For Britain? For Fux Sake!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Whit’s going on with the UK far right? The EDL have hoofed out ‘leader’ Alan Spence for being an inadequate fuck-suckling-belboid who looks like a poorly shaven bawbag; the Football Ladies Alliance (FLA), a baggy clutch of association soccer team fans, is imploding over egos and money; the Infidels factions have collapsed in a haze of white cider and poor quality drugs; 6 National Action members have just  been remanded; and Britain First (BF) have been de-registered as a political party! Michty Me! Not only that, but BF leaders Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding are stuck in a midden of legal problems. Braw! So, 2018 is looking even shitter than usual for the sagging scrotals, ageing hoolies, and Nazi arse-frapples in the UK. Luckily there is a new  groupuscule who are going to save us from stuff they say is bad for us! For Britain is led by former singer of the Undertones, Anne Marie Sharkey or ‘Feargal’ as no one apart from this blog calls her. And she is very, very cross about things and other things too. 

We asked neo-Nazi ‘Assassin’ Joe Owens, the delusional messiah of fantasy fascism, what he thought about Feargal and he said:

Joe Owens: Just Makes Stuff Up! 

‘Hellooow, yesss, right. Feeerst off, everyone apart from me is a Searchlight-HopeNotHate-NickLowles-GerryGable-Spy and although I haven’t got any proof – they are! Right? For Britain is run by Feargal Waters who is obviously a spy even though I can’t prove it, but that doesn’t mean to say it isn’t true. Or that I’ve just made it up. Which I have. She is a spy and I’ve been around and have an awful lot to say – and a lot of it is awful. And made up. I don’t actually know if any of the things I say are true. But they are. Even if they’re not. Which they are. Right? Right. Okay, thank you.’

‘Joey! Joey! Oh!’

Well, thanks for the insights Joe and good luck with your political party that failed to appear and now looks like you were trying to spin some coin from the gullible. Anyway, as if the UK far right aren’t embarrassing enough, a wife beating drunken immigrant and Britain First supporter named Marek Zakrocki has been jailed for driving a van at some, err … immigrants and he said “I’m going to kill a Muslim. I’m doing it for Britain.” Well, thanks Marek, but not really, we already have enough inadequate pisspot psycho shitbags in the UK to carry out our racist attacks for us. And this leaves us asking the same old question: what is it about Britain First that attracts classy supporters like this violent, racist, alcoholic, woman beater?

Be seeing you!

Oor Wullie Says: ‘Malatesta Blog? It’s The Very Dab!’ 

About malatesta32

Malatesta aka M. Testa, undercover anti-fascist blogger, has analyzed the changing fortunes of the British far right for nearly a decade. He has given lectures on anti-fascism, published articles in Anarchist Studies and Freedom magazine and wrote Militant Anti-Fascism: 100 Years Of Resistance (AK Press 2015) which the Morning Star called a '‘Potent Primer On Europe’s Anti-Fascist Struggle … a useful source of information about the fight against fascism.’
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