Whit’s Going On?

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Whit a game! The Drama! The Anticipation! The Heartbreak! Yes indeed, let us never mention playing naked Twister with Nanatesta again. Apart from just now. And a bit later on down there.

But whit’s going on? Well, ‘Sir’ Tommy Yaxley Trousers is still in the majesties priz whilst all his little Tombliboos are whinging away about it being an infringement of free speech (it isn’t), that he is a political prisoner (he ain’t) and that he is innocent (he is not). Norman Stanley Robinson is serving his 7th prison sentence but is appealing against it and his ‘authorised spokesman’ Ezra Levant has assembled the Super Justice League to prove that everyone is wrong!

 Tommy’s Tits & His Little Weapon

Anti-fascist researchers exposed Robinson’s links with Zionists in the early EDL days with Alan Lake lurking behind him, then he was hanging about with the horrible Pamela Gellar before getting freebie trips to Israel. Thompson Stanley Felcher is clearly getting funding from somewhere as he hasn’t had a job err… ever. His current legal situation is explained here:


Jack Renshaw: ‘So, who’s going to the majesties priz for ages?’

Notmuch Action

Meanwhile, at the Old Bailey, the National Action trial is ongoing. The prosecution alleges that the 6 accused remained members of NA after it had been proscribed by the government which they deny. 1 of the accused is Jack Renshaw, an odious little racist shagspot, who has pleaded guilty to preparing an act of terrorism after buying a machete to kill Rosie Cooper MP and also admitted threatening to kill a lady plod who was investigating possible ‘evidence of child sex offences or grooming.’

Renshaw: 2nd trainers from the left

We were following The Independent’s rather good live coverage of the trial which suddenly disappeared after press restrictions were reinforced due to other ongoing related cases. Renshaw is an interesting wee fellow, and by that we mean a nasty inadequate fantasist who makes Kevin Layzell look impressive.

Layzell: Not Impressive. 

Renshaw was involved with the EDL, BNP, and National Action; he was hoofed out of university for being a racist twat-spindle; he tried to join the army but was rejected as he’s scared of loud bangs; he served as a tea-boy at the Women’s Institute; then, despite being 39, he joined paramilitary Christian group ‘The Cubs’ but was kicked out for garnishing his woggle with a swastika. Given his current legal status his future, like England’s World Cup bid, is proper over!

Meanwhile, Scotland unveils our new wunderkind for World Cup 2022!

But anyway, things be getting busy as anti-fascists mobilise in numbers for Donald the Trumpet on Friday and the Anti-Tommy demo on Saturday in London. Good luck to all. This is a link to Anti-Fascist Network for more details:


Sadly, we can’t make it as we’re relocating the yurt away from the midgies to the inside of Nanatesta’s caravan! So, it’s bye bye Perth! We’re heading for the thrill of Rhyll!

Left to Right: Me, Mac & Nanatesta about to fumigate the yurt.

Be Seeing You!

Turning Cantonese: Kick Racism Out Of Fuckwits!


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Economics For Anarchists #2: Prison


The USA is one of the most violent countries in the Euro-American sphere. America houses 21% of the world’s prisoners but only makes up 5% of the world’s population. 40% of US prisoners are African-American males even though they only make up 13% of the overall population. African-American males are 5 times more likely to go through the prison system than white males.

1/ The USA has the highest prison population in the Euro-American world and any individual prisoner is caught in the middle of a global economy involving inter-connected industries that generate billions of dollars. Prisoners can keep 1000s of people in work and their wages go into the economy as rent, for food, commodities, and other services, in the USA as well as other countries. The profits of any industry go back to shareholders and also bosses who re-invest in capital (machinery, means of production) and labour (workers). Workers wages pay for products and services which pay other workers making those products and supplying those services. An economy is dependent on the money flowing through it and economies are rarely stable because of the political situation at home as well as abroad.

In a slump or recession wages stagnate, jobs disappear, people tend to save more and spend less, prices rise and fewer things are sold or manufactured so there is less money moving through the economy. In a boom time jobs increase as more things are made and sold, wages go up, people spend more and the wages of those who manufacture things go back into the economy too.

 2/ The US prison system is a massive industry whose needs are supplied by many industrial sectors, some of them in other countries. The more prisoners there are and the longer their sentences, the more their needs increase and the more money is needed to maintain them. K is arrested for dealing drugs (which is also a global ‘para-market’ run by illegality and corruption by farmers, officials, drug gangs and dealers like K) and although it is only a few bags of weed, the court finds him guilty and he gets 10 years. From the moment K is arrested until well after he is released on parole, millions of dollars flow around him, none of which benefits him. K is subject to the utter ruthlessness of capitalism and criminal justice. The ruthlessness of capital is that it will always find something to exchange and make money out of. K will lose his identity through the pressure of prison life and will have to conform to prison rules as well as prisoner rules. Prisoners also run their own non-monetary economy: they are denied access to cash and so use other forms of exchange: commissary items like noodles, soup or cookies; sexual services or services like tattooing; and extortion or protection. K will have no choices, only orders and timetables to follow but he will generate $1000s each year in profits for other people.

American economists who want to supervise a stable or growing economy will see the value of locking up more people for longer because of how inter-dependent markets are: 1 dominant market is fed by subsidiary ones.

3/ The profits of incarceration are more immediate than the benefits of preventing crime – which have a long term accumulative effect on communities and on the overall economy. The effects of better education, social support, housing, and public services are not translatable as profits so cannot be ‘monetized’ that is, evaluated as, or converted into, dollars. K is turned into a product to be processed through various stages of a complicated prison system that reproduces him multiple times: his identity and those like him are not important, they are only required to be in prison.

K is processed by a number of industries from the moment he is arrested to when he is released: the police, lawyers, judges, security guards, prison officials, medical staff, psychiatrists, parole boards… All are separate though inter-linked. Prisons need equipment as well as services.  Helmets, armour, uniforms and boots; batons, handcuffs, belts, weapons, both lethal and non-lethal; computers and technology; kitchen equipment, tools and exercise equipment; and vehicles. The prison van that K is first put into is dependent on multiple industries, not only the car manufacturers and the global oil industry, but the tyres require rubber to be bought from foreign plantations, transported, turned into products and sold on to car companies and suppliers. The prison staff in the USA like big badges on their uniforms which involve a similar process as the cars: cotton plant workers, owner companies, buyers, transportation, importers, wholesalers, manufacturers and embroiderers; the workers and machinery they all need to work as well as buildings to operate in: all to supply insignia worn on a shirt sleeve that shows K who is boss.

4/ The Economics of Incarceration involve multiple secondary industries one of which is entertainment. The TV programme COPS, which uses actual footage of the American police on duty, was first televised in 1989 to push the idea that crime doesn’t pay (even though it clearly does, in many ways). COPS has been followed by World’s Craziest Police Chases (1996) and prison documentaries like Beyond Scared Straight (2011) and Lock Up! (2017). There are also online vlogs like After Prison Show where ex-prisoners discuss their experiences and dispense advice to those about to vanish into the system. And these are only the factual ones: there are also dozens of fictional programmes about cops, private investigators, forensics, and the prison inmates. Crime Sells!

Programmes like Bait Car illustrate the racial disparity pointed out at the start of this article. The premise is that police leave a regular car with its door open and keys in the ignition in an area of high car crime (ie., poor and Afro-American). The car is equipped with multiple cameras and microphones that record potential thieves and this footage is then sold on to TV production companies. The perpetrators are allowed to take the car (for as long as half an episode) which is then remotely stopped and the driver and accomplices arrested. Watching 4 or 5 episodes on Youtube can give you the impression that the overwhelming majority of car thieves are African-American along with a few Hispanics. This is a canny way to generate revenue for individual police departments, publicise their ‘hard work’ and boost arrest figures. So the Economic of Incarceration not only reproduces K, but reproduces him so he can watch himself on TV when he gets out. So it appears to us outside, that African-American communities are little more than people farms supplying a billion dollar industry, the proceeds of which do not go back to help them deal with crime.

5/ Barack Obama had scrapped mandatory sentences for non-violent drug crimes, ie., possession, but Donald Trump is an advocate of hard time for everyone (although probably not for himself). The Department of Justice (DoJ) under Jeff Sessions consider weed to be ‘only slightly less awful than heroin’ which means he’s either got some pretty potent green or very weak brown. Whilst Sessions is trying to fill jails on soft charges, the DoJ are trying to cut prison staff which sounds like a case of contradictory policy until we learn that Sessions wants to increase the numbers being syphoned into private prisons. A drastic programme to cut publicly funded staff reduces the tax burden and leaves the private sector to accommodate prisoners on a smaller budget in order to maximise profits. But longer sentences and more of them guarantees an ageing prison population and the older a prisoner is the more their medical needs increase and therefore become more expensive to accommodate. Not only that but getting 15 years in your mid-20s means coming out middle aged with few skills, no experience or general trustworthiness. Who is going to employ a 35 year old ex-con with an empty CV? Given that the recidivism rate in the USA is over 70% for serious crimes, K may well end up back in prison.

In an ironic inversion that Marx would appreciate, this kind of economics benefits from social chaos and high crime rates rather than a stable, inclusive society with low crime rates and therefore, criminal disorder = profits!

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Economics For Anarchists #1: The Price Of Bread


Anarchists, like many radicals and Marxists, have a highly critical view of contemporary politics, especially the limited democracy and the lack of representation and  accountability of parliament. Although anarchist understanding of ideology is rich, anarchist critiques of economics are relatively sparse although Wayne Price’s The Value Of Radical Theory (AK, 2013) is a good place to start. The global economy is a vast complex that is not fixed but moves wherever capital can prosper and, in order for economics to be less abstract or confusing, it is preferable to look at how it impacts on various aspects of working class life.

1/ The Price Of Bread

We live in a culture that celebrates any new innovation by saying it’s the best thing since sliced bread – which is not only a victory for mundanity but a good starting point for basic economics. The large scale factory production of pre-sliced packaged bread meant cheaper loaves, easier sandwich construction and the redundancy of small artisinal bakeries, although supermarkets also sell ‘artisinal’ bread like sourdough or rye bread. Not only do these supermarkets offer multiple (and multi-seeded) variations of bread, they also engage in ‘more for less,’ where larger white sliced loaves, Big Loaf, are cheaper than smaller unsliced wholewheat loaves. The recent marketing of the ‘Crustless’ loaf is an example of this. A smaller crustless loaf is more expensive than Big Loaf because it needs more labour time and, in order to remove those pesky crusts, an extra stage in the process of production is needed. To pay for the extra time and labour it takes to make a smaller product, the price is elevated and you pay more for the convenience (whilst admitting that cutting your own crusts off is far too complicated for you).


In Marxist terms Big Loaf is the product; the supermarket’s bakery is the means of production; the bakers are labour; and the machinery, i.e., the ovens, mixers, and proving areas, are capital. Newer, cheaper methods of producing Big Loaf are developed and the supermarket invests more money into capital which increases output. Spending more also means that the cost must be recouped either by higher prices. Previous to Big Loaf, bakers had to weigh and sift the flour, prepare the yeast, mix the dough, and bake it. Supermarkets, new technology and processed ingredients meant that this process was no longer necessary and the skilled baker was replaced by less skilled workers.

Depending on who they work for and where, workers will have a different attitudes to the things they produce.

We can identify this by comparing smaller independent bakers to bigger shops. In a nearby village there is a bakery where the bakers work through the night to produce the bread and pastries and customers standing in the morning queue can see them still working in the back, whilst the servers bag up all the fresh produce. When all the bread is sold, the bakery shuts. Usually just after lunchtime. They also have a smaller market stall in town that sells the bread and pastries. Just up from this stall is a bakery chain, Flat Pasty, that has stores all over the UK selling overtly aerated bread, sparsely filled sandwiches and greasy pastry. You can buy the same Flat Pasty in any of their shops, on railway stations, high streets or malls. The workers in Flat Pasty are not bakers, the produce is not made there but trucked in, and people tend to shop there because the food will always be the same.

There is a qualitative difference between the 2 shops. That is, the quality of experience when shopping at the local bakery who bake their own bread, who are part of the local community and have been for many years is different to that of a chain store selling greasy pastry. In Flat Pasty the turnover of staff is significantly higher than at the local bakery, they don’t bake their own bread, and the product is the same wherever you go.

The baker is labour. He operates the means of production which is owned by the capitalist. The capitalist pays the worker hourly in which he bakes Big Loaf bread. The hourly rate plus the cost of ingredients and distribution determines the cost of producing each loaf. However, the capitalist needs to profit from this, so a surplus is added to the overall price of Big Loaf. The baker makes the same loaf in the same way every day. He does not make more money if more bread is sold but he may make considerably less if too few people buy the bread. And, if people decide they don’t like the bread, he is out of a job.

So, 1 factory produced loaf is pretty much the same as the next. Each day the same tasks are required, each week the wages are the same. The artisan has a different relationship to the bread he makes. He may own own the bakery or rent it; he may own the the machinery; he buys the ingredients that suit his situation the best; and he decides what kind of bread he will produce. He has an economical, physical and emotional investment and maybe proud of his bread; he may have a personal interaction with his customers; he may live in the same community. The ‘Big Loaf’ baker is only involved in 1 part of production; he does not determine what kind of bread he makes; and each loaf is the same as the last and mean very little to him personally. He has exchanged his time for money, and his time becomes less valuable the older he gets, he will have less energy to explore his non-work time.



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Combat 18’s Charlie Sargent Exclusive Interview #2.

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab!  After 8 years, 285 posts, and 173,250 hits (as of 26/06/18) the most visited entry on our blog has been that rather bad tempered interview with Combat 18 neo-Nazi murderer Charlie Sergent. Not only that, but despite the poorly researched articles, vicious hangovers, weak jokes and Oor Wullie fixation we continue to attract new readers. But not enough. So we decided to boost the stats and give Combat Chas a tinkle on the dog and phone to see how he’s diddling. Here’s the transcript.

Mal: Hello, is that Charlie? It’s the ‘Malatesta’ blog here.

CS: Oh, fack, wot d’you want, you packed lunch?

Mal: Err, we just wanted to wish you err…  merry Christmas!

CS: It’s facking Joon innit, you tuna melt!

Mal: Jings! Just ma wee joke there, Chas. What’s happening?

CS: Well I ended back in the pokey after Eddie Stampton accidentally leaked that pic of me and him in the rubber dub-dub. But he said it was an accident and had meant to send it to his mum.

Chas ‘n’ Ed! Cockney Cunts!

Mal: Why trust a bloke who can’t spell his own name? Is he Stampton, Stanton, Stampden?

CS: What do you know, you fackin’ toilet fudge stick.

Mal: Ooh. Ok. How’s the kids Chas?

CS: Well. Haribo’s now doing 6 months inside and Fatima’s at beauty college.

Mal: Fatima?

CS: Yeah, that’s a bootiful British name that, you tin foil dry lunch! Yeah, she was born 10 months after I got sent down for killing that bloke I didn’t kill.

Mal: Do you see any of the chaps these days? How’s Rob Gray?

CS: He’s a tuna-fish tinfoil melt who wants his canister opening. He’s a puffter, a bummer and a cocoa butter hunter.

Rob Gray, ex-Combat 18, has now defected to the pink side! And he’s a peach! Mmm! 

Mal: Eh? … ok. What do you think of Tommy Robinson?

CS: He’s a cheese and ham toastie innit? He’s got through more porridge than you Jocks!

Mal: Well, I wouldn’t know, Chas. I have muesli with almond milk. It’s great for the complexion.

CS: Yeah Fatima told me. She said cut out the pints of Brittany Spears and oily rags and get down the Fat Boy Slim. I got a membership for it but got banned cos you can’t go on them running machines when you’re all pissed up on alco-booze! Watching soccer’s easier.

Mal: Err, yeah, right. Up the Milwall Hammers, eh Chas?

CS: Are you having a giraffe? You’re spinning my nut!

Mal: That white power music you lot used to distribute was shit. What’s happening on your Sony Walkman these days, old feller me lad?

CS: Oh, Abba, Queen, Wham, Prince Far I, heavy dub reggae … And plenty of Irish republican songs, especially by the Gerry Adams Family cos it’s through them I reconnected with my Catholic faith.

The Gerry Adams Family: sounding as shit as they look! 

Mal: Chas, you know when you’re in prison and in the showers and that … do you look?

CS: … You wot, you tin bag fuck mop, I’ll crease you up your blimey, you tricky spam handler!

Mal: Hang on Chas, I’ve got no more coins for the phone …

…beep beep beep.

Transcript ends.

So there you have it, our old China plate Chas ‘n Dave’ Sargent in fine form. Tune in next week for our exclusive interview with Hitler.

Be Seeing You.

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The State Of The Right!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! These be confusing times for the far right and for those us who try to make sense of the infighting, insanity and wobbly ideology. The ‘World Famous’ EDL and Britain First have been drastically diminished by their stupidity, criminality and lack of intelligent or articulate leadership. But the massive demos by the Football Lads Alliance (FLA), the smaller ones by splinter faction the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA), and the ‘Tommy Robinson Is Innocent Even Though He Pleaded Guilty’ Campaign are increasing support.

‘Free Tommy’ Demo: Tons Of Support!

But there is a clear lack of sobriety, cohesion and orderliness: 2 weeks ago the far right organised a commemorative march in Manchester to honour the victims of the Arena bombing but sober and dignified it was not. As soon as they set off there were rowdy drunken chants of ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ even though the demo had nothing to do with that money grubbing little convict. These antics were criticised by others on social media later. There have been several demos of various sizes in Leeds, Manchester and London supporting Robinson which, like so many EDL demos, turned into a bad tempered drunken shambles. These are likely to continue.

Stagnant Waters

Before his 7th incarceration, Tim Brooke Robinson had been sniffing round the petty cash box of Ann Marie Waters’ racist groupuscule For Britain. Titchy Waters had a big PR boost last week when former singer with The Smith, Mosley, said he would raise money by be re-recording The Smiths classic The Boy With His Head Up His Arse.

Morrissey & Ann Marie Waters

For Britain’s only councilor was banned from council meetings for 3 months for being a pissed-up booze drinking toilet fudge but no one actually noticed. Someone else who hasn’t been noticed for a while is Jayda Fransen of Britain First who will be out of the majesties priz soon. Whether she will have to reside in a scummy bail hostel like erstwhile lover Paul Goldinger is uncertain but she maybe allowed home to feed her tortoise.

Although the UK far right at the moment is unlike Poland or Hungary, there are 1,000s of supporters ready to get on the streets, desperately looking for leadership which is not forthcoming. Although many on these marches may support UKIP the party is a mess with few articulate, blunder free spokes-people and the leadership being passed around like bad coke at a funeral. Unpleasant shouty types like Waters or Fransen are unlikely to appeal to many people whilst the leadership of the D/FLA have failed to impact on any national media. So, politically the UK far right are a serpent’s tail looking for a head, but like so many serpents, they may just grown a new one.

Be Seeing You!

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The Colour Of Terror

Darren Osborne: In The Majesties Priz!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! It is just over a year since Darren Osborne drove a van into a crowd outside a London mosque, killing 1 and injuring others. Thomas Mair who murdered MP Jo Cox was, like Osborne, a lone terrorist acting on deluded ideas about migration, Islam and racism that have been increasingly repeated on far right social media and on the demos in support of the moribund English Defence League, the Football Lads Alliance and its splinter, the Democratic Football Lads Alliance. All of these groups claim to be ‘against terrorism’ (well, who isn’t?) but only of a certain kind: ‘non-white.’ Similar confused logic is used to deny their racist politics by saying that ‘Islam isn’t a race’ yet ignoring the fact that most Muslims in the UK just happen to be ‘non-white.’ Coincidence? Surely Not.

Dangerous Migrant Muslamic Terrorist! 

National Action’s Ryan Fleming: Sex Offender, Patriot Nazi & Jolly Good Fellow!

The far right blame acts of terrorism on the entire Muslim community, blaming several million people for the acts of a few, claiming ‘All’ muslims secretly support the violence (if they keep their support secret, then how do the far right know?), whilst ignoring the terrorists in their own ranks. This is exactly like the far right groupuscules who claim that all sex offenders come from the Muslim community and yet ignore dozens of their own supporters who have been jailed for sexual abuse, rape and domestic violence … 

Christopher Gamlin, Britain First supporter, guilty of trying to incite a child into sexual activity & of having a massive bawbag face. 

… as we have documented for the last few years: 


The Old Bailey in London is currently hearing the trial of 6 men who are accused of being members of proscribed terrorist group National Action and of plotting to murder an MP and a cop. Apart from a few nut-jobs on neo-Nazi forums claiming NA to be an elaborate Zionist sponsored state honeytrap, the far right are remarkably silent about these terrorists as well. 

Pete Gillett: EDL Speaker & Sex Offender! 

So the next time the deluded Free Tommy campaigners or Democratic/Football Lads Alliance start marching against terrorism, perhaps they should have a quick look behind them, cos there’s a lot of your mates doing the same shit!

Football Lads Alliance Leader, John Meighan. A True & Sober English Patriot! 

Be Seeing You!

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Oot Of (National) Action!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Whit a game it was last night! It had everything! Drama! Disappointment! Drink! Drugs! Yass indeed, the Auchenshoogle 3rd cricket team drew against Basher McKenzies team with 13 runs each. Apart from several flying headers by Basher, the opponents avoided the usual bloodshed after smoking Posh Spice and were too fucked up to play. It was an embarrassing disaster in search of a hero.

And although sport often leaves us ‘Holding Out For A Hero,’ as Bonnie Langford sang, we won’t find many in this very poor segue to the National Action trial. The accused are charged with being members of the banned neo-Nazi groupuscule and are either denying everything, grassing each other up, or are stiff as a board having topped themselves.

A Traditional Liverpool Welcome For Fascists!

But who were National Action? They enthusiastically appeared in 2013, clearly lacking experience, temperance and caution, wanting to be seen as a young fascist fighting force but their online idiocy and teeny terrorist adventurism attracted attention of the wrong sort. Plod, Hope Not Hate and militant anti-fascists were building up profiles of their members from the start. Which wasn’t hard as they photographed and published their (unmasked) boy scout seig heilings and banners of Hitler.

National Action Men

NA’s ineptitude was exposed early on when they tried to ‘infiltrate’ an anti-fascist counter-demonstration at a daft White Pride do in Wales where militants easily identified members by name before they were hoovered up by plod. Several hours later, anti-fascists caught NA members leaving the cop shop, bereft of any hubris, and relieved them of their regimental bag of Cheesy Wotsits and pop to flee weeping into the night.

Kicked In The Dick! 

NA were unimpressive on the cobbles: there was never any serious confrontation with militant anti-fascists and they were too few to mobilise in numbers as their utter humiliation in Liverpool (twice) demonstrated.

National Action: Not Out Of The Closet!

Although a few fascist scrotum clenchers joined up with them, older heads were more cynical calling NA a state set-up and criticising their high profile idiotics and they were ultimately banned by the state in December, 2016. The prosecution are alleging that the accused remained active members of NA despite being a proscribed terrorist organisation. The stupid vanity of NA themselves can hardly have helped them: if you want to start a covert fascist groupuscule, don’t put images of yourselves all over Facebook and Youtube.

Anyway, here’s a few former NA supporters now in prison:

Ryan Fleming: serving a 2nd jail term for sex offences

Zack Davies: imprisoned for attempted murder


Lawrence Burns who was jailed for 4 years in 2017 is now a Muslim convert; Wayne Bell was kicked out of NA for ‘perpetual covert felching’ and ‘gargling’; and Paul Hickman was on bail for race hate offences but topped himself rather than stand up for his beliefs in 2017. Much more than this to come.

And finally I’d like to thank Auchenshoogle’s finest tattooist, ‘Blind’ Danny, for my new ink! It’s Braw! Form a line kids, you’re gonna want 1!

Be Seeing You!

Please remember we are the only long-running militant anti-fascist blog so copy & paste the link where you can! 

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