It’s The EDL & British Fluffies Love-In!

Well, well, well, the EDL leadership have finally surrendered and admitted that their demos have been a complete waste of time and are now making a bid for political respectability by linking up with the fluffy fascist British Freedom. The recent demos have dwindled in numbers and many ‘members’ have left in disgust over the constant violence and overt racism of this ‘not racist, not violent, but violently racist’ peaceful protest movement.

The EDL have lost a lot of credibility in the last 6 months. After all their blether about  ‘taking’ Tower Hamlets they were humiliated, massively outnumbered and unable to get to where they wanted to go – ‘we go where we want, when we want!’ Not really! The whole of Nottingham EDL were attacked and arrested and their pin-up, Joanne ‘Bus Stop Pole Dancer’ Dickens, fell off the coach and got a kick up the drainpipe. Their Birmingham demo attracted even less and ended up in a drunken brawl with a great many Facebook posters expressing disgust or resigning en masse. The Remembrance day round-up was even more embarrassing and disgraceful and since then Napoleon Lennon has desperately been looking for an out. Tiny Tom was lucky to not get sent down at his last court appearance for the Blackburn headbutt and he certainly wasn’t looking forward to another ‘hunger strike.’ Mrs. Tommy told him that he wasn’t to get into trouble anymore and his recent self-pitying video diary really took the Garibaldi! ‘Me Nan’s ill, me business is stuck, me assets are frozen and I’m having to sleep in the spare room with the unsold hoodies (still available! £10 discount!).’ So he needed a face-saving alternative and the very desperate and tiny British Fluffy Party offered him one: you bring in possible votes, we will give you an exit so you can concentrate on your ‘political career’ before rapidly fading out to ‘concentrate on the family.’

Many EDL are also bothered over Tommy being a prima donna and getting all that publicity: when Tommy is nicked, it’s demos outside the courthouse or prison and ‘Tommy Robinson Defence Fund’ collections (make all cheques payable to the EDL royal couple, Stella and Charlie). When the regular arse clowns are nicked, it’s tough luck boys, you’re on your own. And these cases are frequent let me tell you! Don’t take our word for it, check out the postings on the various court cases on EverythingEDL:


So Tommy, all too aware of his waning popularity with the EDL and his wife, asked Mrs. Tommy if he could meet up with his chumleys for a ‘Way Backwards’ meeting somewhere in the Midlands on Saturday for an hour after teatime. There was a rumour buzzing about that he was going to stand-down as leader but he realised that this would lose him what little credibility he has left and instead he retained his position whilst offering his support to the British Fluffies. The meeting location was secret and consequently loads of EDL were wandering around confused in Brum which was probably a good thing as one who finally got there was less than impressed:

‘i was at the meeting i traveled a long way the meeting sarted very late was hold in public house so yes thats right by time meeting sarted several edl members had been drinking meeting was a shambles and not many members were even listing to busy having a dring there was very little respect couldlnt even hear quiestions and answers over drunken rabble (Sic!).

Tommy also successfully ducked any questions over the Zionist connections and the Star of David flags. There is still discord in the EDL however and the North/South divide remains.

Fluffy Fascism

So who are the British Fluffies (BFP) then? Well, they are one of the smallest ones in the alphabetti spaghetti of the far right parties: so far we have BNP (Griffinites), BNP (Bronsites), UKIP, ED, NF, BPP, and the NPP. All are fairly interchangeable policy wise,  operate on the cult of leadership principle and have too many Morecambe’s and not enough Wisdom. They all stand in the few places where votes are likely, in direct competition with each other, as the NF and BNP have always done, and split the far right vote. Despite calls for unity, it never happens.

The Fluffies were formed as yet another offshoot of the BNP and feature Simon Bennett, Peter Mullins, Peter Stafford and exUKIP Paul Weston. They have recently purged their leadership clique in a ‘Night of the Pen Knives’ and sidelined the likes of Batty Lee Barnes who has too much holocaust denial baggage and is mental anyway. He is now ‘writing a novel’ about a magic dog that talks. Bennett was the BNP webmeister who famously pulled the plug the day before the General Election and has since been reviled by a great many bitter Nazis. Peter Stafford was hounded out of Liverpool BNP for being gay and having a gay dad and so sought refuge amidst the Fluffies. I Googled Peter Mullins but just got a blank screen.  As far as purging well-known Nazis the head Fluffies have operated with some political acumen. However, the Fluffies are now in cahoots with a violent football hooligan who has served time for assaulting a policeman and is under investigation for fraud. Nice one! Suddenly holocaust-denying, magic dog writers sound remarkably tame! This is clearly going to bite the Fluffies on the arse and it is only a matter of time before the usual recriminations start. The Fluffies have clearly been dazzled by the popular support of the EDL although they have come in a bit late as EDL numbers have never been so low and there are a great many EDLers who are unhappy over Tommy, Fluffy endorsement and the fact they are stalwart BNP voters. The EDL clearly haven’t read the Fluffies 20 Point Plan as one reads that they will ‘Ensure that a no class-A drugs policy is enforced.’ Some cheeky wee rascal on Urban75 said that ‘it’s a typo and they meant to say ‘Ensure that no class-A drugs policy is enforced.’ Naughty!


Apart from deserting members there are other splinter factions which include the 6 or so Liverpool EDL who are too incompetent to change their Facebook page and so are Infidels in all but name. They have been involved in scab activity such as attacking union offices and threatening people who were on strike. To make matters worse, Tiny Tommy’s PA Hel ‘Stomach Band’ Gower, who is 70, has fallen out with Paul Pitt in the Kent Division and they look seriously rocky. Other divisions have folded completely. Some of the more excitable elements have been threatening Occupy sites and attacked a pro-Palestinian group in Glasgow at the weekend. They have also been making noises about attacking workers’ organizations during the strike on November 30th! Scabs by any other name and acting like the fascists in the 1926 General Strike. Oh, and the Combined ExForces imploded rather publicly and spectacularly last week with the CO firing the 2nd in command and the 2nd in command firing the CO. The remaining 3 members are very confused indeed.

Post 5928 onwards.


So, despite the initial bloom of romance will the Fluffy/EDL partnership flourish? Tommy has way too much ‘legal history’ to stand a chance in any election so this is clearly a way of backing out nobly whilst he can. The Fluffies have had the ‘Night of the Pen Knives’ and have ‘cleansed’ the ranks of those who were in ‘previously disreputable organizations.’ The EDL are split over those still enjoying the days out on the demos and the gradual realization that they have got smaller and smaller and the only media attention they get is wholly negative. We shall see …

About malatesta32

Malatesta aka M. Testa, undercover anti-fascist blogger, has analyzed the changing fortunes of the British far right for nearly a decade. He has given lectures on anti-fascism, published articles in Anarchist Studies and Freedom magazine and wrote Militant Anti-Fascism: 100 Years Of Resistance (AK Press 2015) which the Morning Star called a '‘Potent Primer On Europe’s Anti-Fascist Struggle … a useful source of information about the fight against fascism.’
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