It’s All Fall-Out With The Infidels!

Infidels Holiday Home!

One of  the continuing difficulties faced by the far right is their complete inability to agree on anything for very long. Massive fallouts and accusations of ‘grass’ and ‘backstabbing’ (with the occasional ‘nonce’ thrown in) are frequent on their internet forums and it seems that the Infidels are no different. In case you don’t know, the Infidels split off from the English Defence League because of Mr Tommy’s ‘pro-Zionism,’ multicultural racism and being over-friendly to the gays. The Infidels boldly declared their fascist agenda on Facebook and had their first ‘National’ demo in Leeds which was a piss poor turnout as evidenced by the photos posted on the net of them gurning whilst holding beer cans in the drizzle and being outnumbered by plod. This was bizarrely deemed a ‘success’ which was subsequently soured by internal criticisms over the fact that they looked like a bunch of beer swilling racists. Which is what they are. Following the demo some ended up in the Slug And Lettuce for a cup of tea and a bun whilst others headed off to the Hourglass Bar for something a bit more exotic. For ironically, the Hourglass is a gay bar and rumours that there is now a Gay Division in the homophobic Infidels are untrue.

North East Infidelity

Their next demo was in Newcastle where they hooked up with the tiny Scottish Defence League (6)  – who are also anti-Tommyistas – and a little contingent of ageing racists from the National Front (8). This brief alliance descended into a drunken brawl over internal differences and was yet again symbolic of their complete inability to be agreeable. They all want to be Elton, no-one wants to be David!  Fact! To make themselves feel better the few that weren’t too bruised or comatose went on to manfully jostle the peaceful folk at Newcastle Occupy. Given that Occupy is protesting corporate greed and social inequality we can only assume that the Infidels, like the EDL, are happy with that and are a scab organisation doing the work of the ruling classes for them. The Infidels then called a demo in Durham but no one turned up because it was a bit chilly.

And that’s about it. But now the Infidels, like the recently defunct Combined Ex-Forces, have imploded with the usual venomous recriminations and accusations of ‘grass’ and working for Special Branch. For there be two factions of Infidels, the North West and the North East and both of them are faring less than well. The NEI have just seen several members jailed for attacking the Newcastle Irish Centre. What happened was that the SWP had called a meeting at the Centre along the lines of ‘Smash The EDL’ which was a proverbial red rag to the bullshitters of the NEI. The SWP then cancelled the meeting after threats had been made but this did not deter the brave Infidels who turned up anyway and attacked the bouncers. Sadly for the Infidels, the whole thing was filmed on CCTV and many of the Infidels were consequently rounded up and sent to the choky, including failed BNP candidate Alan Spence (who is 46! Crivvens!). Spence was arrested with his son and will now be tucking into the Christmas turkey twizzlers behind bars. Shame. Plod has released images of the remaining gang members who are no doubt currently shitting themselves over their inevitable prison sentences. The SWP are not that astute when it comes to security and using inflammatory statements like ‘Smash The EDL’ is a bad idea. Wise up Trotskyites and try reading the bearded one on worker’s anti-fascist defence. Oh, I forgot, we can’t endorse ‘squadism’ can we?

And it goes on …

The NEI are accusing one Colin Bell of grassing up the Irish Centre attackers and he is currently ‘maintaining Facebook silence.’ No doubt when the thugs are let out next year they will seeking out Mr Bell to help ‘clarify the situation.’ Meanwhile, over the Pennines North West Infidel John ‘Snowy’ Shaw has been hoofed out of his Facebook pages and has fumingly started up another one (11 likes so far and counting!). Snowy, (llama farmer, no charmer and bad karma) carries the whiff of the prison yard about him and is best known for the early EDL rooftop protest in the Midlands. Mr Tommy raised funds to help Snowy the ‘political prisoner’ which are allegedly ‘unaccounted for,’ just like the money Mr Tommy raised for crack and cocaine using child porn aficionado Richard Price when he was arrested. Not only that, but the NWI are mourning the fact that their big man Mr B, or Bernard Holmes of Blackburn, was refused bail this week. He is currently serving a sentence for attacking someone and leaving them with brain damage. Nice man. To make things worse, Connor McCoy has threatened to pull the plug on their page unless he gets the Infidels/SDL flag back from Blackburn Division and he has fallen out with Snowy.

So it’s all fall-out with the beleaguered Infidels: shite turnouts, internal violence, several members jailed, people being ostracised and accused of being grasses and an alarming lack of unity all round. All in all a typical day for the far right then. Well done.

STOP PRESS: 2 EDL  jailed for 10 years each after arson attempt on a mosque. See our friends at EDL News for further details.


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Malatesta, undercover anti-fascist blogger, has analyzed the changing fortunes of the British far right since 2009. He has written for the anarchist magazine Freedom and the book, Militant Anti-Fascism: 100 Years Of Resistance (AK Press 2015).
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