Far Right Sex Offenders Update!

Despite the jokes and articles, the ‘Malatesta’ blog has, occasionally, done serious stuff and some of our most visited posts have been the ‘Far Right Sex Offenders’ Lists’ where we have exposed supporters in the EDL, BNP, NF and other groupscules who have convictions for child porn, rape, molestation, or worse, as well as domestic violence and attacks on women. The UK far right are very keen on racialising these issues by ‘exposing’ non-white sex offenders (i.e., those they have just read about in the paper), then turning up at trials causing disruption and delay, like Tommy Robinson when he is desperate for attention (i.e., always). This stupidity impedes the legal process, causes distraction and time-wasting and sustains the misery of the victims awaiting some form of justice. The UK far right refuse to recognise that ALL sexual abuse is damaging, cruel and vicious, irrespective of ethnic origin, skin colour or background. Our latest Far Right Sex Offender List rectifies that.

Gamlin: 1 Man’s Face Is Another Man’s Ballbag!

Christopher Gamlin, Britain First supporter: 21 mths, grooming & trying to incite a child into sexual activity.
Michael Cowen, neo-Nazi: 3 yrs, child pornography.
Paul O’Brien, Blood & Honour fascist: 9 yrs, rape, sexual assault.
Michael Roles, BF supporter: 18 yrs child rape.
Bruce Cordwell, EDL: 3 yrs, 7 mths, grooming.
Ryan Schofield, EDL: 5yrs, 4mths: sexual assault, assault…
Peter Gillett, speaker at EDL Nottingham demo: jailed for 12 weeks for grossly offensive, indecent, obscene or menacing video.
Alan Boulter, EDL Supporter and all round racist: 20 mths, attempted grooming.
Luke Atkinson, UKIP & Yorkshire EDL Supporter: jailed 4 yrs, 8 mths, grooming young teenagers.
Dean Chambers, EDL & BNP supporter: 5 yrs, sexual assault
Bradley Daniel Alford, EDL Supporter, described as having ‘a deficit in thinking skills.’ 6 yrs, indecent photos inciting a child to engage in sexual intercourse.
Ryan Fleming, National Action: 3 yrs, sexual activity with a child, his 2nd sexual offence.

It is not only pedophiles and other sex offenders who are attracted to the far right, there have been violent attacks on pregnant women, notably by deviant little scrote Shane Calvert who got 18 months for assaulting his pregnant partner, and racist thug David Gallacher, jailed for nearly 4 years after he assaulted a pregnant woman who subsequently lost her baby. This list, depressing as it is,  will be regularly updated.

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Malatesta ‘Merch’ On Sale!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Never let it be said that the ‘Malatesta’ blog is way behind the times. Although our usual dress code relies firmly on Mr Ben Sherman, Sir Fred Perry and the good Dr Marten, we’ve finally got into the 20th Century with our very own merchandise, or ‘Merch’ as you revolting younger types call it. For some unfathomable reason, adolescents now prefer t-shirts (often untucked!) and training plimsolls even when they’re not doing calisthenics or roller skating. So, with all this in mind (and hoping to make a fortune out of shoddy knock-off tat like Tommy Robinson), we present our readers with ‘Malatesta’s’ new fashion range:


For People Who Have Given Up Trying!

‘Stop Rasim!’ T-shirt: price 10 quid

‘Anti-Fashist’ T-shirt: price 10 quid.

‘Fite Facism’ Hoody: price, fuck it, call it a tenner.

All our stuff is made from 100% real cotton and polyester mix (20%/80%), specially designed by Mr. O Wullie of Auchenshoogle.

Please note, we cannot be held responsible for the shit standard of our clothing or anything else like that!

Oh yeah, we also wrote this…

… 15 quid from our friends at AK Press!


So what are you waiting for? Get those postal orders sent off sharpish!

Be Seeing You! 


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For Britain? For Fux Sake!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Whit’s going on with the UK far right? The EDL have hoofed out ‘leader’ Alan Spence for being an inadequate fuck-suckling-belboid who looks like a poorly shaven bawbag; the Football Ladies Alliance (FLA), a baggy clutch of association soccer team fans, is imploding over egos and money; the Infidels factions have collapsed in a haze of white cider and poor quality drugs; 6 National Action members have just  been remanded; and Britain First (BF) have been de-registered as a political party! Michty Me! Not only that, but BF leaders Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding are stuck in a midden of legal problems. Braw! So, 2018 is looking even shitter than usual for the sagging scrotals, ageing hoolies, and Nazi arse-frapples in the UK. Luckily there is a new  groupuscule who are going to save us from stuff they say is bad for us! For Britain is led by former singer of the Undertones, Anne Marie Sharkey or ‘Feargal’ as no one apart from this blog calls her. And she is very, very cross about things and other things too. 

We asked neo-Nazi ‘Assassin’ Joe Owens, the delusional messiah of fantasy fascism, what he thought about Feargal and he said:

Joe Owens: Just Makes Stuff Up! 

‘Hellooow, yesss, right. Feeerst off, everyone apart from me is a Searchlight-HopeNotHate-NickLowles-GerryGable-Spy and although I haven’t got any proof – they are! Right? For Britain is run by Feargal Waters who is obviously a spy even though I can’t prove it, but that doesn’t mean to say it isn’t true. Or that I’ve just made it up. Which I have. She is a spy and I’ve been around and have an awful lot to say – and a lot of it is awful. And made up. I don’t actually know if any of the things I say are true. But they are. Even if they’re not. Which they are. Right? Right. Okay, thank you.’

‘Joey! Joey! Oh!’

Well, thanks for the insights Joe and good luck with your political party that failed to appear and now looks like you were trying to spin some coin from the gullible. Anyway, as if the UK far right aren’t embarrassing enough, a wife beating drunken immigrant and Britain First supporter named Marek Zakrocki has been jailed for driving a van at some, err … immigrants and he said “I’m going to kill a Muslim. I’m doing it for Britain.” Well, thanks Marek, but not really, we already have enough inadequate pisspot psycho shitbags in the UK to carry out our racist attacks for us. And this leaves us asking the same old question: what is it about Britain First that attracts classy supporters like this violent, racist, alcoholic, woman beater?

Be seeing you!

Oor Wullie Says: ‘Malatesta Blog? It’s The Very Dab!’ 

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Fransen The Barbarian!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! What the absolutely fuckington fuck is wrong with Britain First’s Jayda Fransen? Is she trying to get herself banged up or is she genuinely daft? The latest episode in the head-bangingly tedious story of Jayda’s martyrdom (AKA Stations of the Dross) sees her sitting on the throne of Belfast’s mayor in his dressing gown moaning about being arrested for being a fuck-pumping balloon-heed. She is charged with using threatening, abusive or insulting words at a protest last August, and for inciting racial hatred by making anti-Islamic noises last December, both times in Belfast.

She is getting quite the criminal record. She was convicted of racial harassment during a Luton ‘Christian Patrol’ in 2016, and in 2017, she was charged and bailed for harassment in Kent, but then appeared on a neo-fascist radio show and was arrested very publicly for breaking bail conditions that November. In the meantime, she stood very unsuccessfully in a Rochester election and managed 56 votes!

Golding & Fransen contemplate the void!

Then there’s the boudoir activities and worse according to Weronika Kania, a far right Polish lass of considerable vanity (and whose insides are full of evil worms and things, probably). Ms. Kania posted claims about ‘a Polish female who has allegedly been sexually assaulted by Paul Golding, the leader of Britain First’ although details of this are sparse and it is unclear if there is any legal proceedings ongoing. Weronika is chums with Graham Morris, a former Mexican wrestler known as ‘El T-Bagg’ who had a sexual dalliance with Madame Fransen but who was then hoofed out of the duvet to join the growing circle of BF rejects.  

Morris: Well, you would, wouldn’t you? 

On Facebook ‘Smith Shell,’ another Weronika groupie, posted several alleged ‘reasons’ why BF are a big bag of boak:
‘Scamming money
Cutting breaks [sic] in car
Home invasion
False allegations
Sexual assault
Aiding and abetting a crime.’

but again, details are unforthcoming and it is unclear if there any legal proceedings around these allegations.

The Jaydawg looks increasingly desperate for attention whilst alienating many former supporters who are no doubt awaiting her messy demise. Britain First are nothing more than a money grabbing pissant fascist party trying to court controversy whilst clumsily playing martyrs. BF have made the same mistake as the EDL and think that any publicity is good publicity. Well, it isn’t. Ask Max Clifford (via a ouija board)

Captions anyone?

Be Seeing You!

Though not you, you silly little arsespangle. 

Diddyfiddler: Terror Machine? Or Just Terrified? 

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It’s The Big Belated Christmas Quizzz!

Whilst most bloggers did their Christmas Quiz at the start of December, it’s taken us 3 months to come up with almost 10 questions for readers to answer, so pick up your loafers and head to the lounge of questions for the BIGGEST, MOST CELEBRATED ANTI-FASCIST ONLINE QUIZZZ EVER (on this blog). Answers at the bottom of the page. Here we go …

1/ Which of these photographs show 1/ the EDL and 2/ the FLA?

2/  True or False?

David Coppin & ‘Forrin Wife’

a/ The FLA will splinter in 2018 over ‘backstabbing, egos and money’?

b/ Race hater David Coppin is married to a forrin lady?

c/ Shane ‘Diddyfidler’ Calvert will be in prison well into 2019?

3/ 1 of these is a weird, slimy, bottom feeder with horrible fish lips, and 1 of them lives in the sea: Which is which?

4/ How many of the following 4 descriptions are false? Malatesta is “a 20 something, wannabe, blogger from Bristol.”

5/ North East fascist loser Conrad Ainscough appeared on Jeremy Kyle recently. How many criminal convictions does he have? a/ 0


c/ 180, which is a great number for darts players but not for a middle aged man who needs to get a job.

6/ Racist bacon draper Bunny Crehan had how many criminal  convictions before he died in prison?a/ 0


c/ a long criminal history, mainly connected to football violence, amounting to 32 court cases, 55 offences, and several prison sentences.

7/ Why is the following post utter bollocks? Is it because

1/ In order to be face to face, Diddyfiddler would have to stand on a dustbin?

2/Diddyfiddler will be in prison for the next few years?

3/ Diddyfiddler only has tiny mitts and little baby arms?

8/  Which of the following statements about neo-Nazi scumbag Nigel Sullivan is true?

a/ he was a neo-Nazi scumbag?

b/ he was jailed for 13 years for robbing an OAP?

c/ he was attacked in prison for being a cowardly piece of shit then topped himself?

9/ Is the statement ‘David Coppin is planning to live as an immigrant in the far east in 2018’ True or We Really Hope Its True?

So, how did y’all do? Check your answers!

1/ photo 1 is the FLA, and photo 2 is FLA

2/ All 3 are true!

3/ The fish lives in the sea!

4/ Malatesta is a blogger, but not 20, a wannabe or living in Bristol.

5/ C

6/ C

7/ All 3 are true!

8/ All 3 are true!

9/ We Really Hope Its True!

Well done to all who took part! Be Seeing You …

… Though we won’t be seeing this little scrote for quite some time!

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FLA: Flawed, Flat & Flustered!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! We’ve hardly made a dent in 2018 and already the UK far right are in bother! 6 people have been arrested over alleged membership of proscribed tweeny terror gang, National Action; a 22 year old fascist wack off specialist ‘who cannot be named for legal reasons’ is on trial for being a Nazi woodentop; and the Football Lads Alliance is fracturing over egos, backstabbing and money! Just like what the EDL woz! And now there is a wordy condemnation of  ‘Top Lad’ and convicted hooligan John Meighan, called ‘Why The FLA Is Preparing To Fail,’ claiming fiduciary malfeasance and financial funny biznis!

Meighan: Fan Dabby Dozy!

We have said before that the FLA pulled very impressive numbers for their demos but also quoted a good friend of ours that ‘they are the EDL without really knowing it’ but now, with this public statement, the similarities are becoming readily apparent. A ‘top lad’ with football connections gathers 1000s of like-minded supporters, the money starts rolling in, the merchandise is flying out, there are no accounts, no official treasurer, the ‘top lad’ is getting all the attention and acclaim, gets a bit messianic, people start asking questions about the money, there are fall-outs, expulsions and splinter factions…

The ‘who ate all the pies inquiry’ finds chief suspect!

The blog goes on: ‘Every single person who has challenged John Meighan on finances, resolution, strategy and policy has been banned from all FLA social media activity or blocked.’ Replace Meighan’s name with Robinson’s and we’re back to ‘the EDL without knowing it.’ The EDL had no official membership, which removed the risk of membership lists being leaked like the BNP, but more importantly meant no accountability regarding money, although the EDL, in the spirit of capitalist laissez faire allowed regional organisers to flog their own merchandise and keep the cash.

Related image

‘When one meets a fascist, acquaint his head with one’s willow!’ 

The blogger asks ‘What exactly is the FLA?’ and says no one really knows, that no one has a clue what to do next, or where they are ultimately going. And what to do with all this publicity? He says he’s had ‘discussions and debates with the left, they really are laughing at the FLA’ but gives no supporting evidence. He then says ‘The left thinks the FLA is irrelevant’ – but who are ‘the left’? Labour? SWP? Anti-Fascist Network? Poor quality jokes aside, the Malatesta Blog does NOT think the FLA are irrelevant: no organisation who marches 1000s of supporters through London protesting ‘against extremism’ with an ambiguous agenda is irrelevant. We in fact share the concerns of the blogger but for very different reasons.

The  blogger asks questions any legitimate organisation could expect to be asked, about aims and objectives, committees, and transparency before claiming that Meighan has ‘banned dozens of people from asking about funding, strategy, next steps’ and that he is concerned ‘and frustrated at [Meighan’s] increasingly irrational behaviour.’ Like internal critics of the BNP and EDL before them, FLA supporters are worried that this far right group has a tendency towards dictatorship. Meighan has also registered the FLA with himself in the big chair (like Hel Gower and the much missed Gail Speight did with the EDL to control copyright – and Gail, sweety, if you’re reading this, please get in touch!) The blog continues to discuss money and Meighan’s closing down of criticism, and finally mentions that ‘around 200 people across the social spectrum’ are organising their next move. What that will be is unclear. We look forward to the next installment!

Be Seeing You! 

‘Listen to the full-time whistle, Meighan, it blows for thee!’ Or not.


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What’s Wrong With Tommy Robinson?

reporting live from Nanatesta’s Caravan @ Rhyl…

Before my trip to the barbers …

…and after! Fux sake! 

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Since doing this wee blog I’ve been asked many times what I have against career criminal, convict, fraudster, professional racist and political opportunist Tommy Robinson. Well, where to start? I know, let’s start with his criminal career.

2005: Jailed for 12 months for assault
2010: Arrested for public order offence
2011: Convicted for football hooliganism
2011: Jailed for breaching bail conditions
2011: Convicted for assault
2011: Jailed for rooftop protest in Switzerland
2013 Jailed for using false passport
2014: Jailed for mortgage fraud
2014: Convicted for public order offences
2015: Recalled to prison
2017: Convicted for contempt of court

But why not trust someone with a dozen convictions who’s spent several years on HMP nonce wings, cowering in fear? Would you support any other political figure with such an appalling record, who has also organised numerous violent racist demonstrations? And for someone with a record of violence, albeit against women or with a mob behind him, he ain’t impressive on the cobbles is he? And when he gets the treatment he runs off to complain…

‘Sir’ Tommy is also an opportunistic spiv who will leech off any political organisation where he can smell money. Let’s have a wee look:

2004: BNP (abandoned)
2009: United People Of Luton (left)
2009-13: EDL (abandoned)
2011: British Freedom Party (flopped)
2012: European Defence League (flopped)
2013: Quilliam Foundation (left)
2015: UK Pegida (flopped)
2017: Gays Against Shariah/UK Against Hate demo in Manchester (flopped)
October, 2017: Turns up in London  at Football Lads Alliance march (Unwelcome by organisers).

And how does someone with no job or discernible source of income afford to support three kids, live in a large house worth awell over £250, drive a flashy car, and wear expensive designer clothes? Hardly the ‘working class’ bloke he tries to pass himself off as.

Tommy: Black Eyed Boy!

And what is real name? Stephen, Steven, Stephen Christoper, Lennon, Paul Harris, Yaxley, Yaxley-Lennon, Andrew McMaster? Would you trust any other political figure who didn’t know their own name?

Tommy & His Little Tool

So what’s wrong with Tommy Robinson? Well, Everything.

Happy New Year to all anti-fascists!

Bee Seeing You! Although we won’t be seeing this little shit-slime for a while:


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