Police Spend Weekend Protecting Far Right Failures!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! It’s been a busy weekend for the far right membership who held 3 demos in 1 weekend and support, like the filling in a Greggs sandwich, was spread very thinly!

The Scottish Defence League turned up in Scotland’s 13th largest town, Perth, and managed to attract a wee clutch of Buckfast cowboys, washing line thieves and bath-tub rejects complaining about a new mosque and the fact that it will only have 14 car park spaces! 14! It’s an ootrage and nae mistake, pal! A large counter demo was organised to oppose them and the SDL stood about, surrounded by police for their own safety. As a former resident of Perth we can assure readers that there are plenty of car parking alternatives round Tayside.

Meanwhile, down south in Newcastle, the EDL hardly did better and it didn’t take too long to show their true allegiances. They just can’t help themselves can they?

The EDL: Not saluting, but drowning!

The EDL have delusions of relevance and the leadership have no idea what to do apart from wandering round, shedding members and shouting behind coppers. Ian ‘Smelly’ Crossland led his incontinent crowd of trouser-foulers into the dark and they continue blindly on under some other fuckbucket’s guidance. Give it up. Please!

The EDL front group Gays Against Shariah turned up in Bristol with their leader Little Tommy, a strangled goth who works for NCP car parks, and managed a couple more than their impressive turnout of 6 in Stockton On Tees last year. That said, it still took dozens of plod to protect them from roving anti-fascists and yet again Bristol told the far right where to go!

Little Tears for Tiny Tommy! 

So, all in all a good turnout for anti-fascists and a piss poor weekend for the far right. However, we need to be keep an eye on what is happening with association soccer team enthusiasts the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) in the next few weeks as rumours of inter-firm animosity appear more frequently as do fallouts with far right groups.

Be Seeing You!

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Paul’s Penis Paraded Proudly Proves Pitiful!

Pauly Poos: What was he thinking? 

Last week we published a blog about far right uber-munch Paul Golding of Britain First losing control of his massive face but it seems that the doughy looking potato-man-failure is not so massive elsewhere. His enemies in BF are moving to oust him whilst making outrageous claims about his micro-sized man penis and Pauly-Poos is furious (and he’s certainly putting the fury into Fuhrer!). Deputy leader Jayda Fransen stated that

‘He said it was this big …’ 

‘… but in reality!’ 

However Pauly Poos is claiming otherwise:

‘I like to put it between them!’

We spoke to Jayda earlier today and asked how many inches it actually was…

.. then she described her own bizarre quadrangular lady parts:

‘It was like filling a square hole with a tiny penis!’ 

But the main question is, if Jayda grabs the leadership position, will she have bitten off more than she can chew?

Meanwhile, on Saturday the utterly pointless EDL demo in Newcastle didn’t even come close to treble figures: 

Give it up boys, you have achieved nothing! Anyway, tune in next week for more cheap sexist jibes about people we really don’t care about!

Be Seeing You!

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Anti-Fascism Is A Global Fight!

Be Seeing You! 

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Militant Anti-Fascism Book

‘Militant Anti-Fascism: 100 Years Of Resistance’ by M. Testa

(AK Press, 2015). 

‘Potent Primer On Europe’s Anti-Fascist Struggle … a useful source of information about the fight against fascism.’ Morning Star.

‘[helps] to illuminate the experience of, and justifications for, militant anti-fascism from an on-the-ground perspective… The book readily embraces the violence inherent in militant anti-fascism.’ Anarchist Studies.

‘does an excellent job of telling the story of antifascist movements in multiple countries… a good schematic overview of a radical approach to fighting fascism that points to the high points of mass struggle, the importance of a united left, and the need to confront fascism wherever it arises.’ Good Reads.

‘One of the strengths … is the number of interviewees adding personal recollections which provide some telling detail… well-researched and readable accounts enhanced by the everyday realities of day to day anti-fascism revealed by the activist oral history.’ Medium.com review.

‘It’s sold a lot more than my made-up book.Eddie Stampton, professional racist & cross dresser.

‘Buy this book, Pendejo, or I shoot!’ 

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Paul Golding In Big Face Horror!

Jobless anti-fascist bloggers managed to get up this morning to reveal the shocking secret of Britain First leader Paul Golding: his massive face is out of control and can change from gormless and pudgy to pasty and engorged in seconds. We photographed Golding & his face today at 11am …

… and then again at 11.02am when it went massive!

Golding, who resigned his Britain First leadership earlier this year but didn’t, has tried to conceal the increasing massiveness of his face by hiding behind big flags on demos, but his face had other ideas and held a press conference at lunchtime today, leaving Golding faceless.

Golding: Face Off! 

The face denied rumours that it was competing with Jayda Fransen’s breasts to take over BF but we photographed it when it was back on Golding’s pan sized head explaining what it would to do to Jayda’s cheeky busticules given the chance.  

Tonight’s TV Tips

9pm: Black Swan Down (dir. Ridley ‘Bo’ Diddley) in which a brilliant dancer, caught behind enemy lines by Muslims, dances a deadly pas-de-deaux in a broken helicopter but gets stabbed up at the end.

Spoiler Alert: do not read the previous review as it will ruin the film.

Meanwhile, Mrs Queen mourns Diana’s death:

‘Told you, Bitch! Don’t fuck me, I’m the Queen!’ 

Be Seeing You!

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It’s The Economist, Stupid!

Last week’s edition of The Economist (26/8/17), the surprisingly entertaining journal for capitalist apologists and other such scumbuckets, ran several pages about ‘Political Islam’ which included the following statement:

‘Those who would suppress them all make three errors: they claim Islamists are all the same; they say they are all fundamentally undemocratic; and they think the solution lies with strongmen.’ (p7).

This is considerably pertinent regarding the UK far right who claim that all UK Muslims ‘secretly’ support Al Qaeda, Daesh and Hamas; that ‘they’ are ‘outbreeding us’ to ‘takeover and enforce Shariah law on us;’ and that Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson and Paul Golding could sort it out if only they would all stop bitching!

The far right believe that the ultra-conservative Saudis (putting the fist into Salafist), Iran and Iraq (Shia fucken arse-bites), and Egypt (Sunni side down), are all cosy love-chums cuddling up on the sofa of hatred every night whilst planning to bomb Luton or something. Well, the Saudis hate anyone who won’t buy their oil whilst Iran and Iraq hate each other and are unlikely to announce a civil, or uncivil, wedding any time soon, and as for that asshole al-Sisi in Egypt he couldn’t give a fuckington fuck either way.

‘A message to you, Sisi!’

The far right like to reiterate that Islam represses women and gays and that halal slaughter is barbaric, as if the average EDL or Infidel supporter was a feminist trans-gender vegan. As anarchists, we view these conservative Islamic despots as extreme front twunts who should be fucken shot, have their military and secret service pimps placed into a massive cleansing ideological liquidizer, before redistributing the wealth from natural resources to the working class, giving the youth a future, women equal status and everybody a much easier time. The pissed up wife beating ‘non-halal’ kebab munchers of the EDL, Infidels or Britain First are hardly a coherent alternative to any political system, however fucked up. To clarify: they ALL sup from the bubbling loins of fervent Satanic onanists which we can prove by using the following data.

To verify our made-up facts we have devised a combination of absurdograms and idiometrics that indicate the pivotal equivalence of idiocy during any given cycle, thus

Variables regarding Idiocy (Fig 1.) compared to

wiggly lines in biro (Fig. 2)

that determine the centile of Hitlerness in any given study (Fig. 3).

Which is difficult to refute under scientific conditions, as I am sure you agree so tune in next time for more factual fun from our Economisticians.

Be Seeing You! 

PS: For some reason The Economist turned down my 65 page article on the use of counters from Connect 4 as legal tender, the swiney front twunts, but we bear no malice.


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Far Right Sex Offenders (continued).

After a hard week paedophiling, there’s nothing sex offenders like more than joining a far right protest against sex offenders. The far right love to racialise the horror of sexual abuse and deflect blame on to ‘Muslim grooming gangs,’ which is hardly surprising given the amount of sex offenders we have exposed in fascist groupuscules on this blog. We found a survey on a Channel 4 website that gives a much less generalised picture than the far right like to put forward. In the survey Type 1 abusers exploit the young and vulnerable (i.e., teenagers) whereas Type 2 involve pedophile rings, (i.e., young children). Of Type 1: ’75 per cent of recorded Type 1 group abusers, who target victims based on their vulnerability, were Asian… whilst 17 per cent of Type 1 offenders were white.’ However, ‘100 per cent of recorded Type 2 group offenders, who abuse children because of long-standing paedophilic interest, are white.’


The far right use the issue of sexual abuse to further their racist aims yet fail to acknowledge that ALL sexual abuse is wrong, cruel and damaging. We blogged about Pete Gillett some time ago when he turned up at a Nottingham EDL demo and subsequently caused considerable disharmony and fallouts so we started shadowing him after he claimed to be a ‘celebrity’ who was Reggie Kray’s ‘adopted son.’ We found out last week that Gillett is now cowering on an HMP nonce wing facing over a dozen charges of sexual abuse. National Action, who were proscribed by the state last year, was another example. Ryan Fleming was outed a sex offender in 2016 but NA denied it all then, after a subsequent flurry of bile and bombast from other far right online losers they sacked him whilst still maintaining his innocence. Sadly, he was jailed again for other sexual offences and his defenders and NA looked very, very stupid indeed. Paul O’Brien is yet another neo-nazi sex offender who was jailed for 9 years, whilst fellow far right supporter Dean Chambers was jailed for 5… and on it goes. So we find ourselves asking this question yet again: What is it about the EDL, Infidels, NF and NA that sex offenders find so attractive?

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