No Hope In Norwich!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Yet another weekend washout for the far right with 3 dismal demonstrations and lots of fallouts and embarrassing revelations for anti-fascists to savour then wonder ‘why don’t the English Defence League just give it up?’

EDL In Norwich: No Support, No Numbers, No Clue!

The ever diminishing EDL turned up for a ‘national demo’ in Norwich and managed to get somewhere between 100 and 200 disappointed mouthy fat drunks in attendance. They then stood around looking clueless as to why they chose to spend a rainy afternoon surrounded by 2,000 counter-demonstrators. The EDL originally said they were going in support of some homophobic religious fanatic and because ‘Christianity is under attack’ – and we can safely assume they are all at the kirk this morning! – but as usual it was a weak excuse for a piss-up and a chance for plod from 11 forces to pick up some overtime. As it turned out, plod were not needed and looked pretty bored with such a small turnout. It was an utter humiliation for the EDL.

The calls of ‘Unite The Right’ are frequent and unheeded and this is because they are a bunch of alcoholic fuck-bugles but also because the various factions keep holding demos on the same day thus ensuring their ranks are spread extremely thinly. The EDL splinter faction the Infidels tried to hold a demo in West Ham yesterday opposing a mosque which was a total flop. Earlier this week they had tried to fill a small minibus but failed so all 3 of them had to get the Megabus to London. The Infidels admitted defeat shortly after this non-event: ‘if everyone on this page over 4,000 of you had attempted to get there then we would’ve certainly got our voices heard.’ Eek!

CXF member Matthew Woodward (left): found guilty of child porn charges and of trying to groom a 13 year old into taking indecent pictures who CXF, EDL & Infidels have all been oddly quiet about!

Even the pretend soldiers of the Combined Ex-Forces couldn’t be bothered going to West Ham. CXF said that they were in charge of security but the regimental Robin Reliant blew a gasket on the M6 and both of the CXF went back home. In case you don’t know CXF pretend to be ex-forces but you don’t have to have be ex-forces to join – which is like saying you can join the Vegan Society if you eat meat. Pointless. Meanwhile, real soldiers on the Army Rumour Service forum are furious at these fakers referring to them as ‘cocks,’ ‘pond life’ and ‘Racist mouth-breathing twunts to a man’ as well as this amusing revelation: ‘some friends of mine bumped into some of these guys at a service station after a football match, the Walts had been to an EDL demo and were giving it large saying that they were all soldiers and were saving everyone. Instead they were taunting a young Indian family. Needless to say they were corrected by some real soldiers, with the help of some naughty football fans, in the carpark.’ Oh dear! CXF also posted this yesterday: ‘A Muslim group are handing out Korans in and around the Plymouth area, can the Cxf Division can get there A.S.A.P and do a snap ambush’ which no doubt went as well as their West Ham demo didn’t.

CXF: Whispering Grass!

CXF massively embarrassed themselves this week when they claimed that ‘muslamic’ stall holders had prevented some cadets from selling poppies in a Liverpool market and they got intae a right wee tizz about it. They turned up at the local paper and radio station to complain and loudly bugled their success but, as usual, the whole event turned out to be completely fabricated and the CXF were left looking very stupid indeed! Not only that but last week 15 Infidels and CXF turned out to oppose an Irish Republican march in Liverpool which they claimed was ‘IRA’ and were again outnumbered and humiliated with one of their intellectually impoverished members getting bounced across the tarmac. To make matters even worse, when they retired from battle for tea and buns at a sympathisers house one of them stole their hosts’ camera and fags. Needless to say the accusations of who did it flew around the usual webpages and ‘uniting the right’ yet again seemed a distant dream.

CXF/Infidels In Liverpool. Not Very Good Really!

Anyway, not only were the Norwich and West Ham demos disasterful in the extreme even worse was the ‘flash demo’ outside Wandsworth Prison in support of jailed leader Tommy Robinson where 3 confused looking EDL eejits turned up, took a photo then went home again. Mr Tommy is on remand after being arrested with a van load of masked up hooligans and was also charged with entering USA with false documents. He is having a hard time and claims the prison is full of ‘muslamics’ which is odd as the EDL had previously claimed all Muslims live on benefits in castles. Anyway, he has had a knockback this week as it seems he will be remanded until his trial in May.

Wandsworth ‘demo’ – yet another success story for the EDL!

The EDL are naturally claiming Mr Tommy is a ‘political prisoner’ but in fact he is a career criminal who has been arrested for assaulting a woman and off duty cop, a soldier, done for hooliganism and is facing charges over the passport and possibly fraud. Hardly political. Meanwhile, Klueless Kev Karol the EDL deputy leader has been easing himself out of the arena and is running as the fluffy fascist British Freedom’s candidate for Police Commissioner in Bedfordshire. The Fluffies just happen to be ex-BNP. He is currently claiming to have been ‘ambushed’ by ‘muslamics’ in a barely credible yarn which is a common tactic when the EDL are being ignored and they have something they need publicising. In this case the PCC thing and Norwich. Both Mr Tommy and KKKev have done this before. Mr Tommy once claimed he had been attacked by ‘muslamics’ but in fact got a pasting off local soccer firm Men On Gear (MONG) whilst Kousin Kev claimed that he had been attacked by a ‘muslamic’ with a shotgun which proved to be a right load of keech! The EDL is adrift and leaderless now as KKKev is barred from attending demos – much to his relief as he is simply not up to the job. To add to their collective misery those cheeky wee rascals at ZHC hacked the EDL website and covered it in adverts for meeting Muslim ladies! The EDL were less than sanguine about the whole affair which has caused continued mirth for anti-fascists everywhere!

Kop Kommissioner Kev In His Suit!

So, all in all a pretty dire week for the far right: Norwich was a no-no; Mr Tommy is in jail for 6 months; Kev’s Kop Kampaign looks pretty feeble; West Ham was a washout, CXF stayed home; Wandsworth was a failure; they got bothered and battered in Liverpool – when they weren’t stealing from each other of course; and they are outnumbered wherever they go! Give it up, it’s embarrassing for you! Be seeing you!

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Malatesta aka M. Testa, undercover anti-fascist blogger, has analyzed the changing fortunes of the British far right for nearly a decade. He has given lectures on anti-fascism, published articles in Anarchist Studies and Freedom magazine and wrote Militant Anti-Fascism: 100 Years Of Resistance (AK Press 2015) which the Morning Star called a '‘Potent Primer On Europe’s Anti-Fascist Struggle … a useful source of information about the fight against fascism.’
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  1. Great post as usual Malesta.

    PS…I love your accent.

  2. PPS…sorry for spelling your name wrong 😦

  3. rockershabibi says:

    Nice, nice, nice. Well put.

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