Police Spend Weekend Protecting Far Right Failures!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! It’s been a busy weekend for the far right membership who held 3 demos in 1 weekend and support, like the filling in a Greggs sandwich, was spread very thinly!

The Scottish Defence League turned up in Scotland’s 13th largest town, Perth, and managed to attract a wee clutch of Buckfast cowboys, washing line thieves and bath-tub rejects complaining about a new mosque and the fact that it will only have 14 car park spaces! 14! It’s an ootrage and nae mistake, pal! A large counter demo was organised to oppose them and the SDL stood about, surrounded by police for their own safety. As a former resident of Perth we can assure readers that there are plenty of car parking alternatives round Tayside.

Meanwhile, down south in Newcastle, the EDL hardly did better and it didn’t take too long to show their true allegiances. They just can’t help themselves can they?

The EDL: Not saluting, but drowning!

The EDL have delusions of relevance and the leadership have no idea what to do apart from wandering round, shedding members and shouting behind coppers. Ian ‘Smelly’ Crossland led his incontinent crowd of trouser-foulers into the dark and they continue blindly on under some other fuckbucket’s guidance. Give it up. Please!

The EDL front group Gays Against Shariah turned up in Bristol with their leader Little Tommy, a strangled goth who works for NCP car parks, and managed a couple more than their impressive turnout of 6 in Stockton On Tees last year. That said, it still took dozens of plod to protect them from roving anti-fascists and yet again Bristol told the far right where to go!

Little Tears for Tiny Tommy! 

So, all in all a good turnout for anti-fascists and a piss poor weekend for the far right. However, we need to be keep an eye on what is happening with association soccer team enthusiasts the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) in the next few weeks as rumours of inter-firm animosity appear more frequently as do fallouts with far right groups.

Be Seeing You!


About malatesta32

Malatesta aka M. Testa, undercover anti-fascist blogger, has analyzed the changing fortunes of the British far right for nearly a decade. He has given lectures on anti-fascism, published articles in Anarchist Studies and Freedom magazine and wrote Militant Anti-Fascism: 100 Years Of Resistance (AK Press 2015) which the Morning Star called a '‘Potent Primer On Europe’s Anti-Fascist Struggle … a useful source of information about the fight against fascism.’ http://www.akuk.com/index.php?_a=product&product_id=7285
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