EDL & Tower Hamlets

EDL: Putting The Ham Into Tower Hamlets!

‘We’re coming down the road, we’re coming down the road’ … and straight into the nearest  carpark! Thankfully, Tower Hamlets has some excellent parking facilities for the English Defence League to defend this weekend if they turn up like they are saying they will following the blanket ban on marches in London. The car parks can be found on this website: http://www.ncp.co.uk/

Yes indeed, despite the ban on a march through the London Borough of Tower Hamlets – which sounds like a nice wee village tae us – the EDL are going to turn up anyway and teach  those smelly lefties and Muslamics a lesson and that’s what they said and that’s what they’re going to do cos Sir Tommy said so. FACT! So what’s happening?  


Despite their usual bluff and bluster the EDL are privately worried (if you consider Twitter and Facebook private) about getting the numbers to Tower Hamlets on Saturday after talking up their big march through ‘enemy territory.’ By the way does the ‘enemy’ include working class Londoners who don’t want their Saturday ruined by a bunch of far right semi-tards in tracksuits? What is going to happen is this. Loads of plod. Loads of counter-demonstrators and locals annoyed that the EDL are causing a fuss. Loads of media. Loads of photos of the EDL again looking like a bunch of pissed-up football hooligans chanting racist slogans. If the EDL make it across London to the site that plod has allotted them, they will be heavily outnumbered, kettled and rapidly bussed out again after standing in some carpark dying for a wee-wee.

Regular readers will have been following the multiple splits that have occurred in the EDL camp recently and know about the reduction of the leadership to Kocaine Kev Karol and Tommy Caxley-Trousers who has to be in bed by 7 every night due to bail restrictions. Being the noble Aryan warrior that he is Tommy is saying he is still going to go turn up on Saturday  – well he can’t lose face in front of his diminishing acolytes can he? We assume plod is aware of his intentions and will keep him in at playtime without any crisps!

The splits are getting even more acrimonious now with the North West Infidels, North East Infidels, the Combined ExFarcicals and numerous individual divisions sick of Tommy getting all the glory on telly whilst they stand about in pissy car parks having paid good cash for the privilege. So given this factional rivalry, will they all heed the calls for unity some EDLers have been shouting for. No. John ‘Snowy’ Shaw who Tommy ex-communicated years ago is seething at being left out of the limelight. Snowy’s pram was surrounded by toys earlier this week as he ranted and raved on Facebook about Tommy and then he declared support for the BNP, Combat 18 (why? They are all well over 70 now) and the National Front with others joining in saying they should also unite behind Johnny Adair, Paul Ray and the Blood and Honour movement. So, obviously still pushing the ‘non-racist’ line then Snowy?

Also, many people have lost the faith. Liverpool division are struggling to get 8 to That London but even better is the Plymouth lot. In case you don’t know the entire ranks of Plymouth EDL and Combined ExFarces were nicked for smashing up a kebab shop a few weeks ago. The ‘leader’ of these 4 people is a delightful girl named Hayley Mills who had booked a coach to take her ‘soldiers’ up to Tower Hamlets at 25 quid a pop. However, she has to answer bail on the day so will have lost out on making all that money from her fellow stooges and missed her chance to get her face on Sky telly. Maybe you should do what your mammy said and look after your bairns instead, Hayley? Other divisions are complaining that people are dropping out faster than Tommy can drop his ‘aitches’ and decrying their lack of bottle. To make matters worse posters are also saying that they are under bail restrictions so can’t do the show. You puffs! It isn’t stopping Sir Tommy! Shitters! Bah! Also, a lot of the EDL are without gainful employ so can’t afford tickets and even if they could they would only stand around complaining that 1/ the beer is too expensive and 2/ not as good as back home. Don’t take our word for it, check out the excellent Everything EDL for further details!


There’s also an excellent piece on EDL News on the ban:


Moving On …

In the last post we mentioned that a right bunch of Clooties called British Patriots Society were marching past Downing Street the other week to make a stand against something or other.


Our old friend from the English Nationalists Alliance, Bill ‘take me to the’ Baker was trumpeting away about leading his mini-march on Rome and was full of the usual blether and shouts for unity. However, many on the day were annoyed with Chubs Baker because he didn’t actually turn up! Bill, shame on you. When you organise something it is polite to dignify it with your buxom presence. Even for a wee while. And to add to this, Bill is doing another march on Downing Street at the same time the EDL will be standing in a carpark in the East End. Bill has fallen out with Mr Tommy and is aye slagging him off. Yeah, but at least he turns up Bill! The EDL are claiming that now Fatty Baker is trying to scupper their demo with fake stories: Lookit! http://twitpic.com/6cqu9y

In general the fragmentation and clumsiness continues on the far right but the best story this week is from Hope not Hate which features loads of piccies of EDL members with guns:


The EDL Action Man Division are seen posing with crossbows, air rifles, shotguns and replica MP40 machine guns (thank you Pickman’s Model!). This is just too reminiscent of the BNP at their last outdoor swamp meet when they all started posing with replica guns and baring their generous backsides for all to see! Look if ye dare!


Not great PR to be honest. So, will the EDL get to Tower Hamlets and if they do, how many will there actually be? Or will this be like Bradford and Luton ‘Big Ones,’ i.e., little ones. Now that the Infidels have dropped all pretence of being anything but fascists will they attract the flotsam from the moribund BNP and the jetsam from the other equally clueless grupuscules? And will Bill Baker finally make it to Downing Street this time so that Mr Dave can recognise his services to Queen and country? Or will he be distracted the new Greggs on Whitehall? Tune in next week …

PS: Hello to Urban75 posters on EDL Watch thread!

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