We Are 100!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! We have hit the 100 mark! Braw! And whit a couple of years it’s been witnessing the prolonged death of the BNP,  the moribund NF almost waking from political slumber only to sleep walk over to the off licence, and the rise and fall of the EDL with its multiple splinter factions, fallouts and accusations as well as the embarrassing exposures of several members as ‘pedos.’

In the beginning …

Our first articles in 2009 covered the coup in the National Front by veteran Nazi Eddy Morrison, his confrontations with some BNP chappies over a copy of the membership list and the various manoeuvres through which he drove the NF into the toilet. Well done. He subsequently disappeared but has re-emerged again recently and is currently not being feted on various Nazi forums.

It has been fun to cover the financial woes of the BNP, Nick Griffin’s disastrous appearance on Question Time and the fiasco of the last general election when Simon Bennett pulled the plug on their website and caused much wailing and gnashing of rotten teeth. The BNP fallouts continued with Richard ‘Custard’ Barnbrook resigning the BNP whip on the GLA along with the earlier leaking of not 1 but 2 membership lists which caused much hilarity for antifascists in the UK. The BNP having gained 2 MEPs and a considerable number of local councillors subsequently got into a wee bit of a tizz as the splits and fallouts so characteristic of the far right proceeded to manifest themselves. Take Stoke BNP, once a pretty strong force on the local council until Griffin started interfering and then it all fell apart. Oh dear! And this was not an isolated incident. The BNP have subsequently lost most of the gains they made through the usual acrimonious circumstances. Griffclops also fell out with ‘Diamond’ Jim Dowson, his financial wizard, who had let the BNP set up shop in the caravan in his backyard in Northern Ireland. When Jim finally realised the terminal state of the BNP finances he jumped ship after offering creditors a laughable 20p in the £1. Crivvens! Diamond Jim has subsequently set up Britain First, another useless splinter faction dedicated to squeezing the last drops from the dry nationalist teat.

Liverpool BNP has likewise imploded in a homophobic cloud over the sexual proclivities of some of its members, most notably Tony ‘Hammerhead’ Ward who admitted in a frankly startling outburst that he is a cross dresser and married his Chinese wife to ‘prevent her having children.’ The little Romeo! Check out the Liverpool antifascist website for more scurrilous details.


The BNP branch collapsed with members scuttling off to the Infidels, the NF or whatever. Liverpool antifascists have been very busy indeed!

Factions and fallouts are nothing new on the far right and we have seen many former golden boys ‘resigned’ by Griffclops, types like Mark Collet, Eddie Butler, Andrew Brons and Richard Edmonds – who has gone over to the NF. Bronzy is still prevaricating over his political future as people urge him to take on a splinter faction fuehrer role but he is way too old and has to get help going to the toilet. Butler hooked up with the dreadful Claudia Dalgleish and got nicked following a brawl with her ex-bloke after she did a kiss and tell on Griffin in a Sunday rag but no one really cared that much. It is common knowledge that the BNP is done for and Griffclops is hanging on for the money.


However, just as it seemed safe to get back in the water the English Defence League came to life following the Islamist demos in Luton. Their successes have been varied to say the least. They started off by falling out with many on the far right, being proscribed by the BNP, and most notably battling with the ageing Combat 18 whose tattered reputation was finished when one of them got hit by a fire extinguisher in a London brawl with the EDL. The EDL have had demos in most major towns and cities and all have been characterised by violence, racist abuse, Hitler salutes and constant fallouts. They have been shown up to be drunken hooligans time and again and all their press has been negative. Who can forget the pic of these ‘patriots’ urinating against Nottingham Castle? And it hasn’t improved much since. The EDL continue to threaten journalists then complain when they get bad press. Hmm …

The EDL attracted ageing and wannabe footy hooligans who can’t fight at soccer games any more along with the usual far right nutters. They have been plagued by images of them Sieg Heiling and other Nazi stuff, their leader Tommy Robinson was outed as a BNP member and many well known neo-Nazis have been spotted at their demos. The EDL started off protesting against ‘radical Muslamics’ but are now just a hate filled ‘paki basher’ mob having focused on ‘Asian grooming gangs’ as this is more emotive. However, they have been less than scrupulous over some of their own members’ behaviour.


The EDL are proud of all their blether and faux-concern about ‘pedos’ and their victims and are happy to capitalise on the misery of others but have turned a blind eye to those offenders in their own ranks. We were the first to expose Liam Pinkham, ex-Liverpool BNP, RVF, EDL and now Infidel or whatever and his shenanigans with an underage girl. Read all abaht it here:


Initially ostracised by the far right Pinkham has managed to weasel back in with the Infidels but is still haunted by the past as many anti-fascists are keen to remind him. Naughty! And lest we forget Richard ‘Political Prisoner’ Price, Michael Oakes and the very recent case of Matthew Woodward for child porn.



The Infidels splinter factions fell out with Mr Tommy and have openly embraced fascist ideology. They are linked with the National Front and hate the EDL because of their pro-Israel stance. The Infidels, of which there are about 12, have been hampered by arrests and very small demonstrations. They drew off some of the EDL’s initial support but remain insignificant. Even more insignificant are the Combined Ex-Forces who are neither combined nor ex-Forces but have army hats. Mr Matthew Woodward is also a member and is currently demonstrating about, err, child abuse. No surrender to consistency!

The days when the EDL could gather a couple of 1,000 are well over. Many have left because they are bored with pointless demos, have fallen out with others, been arrested and banned or cannot afford the schlep round the country to stand in a freezing car park and achieve nothing. The recent Rochdale ‘national demo’ being a case in point. A very poor do!

And finally …

Along the way the ‘Malatesta’s’ have been called NF trolls, ‘do-nothing bloggers’ and were once even accused of being ‘Nick Griffin’ himself – which was nice. We have had 1,000s of hits on the blog and are also writing a book on antifascism which is half done and will be out next year. We have made lots of friends too and many thanks to all the people who supplied inside info, reposted the articles or just visited the blog to read them. Hello to EDL News, EDL News Xtra, Expose, that lot at Urban75 and anyone else fighting the fash! Be seeing you!


About malatesta32

Malatesta aka M. Testa, undercover anti-fascist blogger, has analyzed the changing fortunes of the British far right for nearly a decade. He has given lectures on anti-fascism, published articles in Anarchist Studies and Freedom magazine and wrote Militant Anti-Fascism: 100 Years Of Resistance (AK Press 2015) which the Morning Star called a '‘Potent Primer On Europe’s Anti-Fascist Struggle … a useful source of information about the fight against fascism.’ http://www.akuk.com/index.php?_a=product&product_id=7285
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1 Response to We Are 100!

  1. Dean says:

    The EDL yesterday unveiled their Pregnant Man (see the EDL news picture). I sincerely hope his baby doesn’t grow up to support far right politics.


    (do your satirical worst, malatesta!)

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