The Leaving Of Liverpool!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! The weekend saw a lot of activity by anti-fascists in London and Liverpool. In London, Momentum, Stand-Up Against Racism, UAF, SWP, Socialist Party, the Communist Party of Britain and many others gathered in a show of strength against Steven Caxley-Trousers and his UKIP Brexit demo. Militants from Anti-Fascist Network were out and about and the general view is the far right were outnumbered 5:1, whilst in Liverpool, the ratio was even better. In London, ‘Sir’ Tommy  and his fistula of followers mingled with UKIP and other right wing Brexit types but although he can pull a crowd he was disappointed with its size. However, he is pulling UKIP leader Gerard Batten by the penis (who is also disappointed with its size) towards an explicitly anti-Muslamic position, which may attract some supporters but will no doubt alienate others.

Plod: Heavy, But Few Manners!

There was heavy manners plod presence all through the day as the Met had fucked up a couple of demos this year, being under-manned and over-ran by far right drunken dick-foolery. A handful of poorly dressed Stella-clutching Tommy followers tried to confront militant anti-fascists but were ticked off and shown to the nearest Primark.

Up Yr Hole: A Lesson From Liverpool! 

Over the last couple of years, Liverpool has set a very high standard for militant anti-fascism and the far right have done poorly on their visits. Who can forget them locked in the luggage office? or battered and floored in the train station? or them looking terrified on St George’s Hall steps? (Yes, Diddyfiddler, we mean you). Far right arse-clown Dylan Cresswell, a seedy specimen who reeks of halitosis, failure and incontinence, called a demo for Sunday but no one turned up, not even him. He may claim it was to split anti-fascist forces between the North West and the South East, but even if it was, which it wasn’t, it made fuck all difference.

Fash: Down & Out In Liverpool Lime St. 

The far right demos in Liverpool are similar to the Brighton March For England ones: they turn up, get outnumbered and then battered several times before finally understanding what ‘diminishing returns’ means. Anti-fascists should be proper pleased at the size of the London demo and the local response in Liverpool. However, the far right may have been outnumbered 5:1 but 1k in London just before Christmas isn’t a bad figure. 2019 is gonna be pretty interesting.

Be Seeing You!

About malatesta32

Malatesta aka M. Testa, undercover anti-fascist blogger, has analyzed the changing fortunes of the British far right for nearly a decade. He has given lectures on anti-fascism, published articles in Anarchist Studies and Freedom magazine and wrote Militant Anti-Fascism: 100 Years Of Resistance (AK Press 2015) which the Morning Star called a '‘Potent Primer On Europe’s Anti-Fascist Struggle … a useful source of information about the fight against fascism.’
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