The Friday Blog: Richard Bircumshaw

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Whit a fecken week! Congratulations to us cos we have now passed the 200,000 mark and many, many thanks to all our readers for that (apart from the child molesting fascist ones). However, this news was tempered a wee bit by the funeral on Thursday of Bolton anarchist and all round activist/troublemaker Richard Bircumshaw. Sadly, I couldn’t make the trip from Perth as my unicycle had a puncture and I was a bit tired but luckily ‘Rosa’ made it down there and this is her report.

To Our Comrade! 

A few of us met up in Manchester to say goodbye to Richard who had spent most of his life fighting fascism, injustice, and oppression, and whose activism linked up anarcho-syndicalists, Class War, Hunt Sabs, anti-fracking campaigners, Anti-Fascist Action, Poll Tax protesters, and countless other strikes and campaigns: it was a full life and a dedicated one.

Typically Richard, it was difficult getting to the funeral but the scenery was stunning: beautiful crisp snow on the Pennines and a brilliant blue sky although it was a bit like Where Eagle’s Dare with bagpipes and anarchist flags. Many of us stood around trying to work out who was who: comrades from long ago met up, a little less slim, a lot more wise and if not lacking hair, were counting  grey ones.  It was even worse finding the venue for the wake and apparently there’s a car full of vegan anarchists stranded on the hills unable to turn to cannibalism after their Bombay mix ran out.

There was time for reflection about other comrades lost along the way from illness and worse, but also to ask ourselves: am I doing all that I can? Can I do more? Because Richard’s life was about activism not theorising and he didn’t just think about politics, he lived it every day. The wake saw many old and newer comrades reunited over lots of booze and food, the room was filled with chaos and solidarity, laughter and music, and with people shouting stories.

Richard was a devotee of dodgy vehicles and we recalled in particular his patchwork mostly green Morris Minor which was hardly anonymous. In fact, fascists attacked the car and caused almost £200 of improvements. One night, we had piled in the Moggy after some gig/demo/other bit of Argy-bhaji (a triangular curried Argentinian snack) when Richard realised we were being followed by cops so at the next roundabout he slowed down and kept going round and round it to wind them up. When he finally stopped it was clear that the cops hadn’t seen the funny side but got such a gobload from an irate bunch of anarchists that they let us go and, after another couple of turns round the roundabout, we fucked off. No doubt more stories would have been told way beyond last orders but it was a good do and Richard would have loved it.


PS: this is the tribute from the Morning Star which isn’t as funny as ours.

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The Friday Blog!

Smirker: A Face You’ll Never Tire Of Kicking! 

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Since we posted our updated far right sex offenders list this week we have had well over 2150 hits and counting which is not bad for an obscure wee blog full of poorly researched articles and what are basically lies (see our forthcoming Jayda Fransen interview). Thanks to everyone who reposted the link and also to the Far Right Criminals blog who harvest the articles and far right links on a regular basis.

Pete Gillett: EDL speaker & sex offender

Whilst this is good news for us, updating the list is a depressing task but it does have an effect on far-right arse-mouths on social media who claim that ALL sexual abuse is by ‘Asian grooming gangs.’ The vast majority of sexual abuse is by MEN, Asian or otherwise and ALL sexual abuse is vicious, damaging and inexcusable. We loathe these sick ‘grooming gangs’ as much as we loathe far right abusers and rapists.

Anjem Choudary: blows it cos he knows it!

The far right try to racialise the emotional issue of child abuse and try to use it as leverage for their racist agenda, i.e., ALL Muslims ‘secretly’ support extremist terrorism and beardy crackpots like Anjem Choudary and approve of organised child abuse. The far right are also guilty of feeble thinking such as  ‘I hate pedos, the left hate me, therefore the left like pedos.’

… but not against white men. 

With so many sex offenders among the far right, their anger against ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ sounds like an enormous collective deflection, like a cheat blaming their partner for cheating, trying to deflect attention from their own guilt. There is no doubt we will be adding to this list over the next few months as the far right are currently experiencing a protracted media parp over the Sweaty Vest protesters because as the far right increase in number so too does the amount of sex offenders in their ranks.

EDL Child Abuser Leigh MacMillan & Fucken Eejit David ‘Fish-Lips’ Coppin

Historically, the UK far right has been small, and booted off the streets by militant anti-fascists, but the percentage of rapists, abusers and child porn aficionados in such a small movement is unusual. What is a about the far right that attracts child abusers?

More to come …

Be Seeing You!

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2019 Far Right Sex Offenders Update

(Updated, 22/1/19).

The next time Tommy Robinson or any other racist balloon-head starts claiming that ALL sexual abuse is by Muslim rape gangs or groomers show them this appalling list of rapists, child abusers and child porn aficionados who support the EDL, SDL and other far right groupsucules and ask: What is it about Tommy Robinson that child molesters find so attractive?

Bradley Daniel Alford, EDL Supporter: 6 yrs, indecent photos, inciting a child to engage in sexual intercourse.
Kristopher Allan, SDL supporter: convicted for messages, images, and sexual contact involving a 13 year old.
Luke Atkinson, UKIP & Yorkshire EDL Supporter: jailed 4 yrs, 8 mths, grooming young teenagers.
Alan Boulter, EDL Supporter and all round racist: 20 mths, attempted grooming.
John Broomfield, EDL and British Freedom supporter: ‘making indecent images of children’ and inept mosque attack.
Dean Chambers, EDL & BNP supporter: 5 yrs, sexual assault.

Michael Coates AKA Micky Blue Eyes (above), NW Infidels: charged with 2 attempted rapes and other sex offences.
Bruce Cordwell, EDL: 3 yrs, 7 mths, grooming.
Michael Cowen, neo-Nazi: 3 yrs, child pornography.
Alan Thomas Ellis, Deeside EDL: convicted of sending texts of a sexual nature to a 14 year old girl.
Robert Ewing, EDL, BNP, NF supporter: grooming & murder of 15 yr old,


Ryan Fleming, National Action (above): 3 yrs, sexual activity with a child, his 2nd sexual offence.
Darren Francis, BNP, sexual relationship with 13 year old.

Christopher Gamlin, Britain First supporter (above): 21 mths, grooming & trying to incite a child into sexual activity.

Pete Gillett, EDL speaker (above): 18 years, multiple offences of rape and indecent assault on children.
Nigel Hesmondalgh, BNP: jailed for possessing a series of degrading photos and videos of children.
Dale Hewitt, EDL supporter: 10 years for multiple sex offences against teenage girls.
Ian Hindle, BNP, jailed for sexual activity with 14-year-old girls.
Mark Hogg, EDL: 9 months for sexual assault on a 14 year old.
Elliot Jones, EDL supporter and part of the self-styled ‘pedophile squad’ jailed for, err, pedophilia.
Mervyn Jones, North Wales Alliance/Combined Ex-Forces: guilty of rape, attempted rape, indecent assault.
Shaun Jones, Liverpool Scouse Nationalists: jailed for grooming and raping a 12 year old girl.
Michael Kinnear, BNP and EDL supporter: jailed for sexually abusing a 7 year old.
Gavin Leist, BNP, child porn.

Leigh MacMillan with racist chum David Coppin
Leigh MacMillan, EDL: convicted of three counts of indecent assault, two of indecency with a child and one of attempted rape. Jailed for a total of 17 years.
Michael McQueenie, EDL Blackburn: pleaded guilty of two counts of rape of a 14-year-old girl and sexual assault.
Brett Moses EDL Hull: 12-month prison sentence for sexual grooming.
Paul O’Brien, Blood & Honour fascist: 9 yrs, rape, sexual assault.
Stephen Payne SDL supporter: convicted of grooming a 13 year old.
Richard Price, former EDL leader: four counts of making indecent images of children.
Michael Roles, BF supporter: 18 yrs child rape.
Roderick Rowley, BNP: child porn and sexually abusing 10-year-old girl.
Mark Ryley, Britain First, Infidels of Britain & Nick Griffin supporter: 30 years for multiple sexual offences against young girls.

Mark ‘Archie’ Sleman (above), EDL:  kidnap & attempted rape of 10 yr old.
James Swindlehurst, White Man March supporter, photographed with the North West Infidels: jailed for 20 years for 13 counts of child rape.
Trevor Vinson, EDL, Britain First & Jayda Fransen supporter: 21 years for repeated sexual abuse and making obscene images of 3 year old girl.
Andrew Wells, BNP: jailed for sexual activity with 14-year-old girls.
Matthew Woodward, Deeside EDL: charged with child pornography and soliciting a 13 year old for photographs.

All sexual abuse is wrong and has nothing to do with ethnicity, race, or religion. Please pass this information around.

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The Friday Blog!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Whit’s bin going on with the UK far right this week? Well, Jayda Fransen ‘The Barbarian’ finally left the useless Britain First groupuscule which shocked no-one. Last year when Jayda and Pudden Heid Goldinger were in court he blamed her for everything and she got twice the amount of majesties priz than him. Such a gent.

What is really shocking though is the fact that Jayda gave Britain First IQ deficient and toothless gimmer Andrew ‘Toothless Gimmer’ Edge access to her generous chesty busticules although, unsurprisingly, he failed to ring her bell due to penistular shortcomings. No lothario, he! Indeed after he had finished – 45 seconds! a new record – he got up and went to the chippy. When he got back an hour later, he had forgotten Jayda’s saveloy which she had wanted for ‘demonstration purposes’ to show Edge how things work down there! Although Gimmer Edge is now back to ‘self-service’ he can’t even satisfy himself, despite years spent weeping in prison cells fervently practicing.

Edge: Fervent But Deficient

We are not going to comment on the reappearance of former ‘UK Pegida Leader’ Tim Scott who until recently was making a living as children’s entertainer ‘Peter Pickles.’ Tim Wrong Un was the beard who made an utter cunt of himself in a Channel 4 interview – but don’t worry Timberley, we won’t repost the link:

… Oopsies!

An RMT picketline was harangued by a bunch of gibbonesque EDL types thus confirming that the far right are scabs, anti-working class and bosses stooges. Anti-fascists rallied in solidarity but the orangu-fuckwits failed to reappear. How unsurprising.

Meanwhile, the Sweaty Vests have been embarrassing themselves, flapping about like headless chickens so they can get on telly and boast to girls. Sadly, behaving like total fuckbugles backfired in a predictable manner: 1 was nicked for hassling Tory MP Anna Soubray and another got nicked acting out in front of the cameras. The Vests are supposed to be in Leeds on Saturday but plod are generating heavy manners and they’ve already started falling out with each other. More to come on that no doubt!

Sweaty Vests: Headless Chickens

Tommy Robbing-Bastard was banned from milking his gullible followers on Youtube and  has been gadding around in his Rupert the Bear suit which he will no doubt be wearing when he goes back to court for that ongoing case that I really don’t give a fuck about. Kousin Kev Karrol fell out with ‘Sir Tommy For PM’ because he hasn’t been given any new clothes. Acting totally out of character, ‘Sir Tommy Tight-Arse’ gave Beaker some of his cast offs which look very spiffy indeed!

Kockney Kev’s New Whistle & Suit

So, things be picking up a bit as the new year gets going and anti-fascists have already been busy. We look forward to seeing: what Jayda’s new venture will be (not really); the disappearance of Tim Scott (again);  ‘Sir Tommy For PM’ back in court again; the Sweaty Vests falling out with each other; and Andrew Edge wanking himself into irrelevancy along with the rest of Britain First RIP.

Be Seeing You!



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Ra! Ra! Rassclaat Putin!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Is Trump a Russian asset? Yes. He is! Maybe. Well, I dunno, do I? Fux sake. Anyhoooots … When Donny met Vladdy in front of the world’s media they nicked off into a side room for 2 hours with only a translator in tow, then Trump confiscated his notes and told him to keep shtum. No one knows what was discussed and Trump has refused to discuss it with his aides. However, with 17 investigations closing in on the Shredded Wheat Bouffant it is highly likely that the translator, poor sap, is gonna get subpoena’d and told to spill it.

When 007 met Boris Johnson!

But what have the Russian secret services got on him? Well, Trump offered Putin a suite in his proposed Moscow Trump Tower to help developments along, which is bribery; Trump associates Paul Manafort  and Michael Flynn have been convicted over Russian interference in the 2016 election; Trump made all that fuss over Hilary Clinton’s carelessness with classified emails which inspired his rabid followers to repeatedly chant ‘lock her up’ and which now is heavily ironic in light of Trump’s recklessness; and at 1 rally Trumpoon said: “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing … you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press”; then there’s the story about painted ladies doing wee-wee’s in hotel beds (although there is nothing wrong with doing wee-wees in hotel beds. Some of us can’t help it).

‘I got some mucky films in the back room’
‘Great. Fantastic’
‘You’re in them.’
‘Even better.’

So has Vlad the Bad done The Great Donzo proper or wot? When the Prez was asked on Fox News about dodgy Russian shenanigans splashed across global media, Tango Ballbag said ‘I don’t care’ and ‘I couldn’t care less’ which sounds more like teenage parental defiance than anything presidenty. He’s the fucken man in the big chair so maybe he should start caring or at least consider a less sulky response. Dicklewhacker.

‘So, you put the thumb up 1st?’
‘No, use the finger, then you grab them’

More to come, no doubt …

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Friday Blog: Extra

We are the only long-running militant anti-fascist blog in the UK. We make no money & host no adverts so please repost or retweet where possible. Cheers. 

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! The presidency is getting ever weirder and more dangerous for the Deep Fried Shredded Wheat Hairdo. On Thursday Trump conducted a bad tempered press confrontation on the White House lawn before going down to see his invisible Mexican force field. Also on the lawn was a fucken massive helicopter which was making such a screaming racket that Trump and the journos could hardly hear each other. It didn’t really matter as with most things regarding Trump it wasn’t hard to see through him and his body language, Sunny D face and pouty arse-mouth showed how under-happy he is with all the shit currently flying around him.

Arse Mouth

He called 80% of the press pack fake news and still blames them for all the negative coverage about him rather than taking responsibility for his ever increasing stupidity and political isolation. Trump is very aware that the Mueller investigation into his Russian dealings is coming to a close so the hoo-hah over the wall is a convenient distraction. The press have been reminding Trump that he claimed that Mexico will pay for the wall. Which he says he didn’t say. Or did. Or not. He’s still unsure. 

Spare Hair 

It is now 21 days since Trump petulantly shut down the government and federal workers have not been paid this month, money much needed following the usual Christmas splurge. The Great Donzo is being intransigent whilst the dominant Democrats are refusing to give him any funding for his Latino Concrete Hedgerow. 

Trump is fucked. He has been trying to run the presidency like a family business, i.e., The Soprano Family. He is too used to being the Big Chimp CEO where no one questions his judgement, poor as it is, and he is not used to consultation, cooperation, or group decision making, and he’s not overtly keen on criticism either as it just makes him more paranoid and irrational. What is funny is that Trump’s supporters voted against the cronyism, power cliques, and nepotism of the American ruling class but have yet to realise that Trump’s beleaguered inner circle is a classic example of cronyism, private cliques and nepotism. 

Trump will not read governmental papers and can’t pay attention for longer than 2 minutes – incidentally the time he needs to climax when diddling Ivanhoe or Melanomia or whatever his daughter is called. He did a press conference and had 2 sheets of paper with big writing on it because his recent TV address to the nation where he read off a tele-prompter was piss poor.

There is no doubt that Trump is shitting it: his former cronies have been spewing out dirty details and earlier this week it was revealed that he has employed 17 new lawyers to cope with all the criminal investigations. It doesn’t matter how many fucken lawyers he hires, he is feeling the heat intensify and knows he is running out of time. Business relations with Russia and Putin; paying off women he had affairs with;  using money from 1 part of his empire to fund his election campaign; the money from the Inaugral Committee being paid to Trump’s hotels… you know the rest. 

As for us, we are enjoying every minute of it and are hopelessly hooked on the commentaries on CNN and NSBC with Don Lemon, Dana Bash, Wolf Blitzer … I mean, where do they get these amazing names? We will be blogging about this weekend’s anti-fascist activity when we get chance.

Be Seeing You!


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The Friday Blog!

We are the only long-running militant anti-fascist blog in the UK. We make no money & host no adverts so please repost or retweet where possible. Cheers. 

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Whit’s going on with the UK far right? Media type Owen Jones was harassed in Westminster last Saturday, as was Tory MP Anna Soubray 2 days later, by far right eejits who bizarrely called her a ‘Nazi’ then knocked her bag of Jelly Babies on the floor and stood on them! We have little sympathy for either Jones or Soubray, especially when she demanded more public money to protect the rich parasites in Parliament who are already heavily protected by Metro-Plod, armed cops, CCTV, and other techno-bobbins all over the manor. Soubray also claimed that this kind of abuse is a ‘threat to democracy’ which made me want to boak in me Alpen and Almond Milk (and how do they milk almonds when they don’t seem to have any teats?).

Heil Soubray: Not A Nazi! 

At the same time, a handful of drunk desperado jizz-spigots appeared in Manchester outside Greggs complaining about their new halal pork pies or something and ended up looking very foolish indeed, surrounded by Dibble for their own protection. As usual. These voluble though few far-right offenders had decided to copy the French Gilets Jaunes but just looked like degenerate tossers in dirty vests. It was a pitiful attempt but not unusual.

UK Far Right: Smashed Pasties!

The far right have tried to copy other successful European organisations before: remember Tommy Robbing-Bastard’s ‘silent’ Pegida march round some car-park in Birmingham that was an utter failure? He soon realised there was no money to be had then nicked off to drain some other useless groupscule of funds.

Confused Robinson & ‘Muslamic’ Flag

Speaking of useless groupscules, whatever happened to the ‘The Year of the Infidels?’ Over the last couple of years, the North West and North East branches pretty much crumbled into druggy inertia, prison sentences and squabbles over … no surprises: money! It’s always money with greedy shitbacks like Nick Griffin, Tommy Robbing-Bastard, Pudden Heid Golding and Fransen The Barbarian, and in this case it was the money raised for those who got sent down over the violence at Dover and Liverpool.

Whatever It Takes? New Pants Probably. Terrified Irish Catholic Infidel Shane Fingal O’Flahertie Wills-Wilde Calvert

The cash was reported AWOL but was soon located in the pockets of local dealers and tills in off-licences with fingers pointing very obviously at a certain Blackburn lady racist. The Infidels may have been decimated by incarceration but it was the lack of any prison sentencing that did for Paul Prodromofo of the woeful South-East Alcoholics (SEA). Magically, despite his prominence in much far right disorder, Pauly Poos has somehow avoided going to the majesties priz which angered a lot of squalid Hitler wankers when they heard he was still at liberty mowing lawns for a living. He obviously relates to grass.

Paul ‘Pitt’ Attacks Woman But Hits Idiot Son In Face Instead

Anyhoooots… The Mucky Vests have called for more demos this weekend so anti-fascists need to keep vigilant. When the far right get a media parp like this week, they start calling too many demos on the same day thus thinning out numbers. Obviously, militant anti-fascists cannot rely on the far right to self-destruct – amusing tho that be! –  so we need to keep on guard as ever. More to come …

Be Seeing You! 

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