World Wide & No Pride

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! This weekend the World Wide White Pride gathering will assemble another dismal collection of racist convicts, chronic alcoholics, glue-sniffers and washing line thieves representing no one but other nazis, drunks, tin foil merchants and habitual offenders. The WWWP gathering is in Manchester and the last few forays down there have been patchy to say the least for the far right. The 2 EDL demos saw a few hundred in attendance and there have been a couple of clashes during flash demos where far right groupuscules have been shown the pavement so why they think this is going to be any better is anyone’s guess.

The WWWP have stated that the NF, VFF, NWI, National Correspondent, British Movement, Blood & Honour and SDL will be in attendance. They have also said that any ‘half-breed, race mixer, nonce, drug dealer, grass [or] gay’ will be ejected. This is going to bite them reet up the kilt as the majority of these groups contain at least 1 or more of these offenders. So here we go!

NF: member Michael Cowen was done for child porn whilst Eddie Morrison and Eddy Stampton have both chatted freely with plod as has their chum Kevin Watmough (who also is a ‘freelance trader’)

NWI: Liam Pinkham was exposed by us for grooming a 14 year old and where do we start with the Diddyfiddler’s transgressions, both legal and chemical? Oh, we almost forgot Michael Coates who was jailed over numerous sex offences.

British Movement: we do not think that geriatric leader Colin Jordan the underwear thief will be summoning up the the ghost of Nicky Crane via the ouiji board and neither will what few B&H members there are left.

SDL: Let us not forget member Stephen Payne done for grooming a 13 year old, nor the gentlemanly conduct of James Mullan, jailed for kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach and assaulting a 10 year old.

VFF is the Valleys Frontline Firm and consists of 1 bloke in a valley and we are wondering if he will be bringing along Allan Beshella, a fugitive KKKlown and sex offender residing in Wales.

We don’t actually know who the Nationalist Correspondent is yet (and it will be a he: most women don’t like playing 2nd fiddle to Hitler) but he will no doubt be very impressive. As far as ‘race mixers’ are concerned we are assuming David Coppin, who got decked in Dover, will not be coming with his Asian wife and neither will Liverpool BNP member Tony ‘Hammerhead’ Ward the cross-dresser who married a Chinese woman to ‘prevent her from race-mixing.’ How noble! So, if the WWWP are serious about these demands then their ranks will be very much slimmed down – unlike Simon Biggs who could hardly lift himself off the pavement outside the Gotham last week at the White Man March. That was a pretty dire scene to be sure and no doubt the same few dozen nazi bampots will be in attendance on Saturday hoping to avoid being arrested or battered again. See you in the MCR!

PS: According to Hope Not Hate ‘serial thug, wife beater, Nazi and grass Eddie Stampton … had been left in a gutter by some rather angry Chelsea Headhunter football hooligans last week who had taken exception to his exploits.’ Shame, that.

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‘It’s The Pitts!’ Old, Boring & Sad

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Whit’s going on with fash? In just one week we’ve seen that crap documentary on Channel 4 about 3 shouty fellers wandering round shouting with 6 other shouty types; Hope Not Hate have published a thorough guide to the fragmentation of far right; and our good comrades in Anti-Fascist Network have issued The Eejits Guide to Right Wing Losers so we have to ask ourselves, what is the state of the far right, right now?

The Channel 4 documentary followed a bunch of racists who are members of the South East Alliance and the solo South London Infidel, Colin. The tiny SEA is an alliance of half a dozen eejits and the hopeless South London Infidel runs his one man non-group from his mammy’s back room. This isn’t a movement it’s a handful of scrotes in tacky casual clothes acting like they were on an away day to a soccer tournament! Crivvens! For once, the usual cans of Stella were kept out of the camera’s way but it seemed that the manic language, tongue chewing and twitchy behaviour may have been caused by some troublesome narcotic or other. Remember kids, just say no!

One might ask, where were the northerners? The documentary seemed to suggest that as far as the far right were concerned, the only way is Essex. These small groupuscules are constantly calling for unity whilst falling out with each other and accusing folks of being a grass. SEA Cypriot immigrant, Paul Prodromou, was seen trying to drag the various factions together at the undignified protest in Rotherham which, instead of being a solemn vigil for the victims of sexual abuse, descended into factional fighting between the Infidels, the NF and the EDL whilst the throttled BNP had a demo on a roundabout. So much for unity Pauly Pops!

Coliflowers, the single SLI, was shown to be a confused individual who started off ‘hating fackin’ pakies’ and ended up having doubts about his self-esteem and role in the far-right scene. He was finally shown working in the local garden centre wondering why he had lost his previous job for being a far-right nutcase. He doesn’t learn does he? Needless to say he wont be tending the shrubberries at Homebase for much longer… Oh, as we predicted correctly …

Featured image

And indeed, being on the telly was what it was all about: they were continually acting up in front of the cameras, seeing who could be the most racist (Pauly Poos wins!) which, instead of making them seem like serious political activists, made them look like total fuckspigots. The whole thing was a vanity show and we almost missed the tutored speeches of career criminal Steven Caxley Trousers (but not Kolourful Kousin Kev as Beaker has not been seen for some time).

Of course, the main photo to be distributed through the media was that of Paul Prodromou/ Pitt shouting his pretend- British bulldog head off with his chubby arms outstretched. This gesture along with the fascist salute and the arms spread out in a ‘cahm on then fackers!’ football stance constitutes the main body language of the far right.

Twitter went mental over it, the press seized on it, and the general viewers, well over a million of them, must have been pretty bemused by a documentary about a dozen or so losers who represent no-one but themselves.

The EDL were very absent. They are still clinging onto the delusion that they are ‘the famous EDL’ but are politically marginalised having completely failed to capitalise on the Rotherham horror and kept schtum over the Paris murders. This is because they simply do not have anyone to express their viewpoint articulately, if they have formulated one, seeing as they have no leader of note and no access to the media. Mr Tommy (remember when they called him ‘Sir Tommy’?) is currently lurking at the edge of UKIP and starting to get the ego media fix he so craves and we hope that the good, unracist UKIP will not allow him into their purple ranks as he is a former member of the BNP.

So, whilst the documentary showed that the far-right is virulently racist but small, what are other groups up to? Well, Hope Not Hate have given a sober breakdown on the collapsing BNP, through the two factions of the NF, the EDL and down to the ageing has-beens of Combat 18. Without overtly plugging this, it is well worth a read as it dissolves any notion that the far right are getting very far. Of course, for anti-fascists, it’s UKIP that are causing concern in our communities but this requires very different strategies to our usual ones.

Of course the Anti-Fascist Network Eejits Guide To The Far Right is what we are really plugging as it gives a very skeptical and amusing look at the fash:

This gives a run-down from the mono-membered Liberty GB run by the poshest man in England, Paul Weston, and disinters the EDL, the defeated March For England, Facebook group The Casuals and the long forgotten British Movement.

So what is the state of the far-right? Well, it’s fragmented as AFN and HnH expose and the documentary, apart from giving the SEA a much needed ego-boost, shows them to be small. The far-right in the UK have failed to capitalise on Rotherham due to ineptitude and infighting, Paris through cluelessness and insularity, they cannot gain the popularity of the French FN, Greek Golden Dawn, nor mobilise numbers like Pegida in Germany, and have nothing to say about the Charlie Hebdo murders. And for that, we are grateful. Be Seeing You!

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Far Right Sex Offenders List

10/6/15: Latest updates: Shaun Jones, Liverpool ‘Scouse Nationalists’ jailed for grooming and raping a 12 year old girl

He is a ‘racial comrade’ of Liam Pinkham who we exposed as a groomer: pinocrop

Robert Ewing, ex-BNP and EDL member charged over missing Blackpool schoolgirl Paige Chivvers and implied sexual activity:

Kane Hutchinson, Newcastle EDL, convicted of serial child abuse.

John Broomfield, EDL and British Freedom supporter, ‘making indecent images of children.’


Mervyn Jones, North Wales Alliance/Combined Ex-Forces, remanded in custody awaiting sentence after being found guilty of rape, attempted rape, indecent assault.

cxf pedos

The far right often accuse their opponents of ‘supporting’ sex offenders and constantly point out those guilty of such crimes, especially when they are ‘muslamics.’ This list, long and depressing though it is, exposes sex offenders among the far right and sadly continues to grow. It also indicates that perhaps the far right should expose those in their own ranks. We also document cases of violence against women and children by members of the far right. We constantly update this catalogue of those convicted for such offences and stress that ALL sex offenders and domestic abusers are vile, whatever their ethnicity.

Ryan McGee, EDL sympathiser jailed for 2 years for making nail bombs and being an all round fuckbugle.

Michael McQueenie, EDL Blackburn, pleaded guilty of two counts of rape of a 14-year-old girl and sexual assault. Archie Sliman, EDL : kidnapping and sexually abusing 10-year-old girl. Michael Coates AKA Micky Blue Eyes NW Infidels: charged with 2 attempted rapes and other sex offences. Brett Moses EDL Hull: 12-month prison sentence for sexual grooming. Matthew Woodward, Deeside EDL: charged with child pornography and soliciting a 13 year old for photographs. Alan Thomas Ellis, Deeside EDL: convicted of sending texts of a sexual nature to a 14 year old girl. Stephen Payne SDL supporter: convicted of grooming a 13 year old. Richard Price, former EDL leader: on the sex offenders register. Price admitted four counts of making indecent images of children and two charges of possessing cocaine Liam Pinkham NWI who condemned himself by admitting to grooming a 15 year old. This was corroborated by a poster called ‘Kim Whitenightshade’ on the Nazi VNNUKforum who confirmed that Pinkham had been having a ‘supervised and non-physical relationship’ with Whitenightshade’s 15 year old daughter but was ‘the perfect gent.’ Isn’t that ‘grooming’? pinocrop And let’s not forget the other far right nonces in the BNP and other spinter groupuscules. Nigel Hesmondalgh, BNP: jailed for possessing a series of degrading photos and videos of children Ian Siree of the BNP: Darren Francis, BNP, sexual relationship with 13 year old: Michael Cowen, NF, masses of child porn Gavin Leist, BNP, child porn: Roderick Rowley, BNP, child porn, Ian Hindle and Andrew Wells, BNP,  convicted of having sex with a child and engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child respectively: And our old friend, child porn loving Martyn Gilleard: Violence Against Women & Children James Mullen, SDL kicked pregnant girl in stomach, assaulted 10 year old. Wayne McCurry assaulted two 14 year old girls: Paul Oxberry, NF, assaulting pregnant partner. Scroll down: Wayne Payne, EDL supporter and child killer: Unfortunately, more to come.

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Normal Service Will Be Resumed …

Thanks to everyone who visited us. We have had over 94,000 hits so far which is great. We are putting the blog on temporary hiatus but will be back with the publication and hopefully discussion of our book:

Militant Anti-Fascism

In case you’ve forgotten him, Tommy Yaxley-Mainwaring appears in this video doing what he did best, provoking people, running away like a coward (remember Amsterdam flag snatching? Walthamstow 1?), being battered and finally, grassing to the police. As usual. Ah memories …

Crivvens! Be seeing you!



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EDL Rotherham Disaster

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Whit a busy week for us. Apparently there’s some kind of referendum going on doon the road, the embarrassed fascist groupuscule MFE have surrendered, and the EDL have made a right hames of it over the last 5 or 6 days. In case you didnae know, the EDL, or aboot 6 of them, were camped outside a Rotherham polis station demanding the resignation of Shaun Wright, the SYPC Commissioner, over the horrible child abuse scandal. Unfortunately, these brave few, this band of losers, turned the whole thing into a piss-up whilst standing around some rubbish Argos Wendy houses, taking photos of each other in various state of stupor. We reported on their solemn vigil here:

The EDL had also called a demo in Rotherham thinking that this would somehow help the 1,400 victims in some way. And Help Ma Boab In A Fancy Sporran! The whole thing was a disaster but, unlike the EDL’s usual fuckbugling, it was something that anti-fascists could hardly celebrate. The EDL had gathered in the town waving their flags from Asda when they were joined by a group of NF and it went off. The NF blamed the EDL, the EDL blamed the NF and the BNP held a pointless demo on a roundabout a couple of miles away. Recriminations flew with the more ‘moderate’ EDL saying they should not be fighting each other and the more openly nazi types saying they had been unfairly done by the ‘zionist left wing’ EDL. Anti-fascists could only look on in astonishment as the reason for the demo – the abused kids – disappeared in a drunken, violent melee. Not only that but a splinter group broke off and ran amok, attacking a shop and a mosque, which helped not one bit.

After their PR demo disaster, the EDL decided to roll up their tents and nick off home for a much needed bath. To the relief of ‘hunger striker’ Andrew Edge, who had been surviving on nothing but a full English breakfast (none of that foreign muck for Andy!) and a curry. The eejit Edge is now preparing for a lengthy spell in jail over his stupidity at the EDL Walsall demo 2012 when it kicked off with plod and the EDL posted their footage all over Youtube. Wrong!

Shaun Wright resigned on the 16th of this month and the EDL will no doubt claim it was their doing despite the fact they’d nicked off several days earlier and Wright took absolutely no notice of them. As he did with every other critic in the UK. Apparently, if Scotland says no, that will be the down to the EDL as well.

The EDL have been claiming that there was no infighting whatsoever but this is untrue. Lookit! EDL members attacked several stewards:


And this is the EDL brawling with the NF/Infidels who due to poor numbers have had to join together to make double figures. Here they are commemorating the tragic victims of the scandal:


And here they are at a candle lit vigil in support of 1,400 abused children:

infighting 2

Thanks heavens the EDL are defending us all! Disgusting behaviour from utter arsespangles. But hardly unexpected. Anyway, the EDL, despite the fallings out and bitching, are in London on Saturday to camp in Whitehall. We can assume they are pitching their tents on tarmac. See you there!

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MFE Memories!


MFE: Outnumbered. Again!


MFE Tough Guy Cowers!

brighton 2

Bad Behaviour!


  Before …


… And After


Ouch! Tough Guy Paul Prodromou Attacks A Woman, Accidentally Hits Idiot Son In Face.


Jailbird Diddyfiddler Shitting It Post-Chat With Black Block

Bill 'Chimps' Baker: no one likes him.

 Chimps Baker. Dead.


 MFE Protected By Plod? Still Slapped!


 And Again!


‘Why do they call us Nazis?’


 Black Block Barricade!


Fantasy Fascism!

 no pasaran

And They Didn’t!



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A Sad Tale of Hopeless Boozers and Confused Losers

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Just forget the Scottish Referendum for a wee while and bask in a multitude of far right failures! After the fallouts following the EDL’s demo disaster in Rotherham, the collapse of Camp Skank, and next Saturday’s proposed ‘March On Downing Street’ looking very weak, the news that March For England have bottled it going back to Brighton next year is a significant success for anti-fascists. So sit back and relax as we reflect on how poorly the MFE have done over the last couple of years.

No Surrender! Until We Do!’

Of course MFE pretended they were not sick of being humiliated, battered and chased out of Brighton every year so employed their usual hubris. ‘We will be back’ they said which actually means a couple of blokes will stay at a crap Worthing B&B then sneak into Brighton unannounced to take a photo near the Cowley Club when its shut. So what caused this sudden loss of nerve?

The MFE annual humiliation was started in 2010 by long dead groupuscule English Nationalist Alliance led by the comely Bill ‘Chimps’ Baker who was kicked out of the EDL and has since died from a balanic disorder. They gathered up at the train station protected by dozens of cops with dogs, horses, and riot vans, as hundreds of anti-fascists surrounded them. After some delay, they set off. There were about 40 odd ‘chav scrotes’ (copyright EDL leadership) led by plod who eventually forced the march through the blockades set up by militants. There were a few scuffles and the march was continuously delayed: anti-fascists kept pushing them back as plod got increasingly vexed but eventually the ENA reached their demo point for a few tediously predictable speeches about being ‘English Till I Die’ (the sooner, the better). Then plod hurriedly escorted them back to the station followed by large crowds of local anti-fascists who waved them goodbye. It was not a great start for MFE.

In 2011, MFE consisted of 70 non-local and renegade EDL, casuals, the incompetent and the incontinent. The MFE leaders had elbowed ‘Chimps’ Baker out of the limelight, determined to take the glory. Which was sadly lacking. Again, masses of anti-fascists surrounded the MFE at the train station. The UAF contingent were kettled by plod and effectively neutralised as other black blockers, militants and anarchists kept mobile and out of reach. The MFE  were hoping to emulate the numbers of the EDL demos but just didn’t have the support and had to bus in eejits from elsewhere. They were really a fragile alliance of tiny groupuscules attempting to organise outside the EDL but could not help falling out with each other. They were again outnumbered, heavily protected by police and then scuttled out of town.

In 2012, plod drafted in other forces and were more aggressive having lost control the year before. The march set off and was blockaded by anti-fascists, many of whom were tangling with police whilst trying to get at the MFE. The march was completely halted and eventually redirected. However militants moved through the tiny backstreets which kept opposition fluid and effective and they blockaded the new route. Boosted by their success and a worried looking MFE, anti-fascists became much more ‘proactive:’ some started banging on a corrugated fence (which sounded well scary) as bottles, crates, bollards and other missiles rained down on the terrified MFE and the cops. Plod eventually forced their way through with some difficulty but the march was now about 1 ½ hours late. The MFE got to their meet up with great difficulty and after a couple of brief speeches were led, chastened and deflated, back to the station by plod. This was a definitive victory for anti-fascists. And next year would be even better.

In 2013, seaside plod had had enough of ‘shelling out the clams’ to other forces because they could not contain the counter-demonstration and were themselves sick of the MFE. Anti-fascists came into contact with the MFE for the 1st time and it proved very dicey for the fash. They had gathered at the new pier as 100s of anti-fascists filled the area. 1 terrified group of MFE hiding in a bookies were rescued by plod then covered in black gunk. Anti-fascists cornered a few faces in an alley who were bricked, slapped and run, eventually being protected by plod. On the seafront there was hand to hand fighting and the MFE came off very badly. In the lanes the black block were chasing stray fascists down to the seafront where they got into further bother. In one incident, a solo fash was attacked and beaten then, as antifascists withdrew, was arrested. After all the boasting about their prowess, the MFE were properly turned over by those they consistently misidentify as ‘soft, middle-class, student anti-fascists.’ In revenge, they vowed to come back on St Obscurities day but this, like their ‘100s of supporters,’ totally failed to materialise.

After the utter humiliation of 2013, the MFE foolishly talked up 2014, again claiming they would be bringing ‘100s’ but gathered scarcely 100 on the day. This time, they were kettled in a Wetherspoon’s as a large group of anti-fascists surrounded them. Plod forced them through to the start of their embarrassing 400 yard stumble and after ½ hour in the drizzle MFE were then sheepishly marched to the train station. As they headed back they were barracked and blockaded by mobile and militant anti-fascists and at one point were completely exposed at the clock tower. We had a brief chat with Paul Prodromou and his idiot son who went ‘come on then’ whilst standing in front of 20 plod. He was given a clip round the ear and then ran off crying. The black block barricaded their way to the station and the redirected MFE were attacked from the sides. Again, the MFE were outnumbered, slapped, humiliated, and embarrassed and they knew it would only be worse in 2015 so their cries of ‘No Surrender’ now sound suddenly empty. Funnily enough, anti-fascists are going to miss it next year as it is now such an enormous mobilisation of anti-fascists and  a celebration of diversity by the many groups opposing MFE. Be Seeing You. Or rather, not.

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