El Donzo & The Big Shutdown!

‘So I said ‘it’s a bit like playing bagpipes with a haggis’!’ 

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab!  Our new slogan for 2019 will continue to be ‘we live in scary times but fascinating ones’ and so the blog obsession with Donald Trump continues (we will be catching up on UK anti-fascist activity on The Friday Blog). As economics geeks, we know that economics is boring and confuses people but, if you were a ‘billionaire businessman/ president’ with a deep fried Shredded Wheat hairdo then wouldn’t you read up on the subject so that when you speak to global media, you don’t sound like a large sticky mound o’ arse-bilge?

Trump’s Hair In Repose

In case ye didnae know, during his presidential campaign The Great Donzo kept returning to 2 major issues: 1, that Hillary Clinton should be locked up for being corrupt; and 2, America was being invaded by Mexican drug smoking terror-rapists so a big wall was needed to stop them. The 1st issue is heavily ironic given the amount of investigations he and his various Trump organisations are under, and the 2nd is the reason why he has shut down the government.

Extra Hair Being Grown

The wall is always a shit idea and waste of money whether Belfast, Berlin, Israel, or that Pink Floyd album: Trump is demanding over $5bn to build his racist-force-field-barrier-fence but the Democrat controlled Senate have denied him any cash so he did the Big Shutdown which meant that many government workers will not be paid until it reopens.

Walls: Always A Shit Idea

This is problematic because many federal workers get paid just before Christmas, which is an expensive time of year, then there’s a looong gap between December’s and January’s pay checks. Government employees will not be paid this month and are already falling behind with rent, mortgages, bills, food, petrol and so on. The Big Shutdown is alienating many of Trump’s base support, i.e.,white working class voters who are also federal employees, and further infuriating those who voted against him.

Donny’s House: Just Like Your Average Billionaires!

El Donzo said that he could ‘relate’ to the struggle he has forced workers to endure but he does not relate to them at all, and neither is he a ‘rebel’ or voice of (white) working class concerns. How does a ‘billionaire property developer’ relate to the monthly struggle of the working class? And what is rebellious about being a symbol of American success: property, wealth, status, and all shown on TV? The only thing Trump relates to is money. And he wants a lot of it to build his stupid fucken wall. El Donzo will not budge on this and neither will the Democrats who are being equally intransigent and contributing to the problem. The shitback cowardly Republican party is still silent and has made no attempt to moderate Trump’s behaviour. And, of course, who has to struggle on? Federal workers.

The one positive out of all this chaos that surrounds him is that Trump was forced to backtrack over pulling troops out of Syria. This means that, after a panicky week, the YPG/YPJ militias will still have support against Erdogan and Turkey and Assad in Syria whilst battling ISIS and trying to maintain Rojava but how long this goes is anyone’s guess.

More to come …

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The Friday Blog!

Rashida Tlaib: Sweet & Sweary! 

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Happy New Year etc… We managed to make it into 2019 relatively unscathed by Xmas excess and spent New Years Eve in the yurt reading books on economics. Rock on Tommy! Anyhooots…

This blog has been covering Donald Trump’s recent problems and January finds him up to the socks in keech! And it’s not getting better. We heard a couple of choice quotes yesterday from some Washington politico called Harry Reid who said ‘you can’t legislate when you have a chief executive who’s weird,’ and that ‘he’s the worst president we’ve ever had who sucks blood from the necks of children.’ Admittedly some of this may have got confused in translation but you get the general, right?

This blogger has absolutely nothing against anything weird and, in fact, the weirder the better, but Trump has really weirded us out so we again have to plagiarise Hunter Thompson’s phrase to declare that ‘When the going gets weird, the weird turn Prez.’ Cos things be bad for the crispy fried comb-over and they’re getting extra-badder. At the time of writing there are 17 separate investigations into El Trumpo’s dodgy doings and a dismal precedent was set in December 2018 when the Trump Foundation was forced to close after revelations that Trump used $3m of the charity’s money to fund his presidential campaign. This is Trump’s MO: using other peoples’ money to solve his financial problems; seeing political donations as gifts to him personally; and buying Tesco’s own crisps rather than Pringles.

‘Ladies! It’s almost this thick!’

In case ye didnae know, Trump and the Republicans have lost control of the Senate (which is like the House of Commons) after the mid-term elections when various racists sobered up and said ‘did we vote for THAT?’ The House speaker is a Democrat and they are in the majority and can vote down nutty schemes like the Mexican wall/smoke-screen/force-field that Shredded Wheat bouff insists on pushing through. It’s gonna be an interesting 2019. There is also the shameful cowardice of House Republicans who are refusing to speak out against the increasingly out-of-control and unpredictable prez. A bizarre press conference 2 days ago saw The Great Donzo free associate solo for about 90 minutes, bouncing around all manner o’ shite to the mass puzzlement of, well anyone who watched it. The Democrats will be waiting for the troublesome Mueller investigation into Trump’s doings to conclude before deciding their next move. Ideally, he will be impeached, forced to resign, then be charged as the fucken criminal motherfucker he really is before being locked up in some ghastly federal dungeon with no tanning facilities.

Be Seeing You!

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President’s Gas!

Hey Trump! Say Hello To My Little Friend!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Despite swigging down bottles of Buckfast and stealing Nanatesta’s meds when she’s on the toilet (approx time: 45 minutes), reality still exists and we can do little about that. And despite everything going on in the UK with Brexit, Theresa May, and the fact that no-one knows what the fuck is gonna happen next, America is, as usual, much weirder cos the Donald Trump presidency is like the Nixon/Watergate scene but with deep fried hairdos and obvious sun-bedding.

But why is a militant anti-fascist blog going on about Trump’s travails? Well, for 2 reasons. Firstly, Trump’s policies, or what passes for them, have been shaped by alt.right wankers like Steve Bannon, Ann Coulter, and Rush Limbaugh and have helped legitmise or encourage the hard right in Poland, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Austria… and secondly, America is a major geo-political influence whose policies reverberate through countries friend or foe.

Trump has been obsequious towards the leaders of  Saudi Arabia, Russia, North Korea, and China despite their aggressive policies against other countries like Yemen and Syria or expansionist agendas elsewhere. He now wants to pull troops out of fragile situations in Syria and maybe Afghanistan which could well precipitate a withdrawal from Iraq as well, where he has just visited without bothering to tell the Iraqi President. How informal!

Militant Anti-Fascism In Action

We support the progressive People’s Protection Units (YPG/YPJ) in Syria who are also supported by anti-fascist volunteers from around the world, many of whom have died fighting Assad, ISIS and other crackpot beardy militias. Trump is pulling out the 2,000 troops on an ‘advise & assist’ operation with Kurdish fighters which will leave the Kurds exposed and means President Assad as well as Turkish President Erdogan can attack the Kurds with far superior firepower. Oh, and we just found out that Trump has business dealings in Turkey but I’m sure this has nothing to do with anything. Anti-fascists are right to be seriously concerned.

Erdogan. ‘Hands Up If You’re A Twatspanner!’

Trump has dodged the heat over Christmas but when he returns to office he still has to deal with the partial government shut-down, the Mueller investigations, the difficulties of staff retention, and the fact that the Democrats now control the House of Representatives with 236 seats to the Republican’s 200 and can vote down his dafter ideas.

Trump’s policy making is like Kentucky Fried Chicken when you’re drunk: at first it sounds like a good idea but after, it just makes you spew. What political geeks like us are looking forward to is watching Trump under increasing pressure and seeing if he will be impeached. A sitting president cannot be indicted for criminal activity as this will obviously impede the democratic process (such as it is) and affect the running of the country. If there are criminal charges they will only be activated when he leaves office, but if Trump wins another term, there may be a statute of limitations which means time has run out for the charges to be prosecuted. However, the House of Representatives (with a Democrat majority), can vote on whether he should be impeached for misconduct whilst in office. This will then be tried by the (upper) House of Senate. Or he can resign. As regular readers know, this blog is very good at being wrong when predicting anything but:

  • given his current calamities he is unlikely to win a 2nd term so criminal charges could be prosecuted;
  • given the Democrat majority in the House, they could easily organise a vote for impeachment (& with some Republicans supporting it)
  • Trump’s wild egomania and colossal amounts of self-delusion and lies shows he is not the resigning type;
  • or it might just blow over.

The Republican Party have remained remarkably silent on all this and have kept schtum over his crazier excesses – which is political cowardice. They are worried over the Democrat majority, still bugged about Democrat gains in the mid-term elections and relieved that the president is a Republican even if he is a Crazed NUTJOB!

We live in scary times but fascinating ones, friends. For us, 2019 is gonna be dominated by Trump, Brexit, and the anti-fascist struggle against the UK far right but we will be watching it all and blogging more regularly. So, here’s to all our loyal readers and see you on the other side of Hogmanay!

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2018: A Review

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! 2018 has been a fractious year for us with the whole Brexit disaster, Donald Trump’s spontaneous presidenting and the far right picking up seats in various parliaments around the globe. Meanwhile, UK anti-fascists have been mobilising in numbers to counter Tommy Robbing-Bastard’s various processions whilst monitoring the erratic Football Lads lot as it expanded, split and contracted.

Hel ‘Hath No Fury – Or Dentist’ Growler

2018 was the year we hit our 300th blog birthday and we celebrated by going out for a curry with Tommy Robinson’s ex-paramour Hel ‘Lol’ Growler  who proved very informative after sex – and we thank her for letting us watch! In January there was a piss-poor EDL demo in Doncaster (with 37 orangu-corpses) whilst Ann-Marie Waters who failed to win the UKIP leadership hat (red, white & blue, with fancy peacock feathers) started a new organisation as no one would play with her at lunchtime. Little Feargals’ For Britain party poked its turtle’s head out in January but that was about it and they are now For Gotten.

Ann Marie Sharkey: Turtle’s Head

In February, white-van supremacist Darren ‘Sharon’ Osborne, who drove a van into worshippers at a mosque, was found guilty of murder after scarcely an hour despite his brilliant defence that a made-up bloke called ‘Dave’ was driving. His in-court acting skills were almost as shite as his lookalike, Sylvester Stallone:




         Rambo                                              Osbo

In a bizarre story, nutty-horror-bag Katie Hopkins overdosed on Ketamine in South Africa following her campaign to put Nelson Mandela back in prison but she was told to leave the country by white racists who found her simply too racist.

FLA Leader John Meighan In Typical Patriotic Pose

By March the Football Lads Alliance, who had suddenly appeared mobilising 1,000s in 2017, had split with the Democratic FLA who were accusing founder John Meighan of hoovering up donation money and not publishing accounts (just like Nick Griffin and Tommy Robinson). The D/FLA were floundering with poor-to-none leadership, absolutely no plans, and the not insignificant rivalries between tedious soccer ‘firms’ full of fat old blokes and grubby teenagers in sportswear.

‘Sir’ Tommy MP: Proper Slapped

Tommy Robinson got belted round a car park (again) which caused another protracted video-whinge whilst Puddin’ Heid Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen of the useless Britain First were sent to the majesties priz for being fuck-bugles and where Braveheart Goldinger blamed everything on Darth Jayda who got more time than he did which was hilarious. Britain First haven’t recovered from it. Good.

Jayda Fransen

In April, we were struggling with fash fatigue and needed a breather, but we reported on the Identitarian movement which has so far not taken hold in the UK as they repeat all the same ould bollocks that the UK far right do already. Then in May, Tommy Caxley-Trousers was sent to prison for the 7th time on contempt charges. There were some ‘Free Tommy’ demos in London which attracted a lot of angry drunks and on at least 2 occasions metro-plod lost control as bacon faced head-boilers ran around the middle of London being dicks. As usual the far right failed to mask up or cunningly pulled their t-shirts over their heads to avoid scrutiny but plod merely rewound the CCTV and started identifying and arresting people. One of the far-right whines is that ‘antifa always wear masks – we don’t!’ Yeah, and that’s why you keep ending up in prison a la Dover you anal drain-piping giant penis sandwiches. Various terror tweenies from banned Nazi groupuscule National Action were sent to the majesties priz, so it’s time for Tubby bye-byes for them.

The National Action Men

Anarchists, militant anti-fascists, and multiple left wing protesters were in London to welcome Donald the Trump to town whilst other demos in the capital, re: Brexit, have been very well attended.  UKIP got another new leader who offered Mr Caxley-Trousers an advisory role on prisons and sex offences – things that many of his followers have either been in or been done for. We predicted this would attract new supporters but repel others and we were right which is fucking rare for this blog.

Trump: Not Funny! 

Captain Yaxley-Mainwaring got out of prison whilst a whole tangled legal process unwound around his poor martyr’s shoulders. He was invited to America to speak to a bunch of racist or zionist spigot-jigglers but was barred from travelling, much to our amusement. The EDL were still struggling without him, crumbling under an inept and trouser fouling leadership, so they held a demo of around 100 in Worcester that was outnumbered by 500 anti-fascists. The DFLA mobilised in London again, were much diminished and outmatched by anti-fascists, and gave metro-plod the old run-a-round again. How embarrassing! By November, Tommy Robinson-Trousers was still snuggled up under the UKIP duvet as members continued to leave.

Pete Gillet: EDL Nonce Division

In December we published an updated list of far right sex criminals – which has been reblogged, retweeted and posted all over the place. Two EDL faces, the repellent Pete Gillet and racist rapist Leigh MacMillan, were banged up in the maj’s priz for mucho long time but for some reason the far right have been remarkably quiet about them. And we started reporting on the Trump disaster-prez which has been most entertaining and something we will be expanding on in 2019.

As for all our readers (but not the far right ones), we say Happy Holidays and thanks for sticking with us, it’s been fun. We have now had 195,590 hits so far but please repost when possible.

Happy Hogmanay and see y’all in the new year!

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The Friday Blog!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! As far as the UK is concerned, 2018 will be remembered for the appalling chaos of Brexit, Theresa May’s poor negotiations and the heartless austerity wielding Tory bastards split over the potential results. The entire Brexit process has been depressing for all concerned. We voted Remain based on simple facts like: over 40% of UK car sales go to Europe but Brexit will force the cost of exports up and sales down. Where is the alternative market for UK cars if EU countries stop buying them? Africa? Latin America? China? No. Sales will drop, jobs will go, and less money will circulate through the economy. Jobs in the agricultural and health sectors will be particularly affected as there will be a shortage of non-UK workers filling them. And so on. If Brexit split the nation, we are at least reunited in condemning May’s handling of it. Meanwhile, Nanatesta has been stockpiling spaghetti hoops and Ibuprofen in the caravan just in case.

But fuck that. It could be worse: you could be Trump. We did our 1st blog yesterday on his improvised jazz presidency which we will continue as it’s such good fun watching this dunderheid, whose politics were fired up by far right pundits like Steve Bannon and Rush Limbaugh, bring it all down on himself. Apparently he is in a ‘100% tailspin’ after Defence Secretary James Mattis resigned in protest because,  according to Trump who knows ‘more about ISIS than the generals,’ ISIS had been defeated. However, the only defeat in this typical  fuck-bugling Trumpgasm is the defeat of caution. His spontaneous decision (i.e., rash, uninformed, and without any consultation) to pull troops out of Syria risks leaving the Kurdish radical YPG exposed militarily and cut off from a valuable source of materiel. Both Assad and Erdogan will be able to intensify operations against the Kurdish region which will mean many more dead, injured, and traumatised with further destruction of towns and villages. Both of these autocratic shitbags want to reverse Kurdish territorial gains and annihilate the YPG who have been supported by anti-fascists from around the world.

Not only did the Mattis resignation flummox Trump but the Dow Jones index (which indicates the average value of the top 30 US companies) fell drastically on the same day (2%) wiping out their profits for 2018. This was accompanied by fears of rising interest rates (which make borrowing more expensive) and inflation (where you money becomes less valuable). Cripes!

Congress also denied Trump’s demand for money-aplenty to build his daft wall or fence or whatever it is now, so in his usual petulant manner, he vowed to shut down the government which means 420k government workers will not get paid before Christmas. Happy Holidays.

Anyhooots, afore ye go! As we are the only long-running militant anti-fascist blog in the UK, make no money and host no adverts please repost or retweet where possible. So far we have had well over 195k hits, get 1000s of hits per week and are happy to publicise anti-fascist events, gigs, demos or get togethers. Either message us on here, email the details to


or tweet us at

errico malatetsta @malatetsta

and we will post them. Be Seeing You!

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Panic In The House Of Trump!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! If we actually had a real job we would have been fired already cos we have spent 24 hours a day watching CNN and MSNBC online (especially Rachel Maddow) covering Donald Trump’s rapidly collapsing empire which is fucken fascinating! (See link below) And we also learnt how to make the internet into 2 little pictures on the laptop so you can watch them both at the same time. Anyhooots …The bad news is that Trump wants to pull out the 2,000 US troops currently in Syria working in an ‘advise & assist’ role with Kurdish fighters who have been battling and beating ISIS whilst having to deal with that fucken scumbag Assad (and by extension Putin) as well as Turkish marauders sent in by Erdogan. Trump had previously stated that ‘I know more about ISIS than the generals do!’ which he obviously doesn’t cos it’s their actual thing to know. And don’t forget, anti-fascists from various countries have fought and died in the struggle against those beardy nutjob fuckbuckets.

Beardy Nutjob Fuckbucket (& Sex Offender)

Disclaimer: As a militant coward who is as terrified of guns as of getting a job, we obviously disapprove of war and all that stuff, but we do like the YPG/YPJ as mentioned in previous blogs. Anyhooots …

In case you don’t know, Donald Trump is that guy with the funny hair who owns America and he is facing 17 different investigations into his personal, political and business doings, all of which are intertwined, so the reasons for suddenly tweeting this geo-political nightmare are several. He may have wanted to deflect attention from his stupid threat to shut down the government just before Christmas if he didn’t get funding for his ridiculous Mexican wall, and which also meant that public sector workers wouldn’t get paid this month, but luckily for them that’s been prevented so Seasonal Greetings to you Mr. President.

Roger Stone. Pimp or Gangster? 

Then there’s the high profile court cases involving Michael’s Cohen and Flynn who spewed up all manner of incriminating details about Trump’s nefarious doings; queries about Roger Stone, that guy with crazy glasses and suits made for gangsters 90 years ago, about Russian manipulation of the election; the dodgy Trump Tower dealings in Moscow; his paying various women to keep shtum about schtupping him, as admitted by Cohen and the sleazy David Pecker (for fux sake change your name love); the embarrassing closure of the Trump Foundation over fiduciary how-do-you-do’s; his attacks on lead investigator Robert Mueller, the FBI and the Dept of Justice who are hovering right over him, knives OUT!; the questions over the $100 million raised by the Inaugural Committee and spent in Trump’s hotels after he became el Prez… and on and on. It’s compelling TV, make sure of that.

How many charges, Rachel? 

The crispy fried comb-over and his weird family, Daffy Donald jr., Melanomia and his wife Ivanhoe, make that other money grubbing criminal shyster Tommy Robinson look straight. Which takes some doing, friends! Oh, ‘Sir’ Tommy MP has been pretending to be a ‘journalist’ again and is out and about with Kousin Kev Karrol trying to intimidate political opponents by turning up at their houses being all shouty and that, so if he wants to find out who I am and pop round for a cup of tea and a bun, I’m the one on the left.

As we said, we live in scary times, but fascinating ones. Try this stuff free:


Be Seeing You!



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The Friday Blog!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! We are nearly at the end of 2018 and what a year of political chaos it has been, especially for that greedy shitbag who really should be in jail! Who? Well …

He is a grubby, devious shyster;
There is only 1 person who matters: himself;
Most of what he says is lies but he believes it cos he has said it;
He denies any responsibility for the consequences of his words and actions;
When questioned, he refuses to listen to others, shouts over his interlocutors and uses noise and physical presence to intimidate;
He pretends he is a rebel when he is in fact a tedious, ill-informed reactionary and conservative who values only 1 thing: money. Especially other people’s.
He is a conman milking all those hard working, drug-free, sober, law abiding racists;
Like most populists, he will say whatever his followers need to hear to keep the money rolling in;
He treats political contributions as his own: he keeps money raised for campaigns, legal fees and donations, files no tax returns or accounts.

Well, who? Donald Trump? Tommy Robinson? No. Both. Obviously, we are not comparing them to each other, as 1 is clearly a fraudulent lying criminal. And so is the other one. But fuck Trump. He’ll get his soon.

Jayda Fransen: She’s Fucken Nuts! 

As with others on the UK far right like the loathsome John Tyndall, Martin Webster, Nick Griffin, Paul Golding or Jayda Fransen, no one will employ Robinson so they scam and solicit for whatever pounds and pence they can get, although Robinson is considerably more successful at this than his predecessors. But why have Inland Revenue or Customs & Excise not inquired into his finances? A high profile career criminal and convicted fraudster who buys a large house and expensive car with no discernible form of income? Nothing wrong there, surely?

The news this week has been a headache but an oddly enjoyable one cos it’s been dominated by right wing fuck-ups: all that Trumpeting in Washington and his mate Leonard Cohen going to prison; Theresa May’s Brexit fiasco and her undermining by cadaverous public schoolboys prancing about like sequinned fops; and UKIP have freaked out over the hiring of Tommy Robinson as an expert on prison reform and sex offenders (as many follow him).

We live in scary times, but fascinating ones.

Although you’ll never see us in the bookies, those caverns of deviance, we’ll go for a treble bet: in 2019, Robinson will leave UKIP before Easter; May resigns before she’s sacked; then Trump is impeached. We are giving away all the money we have earned from the blog this year to the 1st person who proves us wrong (i.e., nothing).

National Action Men: Toy Boys! 

As we head for the Christmas hols, spare a thought for the less fortunate who will be feasting on halal festive twizzlers in the Majesties priz this year:

The prize turkeys from National Action, Christopher Lythgoe, Matthew Hankinson, Garron Helm, and Jack Renshaw, little Nazi boy lost who has destroyed his life by hanging out with them;

Renshaw: Not Smiling Now! 

Darren ‘Sharon’ Osborne, the ‘white man/white van’ killer;

Thomas Mair, the murderer of Jo Cox;

Zack Davies, attempted murder in a supermarket;

Racist Rapist MacMillan & Friend David ‘Shitmouth’ Coppin

And bastard nonces like Leigh MacMillan and Pete Gillett who are inside for a loooong time (unless they top themselves like Nazi-Nigel Sullivan did), and happy we are about that.

Anyhoots, next Friday we will be praising this years heroes and hopeless cases.

Be Seeing You.

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