Tommy Slapped Up! Jay-Ding Slammed Up!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! The Arsehole Formerly Known As ‘Sir Tommy’ turned up at an anti-fascist meeting at the weekend and was amazed when he got an unfriendly welcome – but he’s been milking it ever since whilst failing to explain why he instigated an obviously volatile situation. And for someone with a long and violent criminal record, who has encouraged violence against Muslims, and was filmed in a violent altercation in Rome (where does he get his holiday money from, eh?), to then complain about violence puts him way beyond the valley of the eejits.

Not only has poor ‘Sir Tommy’ been greeting into his halal Nando’s, he has found yet another political organisation to leech off and is hovering near the petty cash tin of Generation Irritation – whose logo (right) really is pants:





Left: Pants. Right: Also Pants. 

‘Sir’ Tommy’s political fickleness is guided by money (as he has no job) and a pathetic need for attention. Since 2004 he has joined/abandoned/tried to get in with …

BNP – United People Of Luton – EDL – British Freedom Party – European Defence League – Quilliam Foundation – UK Pegida – ‘UK Against Hate’ – Rebel Media – Football Lads Alliance – Generation Irritation.

Given such an obvious and appallingly opportunistic ‘career,’  we reckon he’ll be with GI for a year at most until some other money squeezing possibility emerges.

In other news, Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding – aka Jay-Ding – are still in prison but only because their royal pardon is still in the post. Britain First (which is now just toothless gimmer and useless criminal Andrew Edge) are still lying their arses off claiming that Jay-Ding have been unfairly treated even though they were jailed for harassing someone they had misidentified as a sex offender. Which they denied. Because is it was true. So they went to the Majesties priz. What amused a lot of anti-fascists was how ‘Ding’ blamed ‘Jay’ for everything in court saying ‘What me guv? No way. I don’t even know her. And anyway, even though I was there, which I wasn’t, I wuz actually in Greggs getting me sausage rolls, pies, cakes, crisps, and a small diet lemonade.’ Apparently they’re not talking to each other. And hopefully, ‘Sir Tommy’ will be joining them soon.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our friends and readers who have supported us since 2010. We are the only long-running, independent, anti-fascist blog. We don’t want yer money but please cut and paste the link and help spread the word. Cheers, Mal. 

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Tommy Robinson Gets Slapped Then Whines Like A Fucken Arse-Spangle!

Racist Race Mixer & Utter Fucken Bellend David Coppin with his Rapist friend Leigh MacMillan

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Over the last week anti-fascists have been heading for a schadenfreude overload cos of the fuck bugles and cock-handlers of the far right. Not only has an embarrassing photo of far right jizz spigot David Coppin with horrible rapist Leigh MacMillan been circulating, but unemployed scroungers Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding have been sent to prison, and then Tommy Robinson took a righteous slapping from anti-fascists in London and he didn’t like that 1 bit and make no mistake Guv’nor!

Slam! Bam! Fuck you Tam! 

We all know that Robinson is a cowardly thug, a woman beater, a conman, fraudster and politically fickle, but he is also rubbish at fighting unless his useless, fat, unemployable, low slung, flabby arse is surrounded by orangu-fash security or equally noboidal soccer team enthusiasts. So let’s have a wee scan at ‘Sir Tommy’s’ greatest hits!


  1. Pow! On Yr Arse!

Bang! Apply The Make-Up! 

‘Hold me back officers, I’m a pwoper tuff geezer, innit!’

‘Ouch! Me gotz a proper slap in me motor!’ 

On his ridiculous ‘March’ through East London (i.e., he didn’t get past Aldgate) he was confronted by 2 anti-fascists …

‘Arrest Him For Assault! Arrest Him For Assault’

whined the little-shit-stirring-no-job-having-family-abandoning-fraudulent-jailbird so plod arrested him.

The Malatesta blog does not advocate unnecessary violence but if someone propagates violence against one group of people and is then on the receiving end of violence themselves, they cannot complain.

NB: this was written by my butler, Jings

signed Lord MacMalatesta the 1st of Auchenshoogle. Be Seeing You!

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Jay-Ding Jailed!

Racist Race Mixer David Coppin with friend, racist rapist Leigh MacMillan

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! For a long time, this blog has reaffirmed that many far right groupuscules are little more than inept, semi-criminal gangs, especially wankers like the North West Imbeciles led by pregnant woman beater Shane ‘Diddyfiddler’ Calvert, currently HMP.

Diddyfiddler: Dad of the Year! And convict. 

On social media, we have seen self-pitying far right bucket feeders complain about the relatively light sentences that anti-fascists receive, claiming some spurious political bias when, in fact, far right hooligans and thugs have a shit-bucket-load of previous convictions. Bacon draper Bunny ‘Swinger’ Crehan had many convictions relating to football violence,  32 court cases, 55 offences, and several prison sentences.

Bunny Crehan: hopped off

Wife beater Shaun ‘Fatmess’ Jones from the Imbeciles was jailed for biting someone’s ear during a fight over sausage rolls and his long history of violence includes drunken and abusive offending and attacks on his wife.

Fatmess attacks his racial comrade

Their mate Diddyfiddler was jailed for attacking his pregnant partner, and several other times for violence. Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson, or whatever his fucken name is, has a lengthy criminal record that he has tried to pass off as ‘political.’ He has been convicted of assault, football hooliganism, using a false passport, and mortgage fraud, none of which has anything to do with politics and has more to do with being a violent money grubbing spiv. See the link for full list.

But of course the main story this week is the Britain First convictions that saw Jay-Ding (the Brangelina of the far right) getting slammed up in the Majesties priz! BF supporters have been trying to pass this off as a free speech issue but it is nothing of the sort. These 2 winnet hanging fuck-buckles turned up at someone’s house accusing them of being a rapist, published photos of the wrongly identified man and caused a lot of unnecessary stress and suffering for his family.  Of course, Jay-Ding denied they were up to no good, something that the judge disagreed with. Golding already has a conviction for assault and there are unhealthy rumours floating around far right social media about his less than gentlemanly conduct with young ladies. Jay-Ding also face further charges in Belfast.

Teetotal Golding: Cheeers! 

Jay-Ding pleaded not guilty but they had ‘crossed the threshold’ and were heading for the big house. They back-peddled so hard that the stabilsers on their bicycle of fascism melted. Their post court probation reports were bullshit but also revealed that Golding is a sad single man with no job as well as a teetotaler – which is utter bollocks – and that Jayda is unemployed and ‘had never been in prison before.’ The pair of them have been sponging off BF subsidies which will now dry up. And who would employ either of them after all their criminality, stupidity, and fuck-bucketry?

Be Seeing You!

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UK Far Right Fux Up. Again!

Race-mixing racist David ‘Fish Lips’ Coppin with sex offender friend Lee MacMillan

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Whit a week we’ve had and it’s only Wednesday!  In case ye didnae know, slab-faced fat-necked racist Paul Golding and Jayda ‘Fransen the Barbarian’ of Britain First were jailed today for being total woodentops. They had ‘exposed’ an Asian Grooming Gang, i.e., they read about it in the paper, so decided to target who they thought were the suspects but, being the bucket feeding eejits they really are, they got the wrong guys. Fransen was sent down for 32 weeks and Golding for 18 but only because he said it was all her fault, that he was just the ‘cameraman’ and she had threatened him with her giant chesty busticules. He also claimed to be ‘teetotal…’

Golding’s Perfect Evening: a pint, a rant, then 1 off the wrist! 

Fransen said that she was just trying to ‘protect the children of this country’ but I’m pretty sure parents throughout the UK don’t need a pathologically racist and religious lunatic cosying up to their bairns. Golding and Fransen also have charges for being utter fuck-bugles in Northern Ireland from last year which could be more jail time.

Jizz spigot and spluttering imbecile Andrew Edge is now in charge of BF’s headquarters, hoovering up the Pot Noodles and petty cash in the regimental biscuit tin, whilst millions of made up Britain First supporters abandon them, even though they never existed anyway.

Andrew Edge: Hot Like A Vixen In Flames!

Not only that, but the EDL were stunned by the exposure of yet another vicious sex offender in their ranks. There has also been a total lack of leadership and last year the few dozen remaining members had to choose between irate racist jailbird Alan ‘Fuckface’ Spence or Ian ‘Smelly’ Crossland – which is like choosing between someone pooing in your pint or someone whacking off into it (you decide which one’s the wanker).

Fallen EDL Angel Gail Speight & Smelly Crossland in his tent home

Meanwhile, soccer team enthusiasts the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) are heading for a confrontation with breakaway faction the True FLA: Democratic Football Lads Alliance. The DFLA were muchly dischuffed with FLA leader John Meighan appropriating all the money that hundreds of suckers sent in for tacky t-shirts and flags made in China. But the main problem for these soccer laddies is their demo in Birmingham in April which both factions are claiming as their own so there’s gonna be scuffles aplenty! Along with the usual complaints about ‘egos, backstabbing, money…’ supporters from both factions are calling for ‘Unity!’ but as seasoned anti-fascists have long observed, the chances of the far right maintaining a unified front are as remote as Smelly Crossland giving his ballbag a rinse, i.e., never.

Be Seeing You!



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FAO Far Right Eejits!

Leigh MacMillen with David Coppin

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! At times, explaining politics to the scum sucking bucket-feeders on the far right is like trying to explain politics to other scum sucking bucket-feeders on the far right. Many readers will be familiar with the depressing ‘Far Right Sex Offenders List’ that we started in September 2014 – which we’ve had to update twice in the last 6 weeks – to expose the hypocrisy of the EDL et al., protesting about ‘Asian grooming gangs’ when there are plenty of sex offenders in their own ranks. Since then, we have had to explain to far right critics that, like everyone else, we believe that all sexual abuse is cruel, devastating and wrecks lives, whatever colour, religion, or gender the perpetrator might be.

‘Why don’t you comment on these?’ asked 1 person on our Twitter feed yesterday, posting links to an article on a non-white sex offender case. Well, we’re a militant anti-fascist blog and, although we revile all sex offenders, the ones we focus on are from far right organisations so leave other such cases to the courts, social media and mainstream press.

The far right racialise the problem of sexual abuse by claiming that the majority of sex offenders are Muslim males and ignore the fact that many abusers are actually white males. It would also seem obvious that the major issue is less to do with pigmentation or religion and more to do with being abusive males who are out of control. The far right do not demonstrate outside courts where white sex offenders are being tried, and especially not when the accused are their own mates like with the recent Leigh MacMillan case that the EDL tried to cover up.

When we posted a link to the Sex Offenders list on our Twitter account  someone said that ‘I suppose this means all EDL are paedophiles in your tiny collectivist minds?’ Well, no, but among the several hundred active members of the UK far right scene there seems to be an extraordinary amount of them.

One of the many appalling aspects of the Leigh MacMillan case was that he had been actively protesting against Asian sex offenders but this is hardly new: EDL supporter Mark Hogg who was jailed for sexual assault of a minor (2014); Scottish Defence League woman beater Kristopher Allan who had been jailed for grooming a 13 year old (2006); and Ryan Fleming of National Action who was jailed a 2nd time for sexual offences (2017); all had been active in such protests.

This blog takes issue with hypocrisy, frequency, denial and the racialising of sexual abuse, viz.,

  • the hypocrisy of the far right selectively protesting against non-white sex offenders when so many have been exposed within their own gangs
  • the decision to remain silent despite the frequency of these exposures
  • for attempting to deny, cover up or excuse their own sex offenders like National Action, EDL, and Infidels have done
  • and for racialising an issue that is more about male force and coercion rather than religion or ethnicity.

All sexual abuse is cruel, devastating & wrecks lives. 

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FLA: Together We Are Divided!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Ah, Soccer! A game owned by billionaires, played by millionaires, and paid for by you as you sit shivering on a plastic seat clutching a wee cup of Irn Bru (or, indeed, a cup of wee that looks like it). We prefer games that use a severed head rather than a ball but failing that, indoor sports like Buckaroo are exercise enough. We do however salute Eric Cantona for his touchline anti-racist militancy.

Hey, Cantona! Kick him tae fuck! 

But anyhooots … it seems like the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) is having a slight domestic over who should wear the biggest trousers to pocket all the money sent by gullible fans for tacky t-shirts and dodgy flags from forrin countries. FLA leader John Meighan seems to have decided that any money sent in for the FLA is his to spend, just like Nick Griffin (BNP) and Tommy Robinson (EDL) did before him, which has caused weepy tears for sensitive hooligans.

Meighan: ‘Where’s the money Johnny? ‘

In keeping with the usual rows and bitching that precipitates the evolution of yet another far right groupuscule, ‘The True FLA: Democratic Football Lads Alliance’ have now broken away from Meighan’s grubby empire. No doubt we’ll soon get the ‘Real FLA’ and ‘Continuity FLA’ all scuffling for the same few quid from deluded racists and fracturing into ever tinier, more irrelevant Facebook pages. The True FLA demanded more transparency and democracy from Meighan but he was well cagey and didn’t want to give up a single quid so the inevitable happened…

Once established, the True FLA were quick to indulge in the usual panicky cliches about not being ‘prepared to sit back’ and ‘watch our children be murdered or violated’ and vowed ‘to make Britain a safer place for our children.’ As far as children’s safety is concerned, a drunken, violent, football hooligan convict is the last person I’d ask to babysit.

Fatty Bawbag: FLA Baby-Sitting Division. 

The True FLA also say that ‘The recent upsurge in political correctness gone mad’ has denied ‘free thinking, decent people… to voice a genuine concern for their safety.’ What, apart from when 1,000s of you march about voicing a genuine concern for your safety, you mean? Next to all this gubbins is the typically enormous Donate Button.

All these splits and fallouts were much as we predicted several months ago, much to our amusement, and much more is to come before the half-time whistle. The True FLA: ‘Together We Are Stronger’ by splitting into yet another groupuscule. Here comes the funs!



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Yet Another EDL Pedophile!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! One of the most depressing aspects of running this blog has been the maintenance of the ‘Far Right Sex Offenders List’ pages which need constantly updating as more and more nonces are exposed among the pissed up ranks of the UK’s neo-Nazis, ultra-Nationalists and other inept racist criminal shit-heels. The diminished EDL, the incarcerated Infidels, and remaining micro-groupuscules full of grassing fake patriots (yes, that means you, Paul), along with opportunist spivs like Tommy Robinson and Britain First, are all very keen on ‘exposing Asian groomers’ and attempt to racialise the problem. However, they tend to remain utterly silent about their white mates who do the same, and indeed, as we have seen this week, even attempt to cover it up.

The latest EDL Nonce is Leigh MacMillan who is now serving 17 years for protracted serial sexual abuse against a young girl. He pleaded not guilty which meant a full trial and the victim had to sit through all the evidence against him, no doubt reliving the horror that MacMillan put her through.

Another depressing aspect of running this blog has been the frequent appearance of the very confused ‘race mixing’ patriot, David ‘Fish-Lips’ Coppin who is not only married to a forrin but is also mates with Leigh MacMillan as seen in this photo. Guppyn is the one with the gegs on.

Be Seeing You!



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