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March For England: Blackpool, 2015

Edit: one fascist wrote on Shirtfront: “At this point [of the march] the more “patriotardal” of the crowd noticed the good men of the Misanthropic Division walking on the other side of the road and tried to attack them, I … Continue reading

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Anti-Fascist Book Out Soon!

At last, AK Press have finally published the Malatesta’s first book and it will be out shortly. ‘Militant Anti-Fascism: 100 Years of Resistance’ written under the nom-de-biro M. Testa with the help of many anti-fascist comrades who supplied personal accounts, … Continue reading

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Updated Sex Offenders List

UPDATE: Kane Hutchinson, Newcastle EDL, convicted of several counts of serial child abuse: jailed for 4 years. Hutchinson in blue coat What is it about the far right and sex offenders? Watching a documentary on The Moors Murders recently it … Continue reading

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