That’s Another Fat Mess You’ve Got Me Into!


‘Gimme that pasty you antifa rascal!’ 

In 2012, the NorthWestImbeciles stated that it was going to be the year of the Infidels but, as with most of their claims, it never happened (like the demos Fatty Jeffrey Marshbubbles and his made up His Poo & Mash call). It turns out that 2016 is the year of the Infidels – the year in which they all go to prison with their other chumly chums: Peter Atkinson, Roy Price, Tommy something or other, and Joshua Bonehill who are merrily wasting their lives in jail. So, too, is double-sized half-wit Shaun ‘Fatmess’ Jones, a gargantuan oaf who makes Kevin ‘Underpants’ Smith look positively slim and attractive.


It Ain’t Over Till The Fat Bloke Whines!

Shaun ‘Fatmess’ Jones of the Infidels should not be confused with the other Shaun Jones of the Infidels who was jailed for child sex offences (as were NWI’s chums James Swindlehurst, Michael McQueenie, and Michael Coates). Incredibly, this Shaun Jones is much less charming than his noncey namesake! Fathead gatecrashed a buffet then bit the ear off an OAP thinking it was a sausage roll and got 4 1/2 years. This week he got another 18 months for the Dover riot: the judge had no sympathy for the fake tears of this clown, a well known wife-beating, coked up, drunk. Shaun prefers to attack women, especially those on their own or living with young kids. Here are a few of his vindictive missives to one female comrade:

lola 9


lola 011




and so on …  Well, he won’t be doing that for another 5 years at least although there are plenty of others on the far right who do the same thing and we will be exposing in this blog over the next few days! Tune in next week! Be Seeing You!


‘Fuck Off Fatty!’


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Diddy Fiddles & Never Learns!


‘Get in your cell Calvert you ‘orrible little scrote! ‘


Joint Winners of the Self-Administered Dirty Sanchez Competition

For the last few years, Shane O’Calvert or Diddyfiddler has been leading the hapless NorthWestImbeciles into various humiliating confrontations where he can always be seen in the thick of it, right at the back. Like here at Liverpool Lime Street shitting it …


and here on St’ George’s steps shitting it …


and here in Brighton after being bricked, slapped, and chased by antifascists, shitting it.


Although Diddyfiddler only has tiny baby legs he is very good at running away from political opponents as well as responsibilities like getting a job or looking after all his kids he has nothing to do with. He was done for assaulting his pregnant partner which put him in prison in 2012, and has little to do with her or the child. He was recently living with another gullible woman and her kids before he went off to face charges in Dover. Ever the tight-arse, Diddyfiddler deliberately filmed his willy in court then got remanded so he could save the money for the homeless hostel he was booked into. Rumours that he talks to police are, of course, completely unfounded:


‘Come on Diddyfiddler, the Chief Constable wants to talk!’


He will now be joining other law abiding patriots in prison such as Joshua Bonehill, Shaun ‘Fatmess’ Jones, Peter Atkinson, Roy Price, and Tommy Allen, along with other far-right tossproducts like John O’Brien and assorted women beaters and online haters. Let’s hope they bump into Anjem Choudry and his fuckbeagle idiot followers for meaningful debate… and in other news, anti-fascists are sitting back laughing with a couple of beers as the EDL is wracked by continuous infighting and splintering. Give it up lads, it’s embarrassing for you!

Be Seeing You!  Well, not you … 


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Far Right Misogyny (continued …)

Late last night, I got a message from an anti-fascist comrade asking for advice to give to a young female activist who was being harassed by fascist bullyboys. These cowards are the kind who pull women’s burkas off in the street and are typical of the EDL, NWImbeciles, NF etc., who like to terrorise women living on their own or with their kids. Not only that, but they also like to send the vilest, most misogynistic abuse to women usually from fake accounts on Facebook, although some of the following we know all too well.

These disgusting, cowardly, shitbugling fuckbeagles have all sent these abusive messages to 1 female anti-fascist comrade: Darren (Daz) Lumb, Richard McConnell, Mark Hibble, Jon MacLachlan, Alan Marsden, Jake William Annable, Gareth Claydon, Robert Staniforth, James Swindlehurst, George Mayne, Lynn Thornton, Edmund Holliday, & Tom Hyslop. If you know them, then let us know!

bunny 025

bunny 015

bunny 017

bunny 020bunny 2

bunny 3

bunny 6

bunny 7

bunny 8

bunny 010

bunny 011

bunny 013

bunny 019

bunny 018

bunny 021bunny 022

bunny 023

Depressingly more abuse to be published shortly. Do not underestimate how cowardly, hateful and disturbing these psychos are. In Solidarity to female comrades everywhere. Mal








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‘Speccy Twats Fucked!’

Speccy Twats, the high street gegs for a quid shop, has been accused of cutting corners in order to keep costs down. The ‘Buy 1, Get None Free’ chain has marketed itself on cheap eye tests and shit frames but consumer protection nosy bastards from Whaaat? magazine say their ‘pay-as-you-go’ eye tests have failed to meet industry standards. 1 customer, known only as ‘Alex,’ said ‘the eye tests are fine but the preliminary exam is pretty thorough …


At first I was like this …

malc 1

Then I was like this …

malc 2

And now I’m like this!

malc 4

But at least it stopped me raping people. Now where’s that fucken door?’


‘Speccy Twats! You pays yer money …’ 


Tune in next week for more unfunny shite fae Auchenshoogle! 


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Combat 18 Terror Clown Snitches!


C18’s Charlie Sergeant: He’s a Chubber! 

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! The Brexit result appears to have legitimised populist racism and there has been a rise in racist attacks but, as usual, the UK far right are hopelessly splintered and have failed to capitalise on it. Instead they spend their time bickering on increasingly abandoned forums like VNN UK which is about as busy as the snack kiosk at Chernobyl. Amongst the remaining cracked-nuts, groupuscules, and bizarro Hitlerite fantasists is Eddie Stampton, one of the few Nazis with a sense of humour who is often accused of subterfuge, hoaxes and humbug. Recently, after a tired and emotional afternoon in The Two Ways Inn, we were winding up C18 jailbird Rob ‘Larry’ Grayson about Eddie’s latest book ‘Combat 18: My Part In Its Downfall’ (Milligan Books, 2016) who then posted up our message on Shirtfront nazi site which led to a particularly confused and amusing exchange!


Nazi Rob: Here’s the proof that Eddie Stampton is working for AFA and the [proposed White Lives Matter] march was a honey trap. It’s on Twitter if every one wants to read it.

Nasty Nob: Are you Rob Gray and why are you corresponding with the Antifa?’

Noisy Gob: Yes of course, Antifa always expose their assets and it is also very plausible a commie from the UK would own a share in an American publishing house that would publish a “far-right” book.

Nasty Nob: I aint no mate of Eddie Stanton’s … anyone with any sense knows that 20 odd year old middle class red blogger Malatesta from Bristol [!!!] owns about as much off that publishing company as you do

Noisy Gob: Is he from Bristol? I thought he was a Scot?

Nazi Rob: prove that he don’t own part of that publishing company and why has he asked me on behalf of Stampton to help him with a book. I told him where to go.

Nasty Nob: By submitting your post you are doing his work I would also inform you that on that post (which had more than one red posting) they also claim that they have more than Stanton grassing to them, are you one of the others? … If you believe that red is a share holder you are even more stupid than even I thought … no wonder the reds run circles round us when people like you are about. Just curious [but] you’re speaking to Malatesta about a book so your talking to Antifa ?

Ho! Ho! Ho! Whit a mess! And as for ’20 odd year old middle class red blogger Malatesta from Bristol,’ 4 out of a possible 6 statements are completely wrong. For a start I’m fae fucken Leith, you hairy bawbag! By the way, Rob ‘Larry’ Grayson was a ‘footsoldier’ for Combat 18 who made a wee fanzine, The Fluffer, and ended up in jail, as did the rest of that over-rated, non-achieving, delusional fuckspigot group who weren’t either murdered or who turned informer. Here’s the latest ‘Combat 18 Terror Machine T-Shirt!’

Back by popular demand, our grass graphic is in stock again. We originally wanted to produce this graphic with flock, and the time has finally come. We are offering the new grass graphic flocked, and as soft as ever, in white and dark green.



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New Far-Right Party: ‘All the tools are in place!’

The EDL’s Strictly Come Dancing Contestants!

The English Defence League (EDL) has been cringing with embarrassment since their disastrous ‘National Demo’ in London when only 50 turned up to be surrounded by plod for their own safety. Meanwhile, well over 1o,000 protested against Brexit and Austerity and supported Black Lives Matter. Accusations of far-right incompetence and the usual bitter vitriol has led to a ‘terrace coup’ in darkest Sheffield.

Edge demonstrates world speed masturbation technique!

Andrew Edge announced his new organisation United Patriotic Supporters (UPS) which ‘is looking pretty good and could be even gooder than the ‘proper’ EDL!’ He said that ‘all the tools are in place’ (they certainly are), that his ‘New venture will make a difference’ (by further fragmenting a shrinking far right) and that there will be ‘Big People’ involved (which we assume refers to John ‘I’ll meet you in Greggs’ Banks).

UPS has promised no police liaison and instead will be doing a series of flash dances in bleak northern towns that hardly anyone will see. Edge’s ‘shadow cabinet’ includes finance minister Liam ‘Pampers’ Jones of failed United Patriots (and nothing unites patriots like forming another splinter!) who The Edge calls Mr Pissypants in private. However, ‘Pampers’ is an experienced fund-raiser having raised cash for 2 PA systems, both of which are still ‘in the post from China.’ John Banks, who recently converted to Islam, will be Minister of Pies & Religious Affairs. Bankstain, along with Jenna Maroney, is a supporter of Tommy Robinson’s failed Pegida groupuscule that seems to have vanished of late. Billy Charlton, a pisspot fascist who gives incoherent speeches at demos, will take the Foreign Office portfolio.  The Edge says UPS will be more effective because they have no leader and even smaller numbers than either the ‘proper’ EDL, the scroats from Piss & Poo Squad, or the mainly incarcerated NW Imbeciles. 

The Edge will also be meeting ‘top barrister’ Rowley Birkin QC to ratify the mission statement which says: ‘No Forrins Aloud! No Gays Aloud unless they’re far away! and No Girls Aloud unless it’s that Cheryl with the nice tits!’ The Edge also says definitely no drinking until ‘after a demo when we can all get drunk.’ He has high hopes for his divisive splinter faction so maybe he can draw on his UPS network and find out when the 2 PA systems Pampers bought are due to arrive.


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EDL Finally Admit, It’s Over!

On Saturday in London, over 10,000 people were protesting about Brexit, austerity, and the Tory government mess, as well as expressing solidarity with the Black Lives Matter campaign in the USA. Elsewhere people have been mobilising in support of Jeremy Corbyn and protesting against the Parliamentary Labour Party’s devious machinations. These Blairite arse-jam-munching-fuck-beagles want to keep politics heading in an even further right direction and are desperate to remove Corbyn. Their latest move is to charge £25 for people to vote in the leadership challenge which, like the Tory policies Labour should be opposing, obviously hits those out of work or with little extra cash the most. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a spare 25p let alone 25 quid!

Andrew Edge, ‘A New Fresh Leader!’ 

But anyway, to cheer you all up in what has been the most bizarre and fractious time in UK politics in our memory, here is a report on the disastrous EDL march in London by our old chums EDL News which shows that the far right walking dead have been completely unable to capitalise on Brexit and the immigration panic and can barely mobilise 50 people.                                                       And news just in …                                              Oh deary me, it looks like more misery for the EDL as nazi-clown Andrew Edge is about to stage a putsch with ‘Big People’ and ‘A New Fresh Approach’ which means, instead of a bunch of mouthy drunks who are fucken clueless, we can expect a slightly smaller bunch instead. Andrew Edge was involved in that shambles protest at Rotherham plod shop when they all got Argos Wendy Houses for kids and camped outside with hilarious results.

Andrew Edge looks set to launch English Defence League Leadership Coup


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