Vultures Of Rotherham #4

This young scallywag was pulled for being late for his tea!

Here are some real fuckbugling arsefountains:

And it doesn’t get much better …

The EDL Damage Limitation Division have gone mental trying to deny that it all kicked off yesterday.


The truth is somewhat different over here in ‘reality.’

EDL Breakout:

The EDL are claiming that this is a Hopenothate-Commie-Muslamic-Antifa-Searchlight-Culturalmarxist- Photoshop fake of course but seeing as several clips of the day are widely circulating the net this is as convincing as their slogan, ‘Neither Racist Nor Violent, But Both.’ They are also claiming that there were ‘1,000s’ there but, again in ‘reality’ where the majority of people live and who have eyes, we can clearly see there is not that number. We do not dispute that their numbers were swelled by the NF, BNP, SEA and the even bigger failures of the NWI but they didn’t hang around long, even if they did make it to the actual demo.

‘Special mention should be given to the BNP, who held a separate demo in Rotherham yesterday. They were spotted on the outskirts of town at a roundabout, such were their numbers I was unable to take a photograph. We passed the 7 of them in a split second and I hadn’t even got the cover open on my phone. Forlorn figures cutting a lonely dash, forgotten. Dead. Irrelevant.’ (From our friends at OTAN X).

The split NF had at least 1 group there claiming to be the ‘Official’ NF. Kev Bryant, a nazi known for his girth rather than his blubbering use of words, was there doing a speech to ‘White Nationalist (& Glue sniffer/grass/drug dealer/Redwatch pimp) of the year, Kevin Watnomoney and his wife, Kate McDermody. Here she is, not mental in the least.

The EDL kept up their classy appearance with their royal couple Stella and Charlie:

Beer in 1 hand, nob in the other.

EDL Onanist Divsion: Stella in 1 hand, nob in the other.

Irrelevant Bin Bag Wearers Britain First got a wee bit hysterical about the EDL getting all the publicity:  ‘Shocking scenes from Rotherham today as several arrested or injured as EDL rally descends into violence. Boozed up National Front/Infidels/BNP factions battle it out with EDL drunks in town centre. Does this boozed-up behaviour reflect well on our struggle? Does this hooligan type behaviour play into the hands of our enemies?’

Above: BF Leader Paul Golding

Pauly Poos is not popular with some of his ‘supporters’ (who support him by mainly calling him a James Blunt). Like this eejit:

And this eejit:

And here is a demo Report From Our Friend ‘Lola’:

We stood with locals to protect property. It seemed there was a group of around 40 EDL who were intent on causing trouble after the demo. The police were an absolute disgrace. Forces that I saw from the various constabularies included South Yorkshire Police, Merseyside police, Welsh, West Mercia and Norfolk. £1.2 million spent for this and they seemed as ineffectual as a candle in the fog. The EDL were beaten back by locals at a shop before turning back to town, and whilst most mosques and properties were protected by locals, not one police officer seemed to be present until after any violence occurred. We did pop down to the UAF counter demo and were told there that police had just let EDL breach the lines and several got into the UAF pen and luckily only took photo’s and hurled abuse. I myself managed to walk straight through their lines into the middle of a fash pen to return the favour, the police only realising their fuck up after I gave out a few slaps to someone who has been giving me grief over a very similar incident at Cricklewood. I expected arrest but was dumped back out of the pen and told to leave the area which I did and went back to protect property in Masborough, where the police (again) had failed the innocent locals. A total fucking disgrace SYP.

‘You put your right wing in, your right wing out …’

Here we see a ‘peaceful member’of the EDL as he chats pleasantly with the local constabulary as the EDL’s delusions and denials are going crazy, as with this classic example: ‘Today’s demonstration started and ended peacefully.’ Yeah, but it didn’t half kick off inbetween!


Even their own supporters admit it kicked off. We’ll keep you posted throughout the day!

Diddyfiddler: Not in this demo.

PS: Just found this from some of anti-fascist network comrades:

About malatesta32

Malatesta aka M. Testa, undercover anti-fascist blogger, has analyzed the changing fortunes of the British far right for nearly a decade. He has given lectures on anti-fascism, published articles in Anarchist Studies and Freedom magazine and wrote Militant Anti-Fascism: 100 Years Of Resistance (AK Press 2015) which the Morning Star called a '‘Potent Primer On Europe’s Anti-Fascist Struggle … a useful source of information about the fight against fascism.’
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