‘Buckets First!’ says Oor Wullie!


The whole of Auchenshoogle was rocked today by the news that Oor Wullie has joined racist party Britain First. The bucket loving lyrical gangster, always known for his controversial views, has said in the past that he admires BF’s ‘bucket-focussed’ policies: no free buckets for asylum seekers; an end to immigration due to over-stretched bucket resources; and to replace burqas with a special BF designed ‘face bucket’

bucket heed

When interviewed his Maw confirmed the news but said Wullie was unavailable for comments because ‘He’s away tae his bed with nae supper!’ (Translation: ‘He’s away tae his bed with nae supper!’). Close associate, Fat Bob, said: ‘Wullie has always backed big figures with staying power  – Charles Kennedy, Alex Salmond, The Proclaimers.’ Ex-fiance, Primrose Paterson (pictured) said ‘That wee shite? He ruined my life! Hanging aboot in the Two Ways Inn with that daft slag Doris Gow!’


Primrose ‘Pissy Pants’ Patterson

‘He’s up to nae guid I tell ye, and we’re carrying oot enquiries’ said head of Auchenshoogle CID, PC Murdoch. BF leader  Jayda Fransen (pictured) declined to comment.


In other hungover stories as unfunny as this, we interview local bookworm Horace Broon about his new book ’50 Shades Of Broon!’

Horace: ‘likes wanking’

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Heil Grope-n-Fuhrer! Nonces, Nazis & National Action

‘These activities are for adrenaline junkies, piss heads, chavs and dysgenic losers. [NA] dare to call themselves “National Socialists.” They achieved nothing. It’s a going nowhere strategy for malcontents.’ 

National Action (NA) first came to our attention with their juvenile banana prank at the Nelson Mandela statue in Westminster, where they filmed themselves Seig Heiling away, and they haven’t managed to reach those heights since. Of course, their erstwhile comrade Zack Davies was jailed for trying to cut someone’s head off in the Islamic Republic of Tesco, but NA bottled it, panicked and frantically denied he was a member.

‘Zack Whacks Off!’ 

Ex-BNP berk Kevin ‘Pigeon Legs’ Layzell used to dress up as a knight with a cardboard sword, but he has joined NA although he won’t be much cop on the cobbles given previous form. Then their Grope-n-fuhrer Ryan Fleming’s criminal record revealed that he’d been done for false imprisonment and sexual assault, did two years in jail, and is now on the sex offenders register for ten years: ‘Fleming told the teenager he had the option of eating Marmite or performing a sex act on him’ but canny Ryan fooled him and anyway, ‘he was made to eat the Marmite and sexually assaulted.’ Clever, eh? In his spare time Ryan pretends he’s a vampire, threatens women on Facebook, likes child murderer Ian Brady, and has joined the Order of Nine Angels started by crackpot-Nazi-muslim-satanist David Myatt. Ryan is currently single for some reason. NA have recently stated that they are going on a ‘pedo hunt’ which will be very short indeed: ‘Wheres Ryan? Ooh, there he is!’

Ryan: ‘I vant to touch your pantz, young man!’ 

NA refused to condemn Fleming, which lost them a lot of credibility on the far right, although the losers in North West Infidels stand with NA, which is hardly surprising as previous NWI supporters include Michael Coates (convicted nonce), James Swindlehurst (convicted nonce), wife beater Shaun ‘Fatmess’ Jones, who bit an old bloke’s ear off and is now in prison, aging Infidel fuckbugle Peter Atkinson who is doing 7 years for assaulting a photographer in Dover ,and Liam Pinkham who we exposed as a groomer.

The naivety of the Combat under-18s is clear given their babooning about in front of cameras then distributing it all over Facebook but the National Action Men have yet to achieve anything impressive or effective. Seig Heiling in an empty Holocaust museum has been their best effort this year. NA’s PR material is impressive, apart from the actual contents, and their PR writer is a sad loss to the sci-fi/fantasy fiction world. NA are full of the enthusiasm of the recently converted who, unlike seasoned activists, have not understood there are consequences to high profile, foolish antics. So eager are they to put something up on their blog, Facebook or the Ironing Board Forum that they magically transform public humiliation into success: apparently being shut in a luggage office for hours at Lime Street Station meant they had won ‘the battle of Livepool’

whilst having rows of plod to protect them on St George’s steps was equal to Barbarossa itself! Of course, anyone who has seen the photos know otherwise: they looked like inexperienced silly kids who suddenly found themselves way out of their depth.

‘Anti-Fa-cked You Up Mate!’

What do other far right nutjobs think?

‘Straight arm salutes, holding up pictures of Adolf Hitler and fights with members of the public… Could they have been anymore damaging to our cause?”

‘NA is a movement stagnation attempt … idiotic activism, which will be utilized to demonize ALL of us nationalist activists.’

Joe Owens, the delusional messiah of fantasy fascism is not impressed either: ‘Helllooo … Right … Errr, Gerry Gable … Seeeerchlight … Right? .. I can’t prove it, doesn’t mean I’m not Right, Right? Right!’

NB: might not be the same Owens 

Redwatch nazi Kevin Watmough has been sniffing round the undescended testicles of NA which is always a bad sign and they were also battered by EDL goons in Rotherham, which was hilarious. What can we expect from NA now? Not much. They are numerically weak, have few allies, and their refusal to liquidate Fleming over the nonce scandal has left them isolated. They are now under surveillance by plod because of their attention seeking, and the BNP, EDL, NF, and other Nazi groupuscules keep well away. NA mistake spectacle for substance and juvenile antics for productive political work, but they should look to Combat 18 who were infiltrated and compromised by the state, ultimately ending in disaster.

NA, look to the past, because that’s your future.

Be seeing you!

Nay Pasaran!

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Misogynist Division: The Far Right & Violence Against Women

Well, it’s our 200th post and we were saving it for something useful. Our list of far right sex offenders has had nearly 6k hits so far but not only is the far right infested with nonces, there are also dozens of fascists who have physically attacked women, threatened sexual violence upon women, and carried out intimidation campaigns against women who live with children. The far right are also well known for domestic violence and many have been arrested and/or convicted of spousal abuse, including Tommy Robinson, Shane ‘Diddyfiddler’ Calvert and Shaun ‘Fatmess’ Jones. We will be updating this last with depressing regularity and keep you informed. Mal.

Shaun Jones, NWI/HMP, domestic abuse and boasted that beating his wife was his “party trick.”


The Piss Poor Pie & Mash member Fatty Marsh attacked a woman. Full story here:


Tommy Robinson, exBNP, exEDL, exBritish Freedom, exQuilliam, soon to be exPegida UK, battered his fiance:


Shane ‘Diddyfiddler’ Calvert jailed for assaulting pregnant girlfriend:


Law abiding patriot Chris Jones, EDL, BAAI,  wishes that a woman ‘gets stabbed to death.’ Wait in line, Ladies! He’s a charmer.

Ian Hindle, exBNP, done for battering teenage girlfriend who was 16 when he met her:


He had previous form for sex with 14 year old.

Kristopher Allen, SDL, not only a pedophile like fellow SDL member Stephen Payne, but also guilty of threats and abuse to former partner.

Gary Skerrit, EDL, has a history of threats and violence towards women:

EDL thug Gary Skerritt and His Violent Attacks on Women

Simon Marshment, EDL and Casuals supporter, harassment conviction after abusing ex-partner:



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Militant Anti-Fascism: 100 Years of Resistance

Militant Anti-Fascism by a certain ‘M.Testa’ is still available from AK Press and is recommended reading for anyone involved in the anti-fascist struggle! 

‘A potent primer on Europe’s anti-fascist struggle … a useful source of information about the fight against fascism.’ The Morning Star.


Check AK Press  out:


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Final Statement From Lola On The Recent Court Case


Last October, a small group of my brothers and sisters joined the TUC anti-cuts demonstration in London. The protest was good natured with an excellent mixture of people from all walks of life, different ages, genders, races, creeds and “classes.” After speeches were given in Hyde Park, fellow antifascists decided to head to Parliament Square as we had heard the police were blocking a peaceful protest there. However, we encountered little problem and all sat about enjoying the sunshine. Our small group then decided to split off to support “The Poor Doors” action in Aldgate.

We headed into Westminster Tube station where some of the men with us decided to use the facilities. I carried on walking only to see three very obvious fascists, all scared, standing abreast at the top of some steps. I continued to walk towards them as I had thought to myself, “they can fuck off if they think they’re going to intimidate me!” and started to chant “Nazi scum, off our street”. As I reached the top step the men closed around me and the closest snatched my antifascist flag, snapped the pole over his knee and held it aloft like Excalibur! This actually made me laugh, as a month before, we had seen a photo appear on Pie n Mash Squads wall showing a very similar pose, only with what looked like a discarded placard from a demo in Cricklewood. So as I laughed, I said to him, “Are you happy now, you have your wee trophy like you had in Cricklewood?” With that I felt a blow to my shoulder, then one across my back, kicks to my legs, and an almighty shove which resulted in me landing face first at the bottom of the steps. By this time my friends had caught up, but unfortunately for my attacker, so had the police. Meanwhile, my friend had restrained me as I hadn’t realised there was blood pissing out of my head and chin, I was trying to get up to give chase too. Not sure why, but I was fucking angry and wanted to remonstrate some more. She wasn’t letting me and was holding her coat on my injuries to stem the blood flow. By this time a police medic had joined us, and it became clear that at least two of the attackers had been arrested. The medic began to administer first aid, and an ambulance was called. He bandaged my head but the blood kept coming through so he put more dressings on. As this was happening I became aware of a group of people singing “Lola” and laughing, and taking photographs, I went a bit berserk at this stage and my friends ran after them, only to be stopped by more police arriving. (It’s always struck me as sheer lunacy that they should attack someone, in the most cctv’d up square mile in Europe, on a day when tens of thousands of people were there being policed by vast numbers, but that’s fascists for you).

So, London being blocked by thousands, the ambulance could not get through, and I started to pass out. The police eventually decided to take me to the hospital themselves in a van. My friends all piled over to the hospital to make sure I was safe, and whilst I was being treated they checked Facebook, and sure enough the idiots were boasting about having attacked me, including photographs of me in Parliament Square 20 minutes before the attack took place, and of course the one of me bandaged up in the tube station. I was well known to these fascists as I was one of the admins for a Facebook page that mocked them. They hated our page so much they had flags, t-shirts and banners made, and once demo’d a Preston councillor who had commented on the page, who they had decided was also an admin. Over time they found out my identity, after I was betrayed by a so called friend. They posted my identity, my address, photos of me, and where I worked, encouraging people to contact my boss (who’s reply was “we can’t sack her for not being a racist”). They tried intimidation, mockery, bullying and relentless arguing, obviously to no avail. After the attack, it was disclosed that the main attacker was a well known fascist called Jeff Marsh (Real name is Joe Turner) leader of Casuals United, Pie n Mash Squad, South East Alliance, former EDL spokesman, one time Seaside football hooligan (who wrote a couple of shit books).

Back to social media, and whilst his comrades were busy celebrating their major victory over this 5ft 2″ tall woman, we are busy screenshotting everything. Marsh was remanded in custody and the second arrested person was bailed. Marsh was bailed later that week, and suddenly every post and comment relating to me was deleted. This did not curtail the months of intimidation, threats, mockery “Lola, Lola, she fell over”, insinuation that I was a “fat smackhead” (insert oxymoron thoughts here) an alcoholic, who runs an antifascist Facebook page, attends every demo in the country, attacks people violently, riots, attends two demo’s on the same day 70 miles apart, at the same time! Well, yes, ridiculous I know, even I’m not that good, I do all this whilst being a single parent to 4 teenagers, whilst holding down a full time job. I think I deserve a medal!

Last week Marsh was found guilty of Actual Bodily Harm and sentenced to six months in prison. A police witness, cctv and the brave lass that held her coat on my head all disagreed with Marsh’s version of events where he claimed it was self defence and that I had attacked him with my flagpole. Irony is that his “wee trophy” ended up as police evidence, the pole, a good inch thick by the way, condemning him. The flag itself is in my possession. So all he did get was jail time for his “walk amongst us”. (Incidentally, I heard from another comrade that he had been attacked himself by them the same day, and he had whacked one of them on the head with his flag pole… Perhaps this explains their self defence claim?!).

Even now, with all this damning evidence, they still claim I lied. I had stitches in my eye and chin and had had to get it restitched later in the week as it had split. The pain in my hand from the fall proved to be a small broken bone and tendon damage. This was not seen until a further set of x-rays were taken the following week. They are claiming that I made up my injuries, but the fact was that the police never sought the medical evidence from my local hospital, only St Thomas’s In London. Photographic evidence and notes of my bruising were sent by my GP. But all the police showed in court were 7 or 8 badly blurred images of my wounds. I still have the images. I don’t know how the police fucked them up so badly, but then, the officer in charge of my case did say to me “when I see you UAF lot with bottles in your hands, rioting, I surmise you are all as bad as each other”.

Malatesta’s Blog asked me to write this wee piece, they have been massively supportive of me throughout this whole ordeal. Antifa, Class War, and many more, have had my back the whole way through and for that I am eternally grateful. Let’s hope now, that these thugs learn to accept that their hero is a woman beating bully, nothing more, and they start to get on with their lives. As for me, I’ll be opposing fascism until they cart me off in a box.

¡No Pasaran!

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Updated Far Right Sex Offenders

Latest Update: 25/05/16 

This is the 2nd update in a week. Yet again, a far right/BNP supporter guilty of grooming and physical violence. The 40 year old had been going out with her since she was 16, 2 years ago. Not any more …


He had already been jailed with another BNP supporter, Andrew Wells, in 2008, over abusing 14 year old girls.

Ian Hindle/Andrew Wells – Blackburn

Kristopher Allan, SDL supporter,  has not only been done for abusing an ex-partner, he had messages, images, and sexual contact involving a 13 year old. He was done for shouting ‘Allah is a pedo’ at demo, a chant which we assume is now going to be amended by the ever diminishing SDL to  ‘Allan Is A Pedo!’


Michael Cowen, Neo-Nazi Noncey Weirdo and Blood & Honour supporter jailed for child pornography:



And I’m sure whilst in jail,  Mr Cowen  ‘WLTM’ another Blood & Honour rubbish nazi music supporter, Paul O’Brien, who was jailed for 9 years for rape and sexual assault:


Ryan Fleming of National Action revealed to be on the Sex Offenders Register for false imprisonment and sexual abuse against a vulnerable teenager.


James Swindlehurst, a White Man March supporter who was photographed with the North West Infidels, jailed for 20 years for 13 counts of child rape:


EDL and BNP supporter sentenced for child murder: 33 years for him, 8 for his accomplice.


Michael Kinnear, BNP and EDL supporter, jailed for in 2010 for sexually abusing a 7 year old Featured image


After release done for child pornography. http://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/crime/morecambe-woman-accused-of-using-seven-year-old-girl-for-worldwide-pornography-1-7364866 Featured image Elliot Jones, EDL supporter and part of the self-styled ‘pedophile squad’ jailed for, err, pedphophilia

http://www.romfordrecorder.co.uk/news/crime-court/romford_paedophile_squad_jailed_for_grindr_blackmail_1_4156153 10/7/15:

Bob Ewing, ex-BNP and EDL supporter, found guilty of murdering 17 year old Paige Chivers of Blackpool and had an “inappropriate sexual interest” in her. More to come sadly …

http://edlnews.co.uk/2015/07/10/bnp-paedophile-robert-ewing-guilty-of-the-murder-of-paige-chivers/ http://edlcriminals.com/2015/07/10/robert-ewing-and-his-far-right-links/

Shaun Jones, Liverpool ‘Scouse Nationalists’ jailed for grooming and raping a 12 year old girl


He is a ‘racial comrade’ of Liam Pinkham who we exposed as a groomer


Robert Ewing, ex-BNP and EDL member charged over missing Blackpool schoolgirl Paige Chivvers and implied sexual activity:


Kane Hutchinson, Newcastle EDL, convicted of serial child abuse


John Broomfield, EDL and British Freedom supporter, ‘making indecent images of children’ and inept mosque attack: http://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/9094012.Former_Swanage_soldier_jailed_for_child_abuse_images/


Mervyn Jones, North Wales Alliance/Combined Ex-Forces, remanded in custody awaiting sentence after being found guilty of rape, attempted rape, indecent assault.

cxf pedos


Ryan McGee, EDL sympathiser jailed for 2 years for making nail bombs and being an all round fuckbugle.


Michael McQueenie, EDL Blackburn, pleaded guilty of two counts of rape of a 14-year-old girl and sexual assault.


Mark ‘Archie’ Sleman, EDL : kidnapping and sexually abusing 10-year-old girl.


Michael Coates AKA Micky Blue Eyes NW Infidels: charged with 2 attempted rapes and other sex offences.


Brett Moses EDL Hull: 12-month prison sentence for sexual grooming.


Matthew Woodward, Deeside EDL: charged with child pornography and soliciting a 13 year old for photographs.


Alan Thomas Ellis, Deeside EDL: convicted of sending texts of a sexual nature to a 14 year old girl.



Stephen Payne SDL supporter: convicted of grooming a 13 year old. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/crime/facebook-pervert-stephen-payne-walks-1736961

Richard Price, former EDL leader: on the sex offenders register. Price admitted four counts of making indecent images of children and two charges of possessing cocaine

Liam Pinkham NWI who condemned himself by admitting to grooming a 15 year old. This was corroborated by a poster called ‘Kim Whitenightshade’ on the Nazi VNNUKforum who confirmed that Pinkham had been having a ‘supervised and non-physical relationship’ with Whitenightshade’s 15 year old daughter but was ‘the perfect gent.’ Isn’t that grooming?

pinocrop And let’s not forget the other far right nonces in the BNP and other spinter groupuscules. Nigel Hesmondalgh, BNP: jailed for possessing a series of degrading photos and videos of children

http://www.blackburncitizen.co.uk/news/8771457.Accrington_neighbour_from_hell_jailed_for_child_porn/ Ian Siree of the BNP:


Darren Francis, BNP, sexual relationship with 13 year old: http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/sex-offender-darren-francis-back-behind-bars-after-failing-drug-test/story-e6freoof-1225877404018?nk=a7d0649b6c03b735468cbb853387da42


Michael Cowen, NF, masses of child porn http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/nazi-paedo-jailed-over-sicko-87392

Gavin Leist, BNP, child porn: http://ukpaedos-exposed.com/2012/04/21/gavin-leist-loughborough/

Roderick Rowley, BNP, child porn, Ian Hindle and Andrew Wells, BNP,  convicted of having sex with a child and engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child respectively:


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Fantasy Football Hooligans & Silly Salutes


The continued hilarious infighting fuckbugles of the EDL

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! The last week or so has done little to advance the far right and their various pointless agendas. The EDL made total bugles of themselves in Colchester hijacking the death of Lee Rigby whilst trying to lay a wreath in his memory. A group of anti-fascists turned up to oppose them and it wasn’t long before the EDL’s drunkenness and fascist tendnecies were exposed. One hapless charmer couldn’t help himself and had to give a Hitler salute. At a war memorial. This is Lee Coplin, a true patriot:


As usual with the EDL, there is a perfectly plausible explanation for outbursts of violence, racism or bibulous behavior:


His mates were not impressed but the EDL is very short of members so they have to cling to any dregs and scumbuckets they may still attract. This is yet another PR disaster for the EDL coming so close to the Nazi salutes at Walthamstow:


The EDL then did a demo for something or other in Halifax which, as usual, achieved nothing. Here they are drunk outside a pub.


What is interesting about this photo is the absence of Yorkshire RO Gail Speight who has been embroiled in a long row over misappropriated money from EDL collections. The fragrant Ms Speight has created a major schism and Yorkshire EDL are now divided into pro- and anti-Speight camps. Anyway, the Halifax demo was a flop:



flash 2

In London, a dozen or so members of various 1 man/1 flag fascist groups turned up at the US Embassy to protest/commemorate/reassure themselves about something both obscure and pointless. The dwindling Infidels stood alongside White Power mongers and the ageing perverts and criminals of Combat 18 and shit music purveyors Blood & Honour but no one saw them and media coverage was little more than a handful of selfies. Anti-fascists were also in attendance which proved to be a waste of time as the far right were so drunk they could hardly Seig-Heil in a straight line.

Online fantasy football hooligans All Football Firms March Against Muslamificationers are trying to get all the various hooligan mobs to kiss and make-up. Their latest news is that the West Ham ICF and Millwall Bushwackers are going to be holding hands with Leeds yobs and Celtic Casuals in order to end Mosques or something. These Facebook groups are always trying to bilk supporters and this new 1 is no different. After collecting money for t-shirts that were not sent out, they have now blamed ‘technical difficulties’ which means either the iron-on transfers were shit or they spent the cash.

shirt scam

And finally, 2 prominent EDL members have been accused of sexual deviance of some sort which comes as little surprise to the Malatesta’s as we have a long list of such people in their ranks. This is from Paul Prodromomomo the Cy/pat/riot asylum seeker (and he needs to seek out an asylum and check in!) accusing EDL regimental punchbag Dave ‘Made In Britian’ Bolton of dirty deeds.


Some of you may remember Pauly Poos getting an absolute battering by ‘soft, middle class student’ anti-fascists in Essex a bit back and that he was left unconscious in the dirt as his ‘mates’ legged it.  Here he is in action, attacking a woman but hitting his idiot son in the face at a recent MfE. His idiot son also got a telling off last year after which he hid behind his dad who was himself hiding behind some coppers. Pauly Poopoos runs the South East Alliance which has very few members and he cannot milk them of any more money which he needs as he only has 1 coat! Poor Mr Poopoos.

Featured image

Mr Poopoos and offspring who Papa sent off for FGM as he couldn’t recognise a cunt if he saw one.

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