Tommy Guilty!


Tommy Robinson: ‘Oh no! I’ve been a right muggy mushroom!’ 

Tommy Robinson alias Steven Yaxley Mainwaring alias Paul McMasters alias Paul Harris has been jailed for 10 months today over using a false passport to enter the USA. He was rumbled at the US customs after a fingerprint scan revealed he was not the McMasterbater and did a legger. He used another passport on the way out of the country to avoid detection. For the last few months the EDL have been loudly proclaiming that Mr Tommy is a political prisoner (which he isn’t) and that he is innocent (ditto!). Oops! Maybe the EDL ‘leadership’ (i.e., Hel Gower who is 70) should ask Mr Tommy when he is up on mortgage fraud charges in May whether he will be ‘innocent’ of these ‘political’ charges to avoid future embarrassment.

Hotpants Hayley!

Hel Gower

Mr Tommy was remanded at the end of October last year after the mass arrest of EDL members in the back of a van, an amusing incident which saw the EDL faithful leaving the plod station in their underpants and nice paper suits. Mr Tommy was put on the nonce wing for his own safety at Wandsworth and has been ghosted to Bedford and elsewhere as none of the governors want to listen to his incessant self-pity and whining. Far be it for us to gloat, but the EDL has ended up radically diminished with about 200 followers and has been exposed as a criminal gang, led by criminals and followed by criminals. Here is a database of some of the EDL ‘political prisoners’:

Looks like it needs an update!

 Kev Karol Prepares His Acceptance Speech!

Karaoke Kev Karol

As well as Mr Tommy’s incarceration  Karismatic Kev Karol has become the leader of the fluffy British Freedom groupuscule after the leader, Lord Paul Weston, the poshest man in England, left to write a novel about a flying pig called Simon. KKKev has basically left the EDL writing it off as a dead ducky and since Mr Tommy’s incarceration the word ‘disaster’ seems somewhat overtly charitable to apply to the EDL Shuttle crash. KKKev has basically run the EDL into the ground. Let’s hope he does the same to the Fluffies!

Finally, we have long been saying that the EDL is a criminal gang led by career criminals so can we remind you that Clint Bristow, who was to stand in Rotherham for either the EDL or the Fluffies but in the end forgot to sign up to either, has been remanded for burglary and stealing toiletries and also that EDL member Gary Milsom was jailed for common assault and also a Brum EDL member is being done for racist assault on a bus passenger and Bernard Holmes of Blackburn EDL being accused of fracturing a woman’s eye socket and… to be continued ad nauseum.

EDL election leaflet

Be Seeing You!


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