What A Weekend! Or Not.

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! The various far right grupuscules were all a wee bit busy this weekend. It’s a pity they all can’t agree with each other cos if they all joined together there would be almost 350 of them and they could take over!

The EDL demo in Rotherham got very little media coverage as it was so routine, i.e., turn up pissed, shout about ‘pedos,’  get kettled and moved out again. The EDL plotted up in the County pub, were surrounded by 800 plod, marched up the road 200 yards for a shout and then taken back to the train station. Plod kept them there for quite some time as they got rowdy and started chucking bottles about so batons and horses were deployed and 3 arrests made. Oh dear! As usual no one wanted them there, many locals avoided the town centre, and they got none of the attention they so crave. They hilariously claimed that “we have got nearly a million letters and messages of thanks and support, and locals saying there glad we are coming to highlight the issue. Hope to see lots of locals taking to the streets to support us on Saturday.” The sad reality is that they didn’t get any ‘letters and messages’ and very few locals turned out in support. They say that millions silently support the EDL but are too scared to admit it. So how do the EDL know then? The majority of locals who turned out on the day were not standing with the EDL that’s for sure. It was such a popular demo that neither Mr Tommy nor Karaoke Kev Karrol could be bothered turning up and the EDL had to claim it was only a ‘local demo’ knowing the numbers would be piss poor for a ‘national’ one. ‘Locals’ from Newcastle, East Anglia and other areas far away turned out. The much publicised Walthamstow return is in 2 weeks and they are clearly having major difficulty getting trainers on the tarmac!

An EDL Angle: Take your jeans off before having a wee love!

Here are some photos and a report from our friends on Anti-Fascists Online: http://www.anti-fascists-online.com/a-day-trip-to-rotherham/

Meanwhile, Mr Tommy of the EDL has had a stressful few days. Today he is in court for not surrendering his passport during the Euro soccer tournament because he is a convicted hooligan who was done for leading Luton ‘firm’ the Men On Gear (MONG) into battle and then running away again. Mrs Tommy will not be at his side though as she is not speaking to him. She was fed up of the police coming round to ‘chat’ with Mr Tommy and the fact that he doesn’t have a job and she has to look after the kids. Good old British Family Values eh Mr Tommy! She also wants all the unsold EDL hoodies moved out of the spare room as no one is buying them anymore. She was arrested for cocaine possession in 2005.

Last week Mr Tommy was ‘resigned’ from the fluffy fascist British Freedom party. He said this was because he wants to focus on the EDL but the reality is that he is a political liability:  Mr Tommy failed to deliver the EDL membership to the Fluffies, he has been increasingly erratic – being blootered at Bristol, swearing his man tits off on a crackpot video, publicly rowing with Kousin Kev etc. – and his forthcoming legal issues are not going to help. Also, given the fact he has convictions for assaulting Mrs Tommy (ah, how sweet!), head-butting an EDL supporter and the hooligan thing,  he doesn’t exactly come off as electable does he? We are still waiting for the fraud case to come up as well. If anyone has news, let us know!

Tommy & Kev’s Love Shack! 1 At A Time Girls!

Mr Tommy is still living in Kousin Kev’s Karavan (nicknamed ‘Mein Kamp-wagon) behind Sainsbury’s though they have fallen out. Krazy Kev Karroll is apparently serious about standing for Bedfordshire Police Commissioner (as he wants to be like Commissioner Gordon!) but his campaign so far has been piss poor as they don’t have any money: this is because Fluffy leader Paul Weston, the poshest man in Britain, insists on buying chocolate Hobnobs for Fluffies meetings instead of the cheaper Bourbons! Paul, you are a fancy Dan!

Lord Paul Weston: He’s Fancy!

Mr Tommy denied ever being in the BNP ever until a photo of him at a meeting with Richard Edmonds was discovered. Eventually he admitted going to 1 meeting ‘with loads of black lads’ but didn’t stay long. However, Batty Lee Barnes, who was kicked out of the BNP then kicked out of the Fluffies, wrote recently:

“If it hadn’t been for Stephen Yaxley-Lennon the Luton Branch of the BNP would have struggled to find a place to meet. It was YL who negotiated with the landlord of the King Harry public house in Luton to provide a meeting place for the branch to meet in its heyday, which was 2006/7, when meetings regularly attracted 100 people. The BNP’s leadership attacks on the EDL has just about killed off the local branch.”

So, as plod always say to Mr Tommy, thanks for the info!

Military fantasists, the Combined Ex-Farcicals were out in Liverpool shouting at an Irish marching band and who showed up again but our old friend Mr Pissy Pants. Here he is in full military glory from July!

Thanks to Hope Not Hate!

CxF member Mike Mosley, who is apparently a military hero, got far too shouty so plod moved in to arrest him. Being a big brave soldier he is currently whining about being ‘manhandled’ by either, 6, 7 or 200 plod and charged with possession of an offensive mouth in a built up area. CXF have also offered their support to victims of abuse – of ‘Asian grooming gangs’ naturally – and wrote recently: ‘Want to thank the two young girls that have contacted Cxf recently and who have been let down by the authorities. We are here for you and will do everything in our power to get justice.’ That 2 clearly made-up people have gone to CXF for any kind of legal help is laughable to say the least. Here is Mike Mosley who was arrested on Saturday in patriotic swastika t-shirt:

Mike ‘I’m Not A Nazi, I’m A Hero!’ Mosley

CxF member Matthew Woodward was done for child porn and trying to solicit a 13 year old girl for pornographic photographs. Here he is:

Woodward on the left

The EDL had also tried to capitalise on other people’s misery by offering their services to victims of sexual abuse. Here  is Michael Coates of the EDL who was done for child abuse

Michael Coates: A Real Charmer!

And let us not forget EDL member and child groomer Brett Moses!

Brett Moses: Dumb & Dummy!

Main losers this weekend were the Infidels who staged a ‘major national demo’ in a Manchester kebab shop when 5 of them, i.e., the entire membership of the North West divisions, complained about the halal hummus until plod came in and told them off. Well done. Rumours that the Taliban subsequently surrendered are as yet unverified.

See you at Walthamstow!

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Malatesta aka M. Testa, undercover anti-fascist blogger, has analyzed the changing fortunes of the British far right for nearly a decade. He has given lectures on anti-fascism, published articles in Anarchist Studies and Freedom magazine and wrote Militant Anti-Fascism: 100 Years Of Resistance (AK Press 2015) which the Morning Star called a '‘Potent Primer On Europe’s Anti-Fascist Struggle … a useful source of information about the fight against fascism.’ http://www.akuk.com/index.php?_a=product&product_id=7285
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