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EDL & Tower Hamlets

EDL: Putting The Ham Into Tower Hamlets! ‘We’re coming down the road, we’re coming down the road’ … and straight into the nearest  carpark! Thankfully, Tower Hamlets has some excellent parking facilities for the English Defence League to defend this … Continue reading

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Cat Fights!

Meeeeee-oooowwww! Don’t you just love a good cat fight? Far be it for the ‘Malatestas’ to feel any kind of schadenfreude when it comes to the associated idiots of the English Defence League but it is lovely to see those … Continue reading

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A Riot Laugh With The EDL!

For Sale: Flat screen TV. Slight fire damage. Offers? Crivvens! Britain burns, Dave dithers and Boris bumbles through but luckily the English Defence League are on hand to help! Phew! It’s not really been going too well for the EDL … Continue reading

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EDL Latest Fiascos by ‘MacMalatesta’

Crivvens, Jings and Help Ma Boab! Whit a week it’s bin. The EDL got a dreadful kicking in the media last week over the alleged connections with the Norwegian murderer Anders Breivik and spent inordinate amounts of energy denying it. … Continue reading

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