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EDL In Rochdale (from March)

The English Defence League demonstration in Rochdale today was extremely feeble. About 350 turned up and there were 35 arrests, i.e., 10% of them. This will no doubt be interpreted as a massive victory by the under fire leadership. The … Continue reading

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EDL Latest (from February)

Warning : this article may contain ‘big words’ so to help the EDL trolls, here is a link to the dickshunry : Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Luton! Massive cuts of public jobs, increased fuel costs, VAT rises, … Continue reading

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Brighton Mayday (& Nazis In General)

Crivvens! Off down to Brighton again this weekend (Hove actually) for Nanatesta’s birthday but had to borrow her bike to go and see what was happening with the mayday protests for a couple of hours. The RV point was announced … Continue reading

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