Combat 18’s Charlie Sargent Interview Exclusive!

The following is a genuine interview with Charlie (Paul) Sargent of the failed Nazi Combat 18 gang who stabbed a ‘racial comrade’ to death and received a very long prison sentence, the naughty boy! It took place over several weeks on Facebook (home of digital fascism). No money was exchanged but a lot of insults were.

c18 girls

Combat 18 on a girls night out. CS on far right. 

MAL: Hey Charlie can I interview you online?

CS: You little spaka head I wont talk to red scum so don’t message me any more you gay little mugs ok. It’s pointless trying to stop my gigs as well 14/88.

MAL:  I’m assuming that during all those wasted years spent in prison wondering where it all went wrong you didn’t do the literacy classes?

CS: What I done in my time there is my bisnuss and will not tell a red scums like you what I done there anyway. So what’s the point I still have plenty of respect of the white youth so don’t go pushing your luck with me. And I am white and proud and no on can stop me being white and proud 311.

MAL: What proud of killing one of your own comrades Charlie? You have no respect as you are a ‘race traitor’ by your own definition. Where did it all go wrong? Oh yeah, with stabbing someone to death. So how about that interview? And what’s 3/11 – CK? Completely Knackered?

CS: 311 = Ku Klux Klan you complete spaka head!!!!!!!! And you can’t call me that so don’t I have never talked to Special Branch or red skems do you believe every thing you read in the news paper. You are point less and disgrace to the white race 311.

MAL: Charlie it would surely have to be 11 11 11 for it to be KKK. You are on record as a grass, the C18 has-beens have you down as a grass, it came out in court that you often ‘helped SB with enquiries.’ And me a disgrace to the white race? I never murdered anyone Paul.

CS: It just is, if you don’t like it phone the Klan and complain but I like it so don’t tell me I cant use it. You tell me what C18 have achieved since I went down,,,, nothing?!? at least I am white and prod and no on can stop me being white prod 311

MAL:  C18 didn’t achieve anything before you went to prison! You believed your own hype on the telly and thought you were invincible but were in fact invisible. C18 actual achievements: lots of jail time, infighting, murder, grassing, being turned over by Red Action and AFA. You should be well proud. The best thing about C18 was the fact you spent half your life in prison for its futile cause.sargentA week or so later …

MAL:  Hey Charlie, what’s happening with our interview? When can we meet and chat about the good old days when you kept getting turned over?

CS:  You would be to scared to turn up mate so what’s the point mate! 311

MAL: Scared of an overweight has been hooligan who is also a grass? how much do you want paying?

CS: And not a grass mate so stop calling me a grass mate. its point less why are you sending me messages I have no interest in you ok so stop sending me messages mate.

MAL: Hi Charlie, me again, it was your mates what started it:

‘he became an informant I would think when he got nicked for heroin smuggling for the second or third time and got a ridiculous small sentence, that’s when I think he turned but who knows for sure. What is for sure is he was working for special branch before the murder. When he came out of jail for the smack, Hitchcock sorted him a place to stay with Chubby Chris of Chelsea fame. Sargent after a while went everywhere with Chubby Chris like a little lap dog, During this period “operation Own Goal” the police operation against Chelsea Headhunters was launched and several Chelsea fans were nicked and put on trial at the Old Bailey ,Sargent who lived with Chubby and went everywhere with him wasn’t nicked. The trial collapsed anyway and they walked. Was Sargent informing to the police on football hooligans?’


CS: your gay!

MAL:  Wow! he’s still got that old C18 wit then? What about your so-called ‘comrades’ above then?

CS: you’re a spaka head so stop messaging me you little gay mug!

MAL:  But your such fun Pauly pops!

CS: You love men mate. Your boy friend is Ben Jammick [?] who is a gay red just like you mate.

MAL: Can we have that again but in something vaguely resembling English Paul/Charlie/SB grass/murderer of own comrade

CS: No! Sounds like you’ve been reading fake c18 pages mate nice on for doing your research mate. I’ve done my research on you being gay and you are. 311

MAL: Fake pages my arse.

CS: You no nothing mate its pointless 311.

MAL:  Yes I do Mr Charlie. So, how about that interview? fifty quid any good?

CS: Send me the questions and if I think they ok I will answer them for £200. Deal mate?

MAL:  Okay, the 1st one is free though. why does everyone on the far right absolutely hate you, is it because you are a known police grass and a murderer of your own comrades?

CS: you are a thick spaka mate. I would of answered your fist question but you had to spoil it with stupid questions like that. What’s the point mate. Why have you got a picture of me on your Facebook profile you mug? What’s the point? Are you going to be sensible and send me 200 quid and I will answer sensible questions or are you just going to be a clown and mess around all day. The choice is yours mate but I will get angry if there’s more point less fucking about mate

MAL: But we seem to be getting on so well Chas! Let’s start again. I ask you a simple question, if I like your answer -or can actually understand it – I will pay you 50 quid a question! What say old bean? Up the RA!

CS: Go on then. No silliness though mate or its point less ok. Why you write shit about Tommy Robinson mate. We have a new leader now so get over it and move on and I will be in charge of putting gigs on once we get sorted again and there’s nothing any on can do to stop me including you or that spakka head Steve from Red Alert who are a shit band. We have The Vents back who are one of the best bands the seen has ever had and the are coming back to support the EDL

MAL: you are universally hated and known as a grass as well as a murderer. What have you actually achieved?

CS: No I’m not that’s were your totally wrong mate. Yes I have my enemies in the scene but I still have people loyal to me both here and abroad don’t forget that I never left C18 and am still the leader. There is just two c18s now as some people took it upon themselves to claim it once I went inside. The Ventz are the original line up too so why call the names they are part of the history of race.

MAL: C18? The gang that never was. The only thing you achieved was getting banged up and grassing on each other. You fell out over the cash like greedy little Nazis. It’s always the money with you lot. – C18, Griffin, Tommy Robbing-son –  and the grassing, the murder and betrayal of course. How about that interview then?

CS: Send the questions and I will think about it mate but I don’t want any piss taking or being silly either do it properly or not at all or what’s the point

MAL: Okay, I will send you a couple of questions in a bit then. I am interested in your view of the far right now and in particular EDL and Robinson bottling it and copping out. What say?


Two weeks later, he is as good as his word!

CS: Tommy became a victim of his own success. The EDL started out as half a dozen nationalists seeking change and were nothing more than a protest group. Almost overnight, we became bigger than the British National Party, National Front and British Movement, all put together and that’s when Tommy’s ego began to kick in. All of a sudden he was a minor celebrity. He appeared on Newsnight and various other political chat shows and loved the fame and attention he was getting. His hard work and dedication in the early days is not to be written off, he played his part, but the EDL grew bigger than he could ever imagine and maintain control of. He took the easy way out and fled with his new found fame.

MAL:  I never thought I would ever say this but I agree with you!

CS: Good mate because its the truth I have been around for a long time and have seen this happen time and time again they tone down for a bit of fame. I also no that he had public speaking lessons maybe that should have set alarm bells ringing?

The correspondence fizzled out after that. So make of it what you will! Be Seeing You!

PS: Congratulations to the Diddyfiddler who is spending this Christmas behind bars! Enjoy those Turkey Twizzlers whilst everyone else has a really good time! 



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Malatesta aka M. Testa, undercover anti-fascist blogger, has analyzed the changing fortunes of the British far right for nearly a decade. He has given lectures on anti-fascism, published articles in Anarchist Studies and Freedom magazine and wrote Militant Anti-Fascism: 100 Years Of Resistance (AK Press 2015) which the Morning Star called a '‘Potent Primer On Europe’s Anti-Fascist Struggle … a useful source of information about the fight against fascism.’
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  1. Charlie’s Facebook page is @fucking grass .com

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