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Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! We are nearly at the end of 2018 and what a year of political chaos it has been, especially for that greedy shitbag who really should be in jail! Who? Well …

He is a grubby, devious shyster;
There is only 1 person who matters: himself;
Most of what he says is lies but he believes it cos he has said it;
He denies any responsibility for the consequences of his words and actions;
When questioned, he refuses to listen to others, shouts over his interlocutors and uses noise and physical presence to intimidate;
He pretends he is a rebel when he is in fact a tedious, ill-informed reactionary and conservative who values only 1 thing: money. Especially other people’s.
He is a conman milking all those hard working, drug-free, sober, law abiding racists;
Like most populists, he will say whatever his followers need to hear to keep the money rolling in;
He treats political contributions as his own: he keeps money raised for campaigns, legal fees and donations, files no tax returns or accounts.

Well, who? Donald Trump? Tommy Robinson? No. Both. Obviously, we are not comparing them to each other, as 1 is clearly a fraudulent lying criminal. And so is the other one. But fuck Trump. He’ll get his soon.

Jayda Fransen: She’s Fucken Nuts! 

As with others on the UK far right like the loathsome John Tyndall, Martin Webster, Nick Griffin, Paul Golding or Jayda Fransen, no one will employ Robinson so they scam and solicit for whatever pounds and pence they can get, although Robinson is considerably more successful at this than his predecessors. But why have Inland Revenue or Customs & Excise not inquired into his finances? A high profile career criminal and convicted fraudster who buys a large house and expensive car with no discernible form of income? Nothing wrong there, surely?

The news this week has been a headache but an oddly enjoyable one cos it’s been dominated by right wing fuck-ups: all that Trumpeting in Washington and his mate Leonard Cohen going to prison; Theresa May’s Brexit fiasco and her undermining by cadaverous public schoolboys prancing about like sequinned fops; and UKIP have freaked out over the hiring of Tommy Robinson as an expert on prison reform and sex offenders (as many follow him).

We live in scary times, but fascinating ones.

Although you’ll never see us in the bookies, those caverns of deviance, we’ll go for a treble bet: in 2019, Robinson will leave UKIP before Easter; May resigns before she’s sacked; then Trump is impeached. We are giving away all the money we have earned from the blog this year to the 1st person who proves us wrong (i.e., nothing).

National Action Men: Toy Boys! 

As we head for the Christmas hols, spare a thought for the less fortunate who will be feasting on halal festive twizzlers in the Majesties priz this year:

The prize turkeys from National Action, Christopher Lythgoe, Matthew Hankinson, Garron Helm, and Jack Renshaw, little Nazi boy lost who has destroyed his life by hanging out with them;

Renshaw: Not Smiling Now! 

Darren ‘Sharon’ Osborne, the ‘white man/white van’ killer;

Thomas Mair, the murderer of Jo Cox;

Zack Davies, attempted murder in a supermarket;

Racist Rapist MacMillan & Friend David ‘Shitmouth’ Coppin

And bastard nonces like Leigh MacMillan and Pete Gillett who are inside for a loooong time (unless they top themselves like Nazi-Nigel Sullivan did), and happy we are about that.

Anyhoots, next Friday we will be praising this years heroes and hopeless cases.

Be Seeing You.

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The Leaving Of Liverpool!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! The weekend saw a lot of activity by anti-fascists in London and Liverpool. In London, Momentum, Stand-Up Against Racism, UAF, SWP, Socialist Party, the Communist Party of Britain and many others gathered in a show of strength against Steven Caxley-Trousers and his UKIP Brexit demo. Militants from Anti-Fascist Network were out and about and the general view is the far right were outnumbered 5:1, whilst in Liverpool, the ratio was even better. In London, ‘Sir’ Tommy  and his fistula of followers mingled with UKIP and other right wing Brexit types but although he can pull a crowd he was disappointed with its size. However, he is pulling UKIP leader Gerard Batten by the penis (who is also disappointed with its size) towards an explicitly anti-Muslamic position, which may attract some supporters but will no doubt alienate others.

Plod: Heavy, But Few Manners!

There was heavy manners plod presence all through the day as the Met had fucked up a couple of demos this year, being under-manned and over-ran by far right drunken dick-foolery. A handful of poorly dressed Stella-clutching Tommy followers tried to confront militant anti-fascists but were ticked off and shown to the nearest Primark.

Up Yr Hole: A Lesson From Liverpool! 

Over the last couple of years, Liverpool has set a very high standard for militant anti-fascism and the far right have done poorly on their visits. Who can forget them locked in the luggage office? or battered and floored in the train station? or them looking terrified on St George’s Hall steps? (Yes, Diddyfiddler, we mean you). Far right arse-clown Dylan Cresswell, a seedy specimen who reeks of halitosis, failure and incontinence, called a demo for Sunday but no one turned up, not even him. He may claim it was to split anti-fascist forces between the North West and the South East, but even if it was, which it wasn’t, it made fuck all difference.

Fash: Down & Out In Liverpool Lime St. 

The far right demos in Liverpool are similar to the Brighton March For England ones: they turn up, get outnumbered and then battered several times before finally understanding what ‘diminishing returns’ means. Anti-fascists should be proper pleased at the size of the London demo and the local response in Liverpool. However, the far right may have been outnumbered 5:1 but 1k in London just before Christmas isn’t a bad figure. 2019 is gonna be pretty interesting.

Be Seeing You!

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Tommy Robinson’s Disco!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Tommy Robinson aka Steven Caxley-Trousers has absolutely no idea what the fuckington fuck to do. He used the EDL to generate lots of money, and fell out with everyone else due to his greed, and since then he’s been milking the epididymis of his shit-thick fat-necked followers for all he can. But despite all the groupscules and failed ventures he has been involved in, Mr Caxley-Trousers has yet to offer any coherent policy or solution to the problems he perceives. He has created an anti-Muslim platform where he is adored by 1,000s of flappy cheeked beetroot faced racists but what does he actually want? What is he going to do about it? And when might that be? So, in the meantime, just keep donating the coin.

Mr Caxley-Trousers is a disco for people who are hard of hearing, and hard of understanding, who just want a re-run of the greatest hits, ‘there’s no moderate Muslamics… they all  support terror and Ssxual abuse,’ over and over again. He is simply an opinion. And a piss poor one at that. His speeches conflate moderate UK Muslims with extremists and predatory groomers which is ironic because his own followers include a lot of moderate head-boilers, extremists and an unusually high ratio of predatory groomers that he never mentions (see below).

‘Sir’ Tommy Caxley-Trousers is always searching for bigger returns and when his recent trip to America to hoover up all that Yankee dollar was cancelled he was INFURIATED, not because it was a public embarrassment (he’s used to that: see earlier blog) but because he lost loads of cash. 1 of the more hysterical claims by his turnip-headed fuck-bucket supporters is that Mr Caxley-Trousers is a ‘working class hero’ with his double-barreled surname, failed businesses and big posh house. How proletarian. And it’s all paid for by you, you gullible fucken shitbubbles!

Here are some issues facing working class people at the moment. The UK (pop. 66 million) is the 6th largest economy in the world but as of 2018, 14 million people live in poverty including 4.5 million kids. Over 1,300,000 people rely on food banks to survive and 130,000 kids will be homeless this Christmas. Austerity politics are an economic class war that has seen benefits savaged, the vulnerable made more so, disabled people forced into unsuitable jobs or into penury whilst public services, from libraries to mental health, substance, and domestic abuse support, have disappeared. None of this has anything to do with Muslims, extreme or otherwise. And, despite Mr Caxley-Trousers’ claim that sexual abuse is somehow determined by religion and ethnicity, here, in reverse order, is the 2018 Top 10 EDL/Far Right Sex Offenders. 

Alan Boulter, EDL Supporter and all round racist: 20 mths, attempted grooming.
Christopher Gamlin, Britain First supporter: 21 mths, grooming & trying to incite a child into sexual activity.
Bruce Cordwell, EDL: 3 yrs, 7 mths, grooming.
Luke Atkinson, UKIP & Yorkshire EDL Supporter: jailed 4 yrs, 8 mths, grooming young teenagers.
Dean Chambers, EDL & BNP supporter: 5 yrs, sexual assault
Ryan Schofield, EDL, 5yrs, 4mths: sexual assault, assault…
Bradley Daniel Alford, EDL Supporter, described as having ‘a deficit in thinking skills.’ 6 yrs, indecent photos inciting a child to engage in sexual intercourse.
Leigh MacMillan, EDL & friend of David Coppin & Pete Gillett: jailed 17 years, sexual abuse of young girl.

Rapist Leigh MacMillan & David ‘Forrin Wife’ Coppin
Michael Roles, BF supporter: 18 yrs child rape.
Pete Gillett, EDL speaker: 18 years, rape, indecent assault on minors (oh, and an extra wee charge of jailed for 12 weeks for grossly offensive, indecent, obscene or menacing video).

So, will ‘Sir’ Tommy come up with anything like a policy, solution or strategy or will he will be too busy raiding UKIP’s piggy bank for now? Whatever happens, keep sending in the donations, folks!

Be Seeing You!

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Tommy Robinson’s Greatest Hits!

Slapped The Fuck Up!

Knocked The Fuck Down! 

Made The Fuck Up!

Cried The Fuck Loud! 

Shown The Fuck Up! 

Fucked The Fuck Up! 

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Be Seeing You!

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Right, I’m leaving! (Again)! 

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Regular readers know that when we claim certain things are going to happen they usually don’t. We’ve been predicting the collapse of the EDL since 2012 (although they are clearly surrendering), the political decline of Steven Caxley-Trousers and the death of various old knacker-nazis. All absolutely and correctly wrong. But the other week we did a blog about Mr Caxley Trousers’ group hug with UKIP and said that this would gain new support but also lose older supporters and we were right. A 1st for us!

Above: Nuttall. Not At All Leader!

Ex-Scottish UKIP Leader Mr McCreosote

After struggling out from under the duvet this morning we saw all the headlines on UKIP deserters including Nigel Farrage (a high functioning racist) and some other fucken clowns (with high functioning clown shoes). The general sentiment was that if Mr. Caxley-Fuckface was on side UKIP would turn into a racist party! What? Instead of remaining a racist party? Apparently, the normal nice racists didn’t want to line up with normal not-very nice racists as they felt UKIP was racist enough, thank you very much please.

Above: Not UKIP’s New Leader!

Of course, we predict that Mr. Caxley Trousers will either remain in UKIP, be asked to leave or leave on his own account (which should cover all possible outcomes) but the latter would be no surprise as he has left or abandoned the BNP, United People Of Luton, EDL, British Freedom Party,  European Defence League, Quilliam Foundation, UK Pegida, ‘UK Against Hate,’ as well as hovering round Britain First, the Football Lads Alliance, Generation Irritation, and For Britain (or For Gotten as they are now) and so leaving UKIP once the donations cease will just be part of his usual act.

Gerard Batten Adjusts His X-Ray Glasses But He Still Can’t See Through Tommy Robinson

It probably won’t be long until UKIP pass the Batten on and find a new leader as no one has ever stuck it for more than a few months. Being given the UKIP leadership role is like being given a giant lovely attention seeking lollipop but 1 that’s been up someone’s arse. Anyhooots, that’s all for now. Again, we would like to thank people for visiting the blog even though we haven’t put much up of late but we will be trying to do a weekly update each Friday.

Be Seeing You!


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‘Sir’ Tommy To Advise UKIP

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! First of all, apologies to all of our readers (apart from the far-right ones) for not updating the blog recently. This is down to 2 reasons: laziness and apathy. Which are pretty much the same thing but when your blog word count is as low as your sperm count, it helps fills things up. Unlike my sperms. We have been suffering from fash-fatigue which is a combination of political despair and exhaustion from all the right wing stuff we have to monitor each day, compounded by the ongoing political migraine that is Brexit.

As far as Brexit goes, we are ‘3rd optionists’ having voted ‘not sure’ rather than ‘stay’ or ‘leave’ and have been holding several rallies in Nanatesta’s front room that may have been small but have clearly had a far reaching effect. We are also suffering from ‘Satyriasis’ which means that when reading satirical blogs then reading news headlines after, we can’t tell the difference. On this blog on 9/11/18, we described ‘Sir’ Tommy MP’s political trajectory thus:

BNP – United People Of Luton – EDL – British Freedom Party – European Defence League – Quilliam Foundation – UK Pegida – ‘UK Against Hate’ – Rebel Media – hovering near the Football Lads Alliance – Generation Irritation -and next UKIP?

How prescient? This is truly politics imitating satire so we apologise if any of our readers are suddenly struck down by Satyriasis.

Anyhoooots, today’s slab of far right fuckpoonery is that ‘Sir’ Tommy Robbing-Bastard has been given an advisory roll by UKIP leader Gerard Batten despite him not being a member and the fact that former members of the EDL and BNP are banned from joining UKIP. ‘Sir’ Tommy MP is to advise Batten on 2 things he knows A LOT about: prison and sexual abuse.

Here is the list of ‘Sir’ Tommy’s visits to The Majesties Priz:

2005: Jailed for 12 months for assault
2010: Arrested for public order offence
2011: Convicted for football hooliganism
2011: Jailed for breaching bail conditions
2011: Convicted for assault
2011: Jailed for rooftop protest in Switzerland
2013 Jailed for using false passport
2014: Jailed for mortgage fraud
2014: Convicted for public order offences
2015: Recalled to prison
2017: Convicted for contempt of court.

I wouldn’t take advice from someone who had been in prison once let alone someone who sees it as a second home.

EDL Race mixing racist David ‘No Toothbrush’ Coppin with racist rapist Leigh MacMillan!

And as far as sexual abusers go there are a lot who follow ‘Sir’ Tommy MP so here is a short list of such predators:

Pete Gillett (above), EDL speaker: 18 years, rape, indecent assault on minors.
Leigh MacMillan, EDL: jailed 17 years, sexual abuse of young girl.
Bruce Cordwell, EDL: 3 yrs, 7 mths, grooming.
Ryan Schofield, EDL, 5yrs, 4mths: sexual assault, assault…
Peter Gillett, (again): jailed for 12 weeks for grossly offensive, indecent, obscene or menacing video.
Alan Boulter, EDL Supporter and all round racist: 20 mths, attempted grooming.
Luke Atkinson, UKIP & Yorkshire EDL Supporter: jailed 4 yrs, 8 mths, grooming young teenagers.
Dean Chambers, EDL & BNP supporter: 5 yrs, sexual assault
Bradley Daniel Alford, EDL Supporter, described as having ‘a deficit in thinking skills.’ 6 yrs, indecent photos inciting a child to engage in sexual intercourse.

‘Sir’ Tommy MP tries to racialise sexual abuse by highlighting ‘Asian grooming gangs’ whilst ignoring white criminals and many of his followers who are just as bad. We state yet again: all sexual abuse is manipulative, cruel and vicious and is more to do with men totally out of control than ethnicity, religion or skin colour.  And we again have to ask ourselves this question, too: what is it about Tommy Robinson/Steven Yaxley-Lennon that rapists and child abusers find so attractive?

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DFLA: Deflated, Not Defeated.

DFLA Fascist Salute

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! After all the exertions this week celebrating our 300th birthday we were gonna get intae a crate of Buckfast, hoover up a bag of nasty, phone for a pizza and pretend we weren’t in. T’was not to be cos apparently the Democratic Fuckwit Lads Alliance (DFLA) were holding a silent demo in geezer cockney London up the apples an’ stairs.

At least 2,000 anti-fascists, trade unionists and other activists managed to organise and outnumber them and the DFLA march was delayed and then blocked by militants. This was not appreciated by the DFLA beetroot coloured head boilers who then had a go at plod who were not doing very well at containing them. Again. Metro-Plod had fucked it up at a previous far right demo in the capital in June when it kicked off. So, 3rd time lucky Constable?

As the Democratic Fuckwits gathered up, they were, as usual, neither silent or sober, standing in the street with their classy breakfast Stella’s, supervised by plod, and ready to get moody. Which they did. Mainstream and social media showed images of plod being assailed by fat necked white blokes, some ‘Seig Heling,’ and there are accounts of DFLA accusing various anti-fascists, media workers and the Labour party of being or ‘protecting peedos,’ rather ironic given the amount of rapists and child molesters exposed in far right groupuscules (see previous blog entry).

The FLA, like the EDL before it, made rolls o’ coin from merchandise – i.e., crap flags and t-shirts made in China – as well as ‘contributions,’ and following arguments over fiduciary mismanagement by FLA leader John Meighan, the DFLA faction split away to try and grab a bit o’ cash for themselves. Schadenfreude aside, anti-fascists cannot rely on the far right’s bouts of infighting and splinters to neutralise the fascist threat and this weekend’s demo showed a large amount of organisations and individuals prepared to mobilise, many of them autonomously. These kind of numbers need to increase. We also need to use social media to control our own narratives rather depending on any mainstream media who have their own to propagate. We need to continue the positive feelings from Saturday whilst organising for the next one. Up And At ‘Em!

Be Seeing You!

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