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Identity Europa: Flag?

Or Just Pants?

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Whit’s going on with that over-privileged bunch, the Identitarian Movement (IM). The Economist recently ran an article called ‘White, Right & Pretentious’ (31/3 – 6/4/18) which discussed IM populists such as Austrian Martin Sellner, who was barred from entering the UK a coupla weeks gone, as well as the populist Italian 5 Star Movement and Northern League in Italy. In keeping with an increasingly far right agenda in Europe, IM operate an anti-immigration/anti-Islamic/extremist/terror rhetoric like the range of toxic groups promoting ultra-conservatism, anti-Semitism and the Alt. Right, white supremacist terrorists and neo-Nazis, and many have either emerged or increased their influence following the migrant crisis in 2015. Their polemical positions tend to dramatise false claims of being ‘out-bred,’ of genetic dilution and even of ‘being replaced’ by Muslamics. The blame for such devilry varies from radical Islamists, EU bureaucrats, or, for single minded neo-Nazis, a vague but massive global Jewish conspiracy. As usual. But how come the only ones who know about this secret conspiracy are a bunch of simian-browed racists or Icke like Lizard fantasists? When I questioned a well known far right character who wanted to remain anonymous, Eddie told me that the ‘Saudi royal family are actually Jewish’ although Mr Stampton didn’t say if the Saudis in question were Sunni or Shia Jews.

Eddie ‘Kermit’  Stampton: Not Waving, But Grassing! 

IM’s physical manifestations are more concrete with rallies gathering 1,000s of supporters across Europe, which is a grave concern for anti-fascists, but electorally IM does not necessarily attach itself to particular parties for a number of reasons, usually disillusionment with parliamentarians and local governing councils. IM also like representing themselves as victims, a pose long used by fascist groups and which reflects a deliberate lack of global perspective. Are the victims of the recent migration crisis in 2015 those fleeing into uncertainty following horrific and violent conflict that has destroyed their entire lives, or those with a high standard of living, education, democracy and no war in their back yard? There have been misguided actions like those wankers on a boat, ‘Defend Europe,’ floating about in the Med and getting in the way. UK anti-fascists will recall the ridiculous EDL equivalent when a couple of eejits in a pedalo set off to hold back millions of imi-migrants but merely ended up with soggy trousers and red faces.

EDL: ‘Mmm… these halal kebabs are actually pretty tasty!’

IM express faux-concern over Islamo-homophobia and misogyny, although you don’t see many Identarians turning up for Pride or celebrating International Women’s Day. There is also the faux-concern over Halal slaughter, which simply reframes the fascist ‘concern’ over kosher slaughter. All animal slaughter is cruel and horrific and the only people who can honestly criticise halal or kosher killing methods are vegetarians and vegans from an obviously strong ethical position. If you eat meat, you cannot say 1 method is worse and should be banned. This is selective outrage: using an emotive issue to criticise 1 demographic whilst ignoring similar practices in their own. Much like the UK far right and sexual abuse.

Racist rapist Leigh MacMillan with his friend, racist race mixer David ‘Fish Lips’ Coppin

Refugee swamping panic has long been used by populist far right bucket feeders from that giant cow fanny Thatcher up to current Hungarian PM, Viktor Orban who was re-elected on anti-immigration fears. He built a Trump-esque protective fence to quell the hordes and has just secured his 3rd term in power. It seems migrants temporarily replaced Hungary’s Roma community as a populist far right target.

Orban: ‘Pull Mah Finger!’

‘Let go now, Angela!’

‘Ah! It’s like mustard gas!’

‘Hee-hee. I iz funny!’

From Northern most Europe down through the Middle East and beyond, multi-ethnicity has existed for millennia with the numbers of specific ethnicities fluctuating, and sometimes disappearing, as attested to by the last 500 years of US history. Or early Christianity when Jews, Arabs, Romans, Africans and others co-existed (though not necessarily peacefully). Euro-Identarians claim that Islam is not part of their culture, but the same could have been said about Christianity at one point.

Be Seeing You! 

Well, not you … 

Or you… 

Or you … 

Or you!

Or you…

You bunch of fucken woodentops! 

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Anna Campbell: Freedom Fighter

Im Memorium, Anna

We would just like to acknowledge the sacrifice made by YPJ volunteer Anna Campbell, political activist and freedom fighter, who died in Syria whilst defending Afrin from the increasingly barbarous Turkish encroachment. There have been snakey media reports about her being ‘naive’ but as a political activist and a free thinking woman, she knew what she was doing and naivety had nothing to do with it.

In case you didnae know, the situation in Syria is not good but this is not the place for analysis. The YPG/YPJ have lost too many good comrades fighting Daesh and are now facing Erdogan, the Turkish tyrant. Please support our international comrades in anyway you can.

YPJ Fighters

Thanks, Mal.


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0161 Festival & Stuff!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! It’s nearly that time of year again! Yes it is, cor blimey guv’nor and make no mistake! It’s time to dust off your DMs, fire up your antifascist fun chums and make sure you get your tickets for the 0161 Anti-Fascist Festival, one of the major events in the UK Antifa Calendar that is coming up in June.

This is a 4 day festival of righteous anger with entertainment provided by poorly shaven and badly dressed musical reprobates that starts off with a working class history walking tour of Manchester on the Thursday then no doubt degenerates rather quickly into the boozy Irish folk punk night on Friday. Saturday and Sunday feature a main stage and acoustic stage plus more after parties with either Ska/2 Tone/Reggae sounds or hip-hop which will continue into the wee small hours and beyond. Or until the beer runs out. 

You’d be daft to go, but dafter to miss it! We’d be shagged out after the walk. Anyway, although we haven’t heard any of their cassettes, we would like to congratulate Husker Durutti for having the best anarcho-punk name ever, although their music is probably a bit too loud and shouty for the Malatesta’s sensitive eardrums. Major congratulations to the organisers for putting together such a massive celebration of anti-fascism, music and good times. Well done! Here’s the website with all the info.

Wullie Didnae Buy A Ticket For 0161 Festival! 

Dinnae Be Like Wullie! 

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Weekend Woes!

We are the only long-running independent anti-fascist blog, we don’t want yer cash, but please copy & paste the link where you can. Cheers, Mal. 

Racist rapist Leigh MacMillan with his friend race mixing racist David Coppin

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! The demonstrations in Birmingham on Saturday were confusing, depressing and undid many expectations. The Football Lads Alliance (FLA) numbers were lower than previous demonstrations: some people claimed cops were turning away ‘loads’ of coaches; dozens of drunk eejit ‘patriots’ were otherwise occupied in Amsterdam chucking chairs at Euro-plod; and others just said it was too chilly. Those who attended the FLA demo unfortunately had to listen to Anne Marie Feargal pimping her useless For Britain fuck up whose membership has almost reached double figures. 

Anne Marie: Sharkey Infested Waters

And, of course, whenever a confluence of cameras, gullible far right followers and potential coin occurs, Tommy Robinson will soon appear, something which John Meighan and sycophants were chuffed up about. 

Robinson In A Jam

The FLA splinter groupuscule, the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) also mobilised by latching onto the Justice For The 21 (JFT21) campaign who want an inquiry into the 1974 IRA pub bombing that was originally blamed on the Birmingham 6. 

1974: It was as shit as this

The ‘Malatesta’ Blog in no way supports acts of terrorism against the public by anyone, and we are disgusted by bloodshed as much as injustice, but given the English hooligan firms’ chants of ‘No Surrender’ that was later adopted by the EDL and other toilet bowl chocolate scrapers, there is an element of anti-Republicanism here. We cannot help wondering if the DFLA would have lent their support to other campaigns against injustice like the Bloody Sunday, Guildford 4 and Birmingham 6 ones.

Bunny & Sullivan: Swinging Lovers! 

This is indicative of the weepy partiality of the UK far right. When utter shitbags like racist hooligan Bunny Crehan or neo-Nazi fuck bucket Nigel Sullivan die in prison, the far right start dancing around like frenzied shit-beagles, but completely ignore ‘non-white’ victims like Sean Riggs, Rashan Charles and many others who have died in police cells. All deaths in custody should be thoroughly investigated by an independent organisation with powers of prosecution not just OAP beating racist thugs. 

Anyhoots, the DFLA shivered through a dismal speech by interim UKIP leader Gerard Batten who forgot to mention party chum Keith Crawford who was recently sent to the Majesties priz after a bloke was crushed to death whilst working on his property due to a lack of safety measures.

The Stand Up To Racism counter-demo was massively outnumbered, as expected, which made it easier for the far right to claim that a majority support whatever it is they’re on about. Several lager-full eejits also tried to attack them. Militant anti-fascists in the area would have avoid cop kettles or arrests and no doubt realised that they were outnumbered by an opposition with plenty of form for violent street confrontation. Although anti-fascists tend to be younger, fitter and better trained than ageing hooligan scrotum stretchers, numbers matter. It was not a day for anti-fascist adventurism or reckless provocation. 

Fatty Bawbag: He’s Single, Girls! 

The split between the FLA and DFLA meant reduced numbers on the day and showed Meighan blatantly romancing ‘non-racist’ racist Robinson to get him on side. But ‘Sir Tommy,’ as usual, only has eyes for the dough. Meighan should be mindful of the folktale where a Gingerbread Man, pursued by rustic types, hitches a ride across the river with a friendly fox and ends up being outmanoeuvred and swallowed up. Be Seeing You!

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Football Lads Alliance vs. Democratic Football Lads Alliance Pre-Match Report.

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! It’s been a busy few days cos we’ve had to upsticks and move the yurt even further south due to cruel temperatures. And not only that, we spent most of yesterday with the garden shears tending Nanatesta’s Brazilian. I also got sacked from the sawmill cos apparently you can’t turn up drunk. Fux sake, I’d have been sober by lunchtime after a few more ales!

FLA’s Fatty Bawbag! He Stops Terrorism! 

But anyway, whit’s goin’ on? The far right’s current narrative is identifying UK Muslims as either rapists, terrorists or both, whilst cheering for Brexit even though negotiations with the EU are more concerned with the customs union, single market access and trade deals outside the Euro-Zone and have yet to  deal with the racist fuckbucket stuff. So to help the situation, the Football Lads Alliance (FLA), a UKIP front group of soccer team enthusiasts, are having a demo today in Birmingham. And so are splinter groupuscule the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) so there may be a few harsh words at half time. The DFLA formed because of FLA fuhrer John Meighan’s alleged undemocratic use of funds and general bossiness so decided they wanted a slab of that lovely racist cash themselves.

Meighan: Football Fan-Dabby-Dozy!

As our good friends at Far Right Criminals have said, the FLA are the EDL without knowing it and as seasoned anti-fascists know very well, far right demos have done abysmally in Birmingham and surrounding areas. In 2009, the EDL were embarrassingly mass arrested; in Walsall, 2012,the EDL got kettled by plod and threw street furniture at their chums; and in 2015, Smelly Crossland, the inept and now sacked EDL leader, was humiliated by a local, female, Muslim, anti-fascist. But, if we all hold hands and pray, Im Shallah, the FLA vs DFLA thing should be equally spectacular with arrests, fallouts, and squabbles aplenty!

The FLA rally with be addressed by Ann Marie ‘Feargal’ Waters who we have written about previously.

Poor quality jokes and insufficient research aside, we do take the FLA mobilisations of dozens of football firms very seriously but also note that: despite frequent calls for unity, key members have fallen out and a splinter faction has already emerged; there are still complaints about Meighan’s lack of accountability; and rising anger over cash, egos and backstabbing – the triumvirate of problems that the far right succumb to. Not only that, but the FLA’s desire to ‘oppose terrorism’ is very vague: most people are against acts of terror on the UK streets but what can the FLA do about it? How long until their anger turns into a sense of futility? And what about terrorists like white van killer Darren Osbourne, homophobic psycho Ethan Stables, or would-be mosque bomber Connor Ward?

Anti-fascists will be watching the FLA vs DFLA match very closely whilst observing UKIP’s current problems with law suits, scandals and inefficient leadership, or Business As Usual. Anti-fascists won’t have been surprised to hear that imprisoned Britain First leader Paul Golding got slapped up in the Majesties priz and is now weeping into his halal turkey twizzlers on the nonce wing. Interesting times.

Be Seeing You!

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Tommy Slapped Up! Jay-Ding Slammed Up!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! The Arsehole Formerly Known As ‘Sir Tommy’ turned up at an anti-fascist meeting at the weekend and was amazed when he got an unfriendly welcome – but he’s been milking it ever since whilst failing to explain why he instigated an obviously volatile situation. And for someone with a long and violent criminal record, who has encouraged violence against Muslims, and was filmed in a violent altercation in Rome (where does he get his holiday money from, eh?), to then complain about violence puts him way beyond the valley of the eejits.

Not only has poor ‘Sir Tommy’ been greeting into his halal Nando’s, he has found yet another political organisation to leech off and is hovering near the petty cash tin of Generation Irritation – whose logo (right) really is pants:





Left: Pants. Right: Also Pants. 

‘Sir’ Tommy’s political fickleness is guided by money (as he has no job) and a pathetic need for attention. Since 2004 he has joined/abandoned/tried to get in with …

BNP – United People Of Luton – EDL – British Freedom Party – European Defence League – Quilliam Foundation – UK Pegida – ‘UK Against Hate’ – Rebel Media – Football Lads Alliance – Generation Irritation.

Given such an obvious and appallingly opportunistic ‘career,’  we reckon he’ll be with GI for a year at most until some other money squeezing possibility emerges.

In other news, Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding – aka Jay-Ding – are still in prison but only because their royal pardon is still in the post. Britain First (which is now just toothless gimmer and useless criminal Andrew Edge) are still lying their arses off claiming that Jay-Ding have been unfairly treated even though they were jailed for harassing someone they had misidentified as a sex offender. Which they denied. Because is it was true. So they went to the Majesties priz. What amused a lot of anti-fascists was how ‘Ding’ blamed ‘Jay’ for everything in court saying ‘What me guv? No way. I don’t even know her. And anyway, even though I was there, which I wasn’t, I wuz actually in Greggs getting me sausage rolls, pies, cakes, crisps, and a small diet lemonade.’ Apparently they’re not talking to each other. And hopefully, ‘Sir Tommy’ will be joining them soon.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our friends and readers who have supported us since 2010. We are the only long-running, independent, anti-fascist blog. We don’t want yer money but please cut and paste the link and help spread the word. Cheers, Mal. 

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Tommy Robinson Gets Slapped Then Whines Like A Fucken Arse-Spangle!

Racist Race Mixer & Utter Fucken Bellend David Coppin with his Rapist friend Leigh MacMillan

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Over the last week anti-fascists have been heading for a schadenfreude overload cos of the fuck bugles and cock-handlers of the far right. Not only has an embarrassing photo of far right jizz spigot David Coppin with horrible rapist Leigh MacMillan been circulating, but unemployed scroungers Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding have been sent to prison, and then Tommy Robinson took a righteous slapping from anti-fascists in London and he didn’t like that 1 bit and make no mistake Guv’nor!

Slam! Bam! Fuck you Tam! 

We all know that Robinson is a cowardly thug, a woman beater, a conman, fraudster and politically fickle, but he is also rubbish at fighting unless his useless, fat, unemployable, low slung, flabby arse is surrounded by orangu-fash security or equally noboidal soccer team enthusiasts. So let’s have a wee scan at ‘Sir Tommy’s’ greatest hits!


  1. Pow! On Yr Arse!

Bang! Apply The Make-Up! 

‘Hold me back officers, I’m a pwoper tuff geezer, innit!’

‘Ouch! Me gotz a proper slap in me motor!’ 

On his ridiculous ‘March’ through East London (i.e., he didn’t get past Aldgate) he was confronted by 2 anti-fascists …

‘Arrest Him For Assault! Arrest Him For Assault’

whined the little-shit-stirring-no-job-having-family-abandoning-fraudulent-jailbird so plod arrested him.

The Malatesta blog does not advocate unnecessary violence but if someone propagates violence against one group of people and is then on the receiving end of violence themselves, they cannot complain.

NB: this was written by my butler, Jings

signed Lord MacMalatesta the 1st of Auchenshoogle. Be Seeing You!

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