisational nous to actually achieve something? We shall see …

And tomorrow, (Sat, 19th August) the powerhouse that is the British Patriots Society (it’s okay, we’d never heard of them either) are marching PAST Downing Street. Don’t they know Mr Dave will be away attending a Bring and Buy sale at Chipping Sodomy – he is in charge of the Tombola! Everyone’s a winner in the Big Society, eh Mr Dave? In case you don’t know, the British Patriots Society is an unpleasant tweedy conglomeration of UKIP (we talk, UKIP), UPP (You Pee Pee!) and Pompey Dave from March For England (who are regularly humiliated by our antifascist comrades in Brighton). What a sizzler!!! I know, we  won’t be going either.

Belated Thanks!

The ‘Malatestas’ would just like to thank the following websites (amongst others) for posting up the articles: EDL News, Lancaster Unity and Brighton Antifascists. Crivvens! Even the British Democracy Forum have got in on the act as have, surprisingly, the Nazi loons on VNNuk – so thank you to ‘Big’ Bev Kerry, winner of ‘Camel Toe of the Year Award,’ 2006. Lovely.

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Malatesta aka M. Testa, undercover anti-fascist blogger, has analyzed the changing fortunes of the British far right for nearly a decade. He has given lectures on anti-fascism, published articles in Anarchist Studies and Freedom magazine and wrote Militant Anti-Fascism: 100 Years Of Resistance (AK Press 2015) which the Morning Star called a '‘Potent Primer On Europe’s Anti-Fascist Struggle … a useful source of information about the fight against fascism.’
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