Anjem Choudary? Fuck Off, Shitbeagle!


Anjem Choudary has finally been sentenced to 5 and a half years at HM Prison Slade under his real name, Norman Stanley Felcher. He is isolated on the nonce wing so people don’t have to listen to all that shit he comes out with. He is allowed a copy of the Koran, Motorhead CDs, and a mucky book, and is let out for 1 hour a day to play on the prison bouncy castle, but not if it’s raining when he has to stay in and do puzzles instead. cock

Anjem Choudary enjoying a joke!

Former fanny magnet Choudary has been allowed to form a vocal trio, The Candy Apple Steamers (that’s gross, Ed.) and their versions of ‘Where The Girls Are,’ ‘It’s Raining Men’ and ‘I’m Coming Out!’ have been a wow with the sex offenders on their wing!


Anjem: Candy Makers & Loving It!’

Choudary’s supporters have included this fucking idiot, Jamaal Uddin, the exotic dancer formerly known as Cheeky Peeches, who converted to Choudary’s version of Islam because he was a fat ginger who always got picked last at football.


Choudary has also been getting some expert tips from an unnamed adviser (below) on how to make friends in prison: ooops

Your face is like a big minge anyway, they’ll love you (long time)!’

He will not be missed.

Be Seeing You! wullie

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Filthy Foreign Barstards!

Live from Margate!

Brexit voters are furious that, despite voting for something they hadn’t thought through, the place is still awash with ‘filthy foreign barstards!’ There were some who found the Brexit ‘Yes/No?’ option a bit complicated but erred on the side of stupidity and voted for something they didn’t understand, according to in-depth research I have just made up. Ralph Hitler of Margate said: ‘I can’t believe it, innit? I got up this morning and there’s still filthy foreign barstards everywhere. There’s one driving a taxi that I’ve used for years, there’s a solicitor called Khan who defended me in court (and not very well I may add, I got a not guilty!), and the geezer in the kebab shop just sells foreign muck!’

greeksForeign Muck

A lady at the bus stop said: ‘Ever since I voted for Brexit the bus has been late every day and it’s cos of those filthy foreign barstard Polish mig-refugees from Albanialand. Ooh, see, here it is. Bang on time again! Typical.’51arnwdnlgl_1_

‘Jus’ Hangin’ & Doin’ Ma Shit!’

We asked several people on the high street about how they thought the economy was faring. One said: ‘Read my lips: it’s not the economy stupid! It’s about filthy foreign barstards coming over, doing stuff that I’ve read about in the paper!’ Another man said ‘It’s the forrins innit! Not only are they filthy, they’re barstards and probably all foreigners as well.’ 51arnwdnlgl_1_

‘You: Foreign. That: Door. Use it & Fack Off!’ 

We asked one man, David Coppin, how many filthy foreign barstards there were in Margate ‘There’s fucken loadsa filthy foreign barstards in Margate, and I should know, I married one!’ We asked how many filthy foreign barstards there were exactly but he had trouble doing adding.

coppin 2

‘Err 2 and 2 is 5…’ David Coppin: Thick Cunt


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Brexists? Yes, they really are fuckbugles!


London: March For Europe

On Saturday, 1,000s of people across the UK joined the March For Europe, urging the government to delay initiating Article 50 for Brexit until the terms regarding economic, social and political relations with the EU are explained, clarified and in everyone’s interests, not just those of Tory elites, insular racists and fuckbucket UKIP mediocrities. Of course, the Brexists just claimed ‘Nerr, Nerr! We won, get over it’ and yet again, failed to understand the complexity of economic reasons behind it all.


‘See you later motherfuckers!’

Well, the reasons the marches took place were that the referendum was only advisory and is neither law nor  binding;  there is no figurehead leading the UK out of the EU; there is no exit strategy for Brexit; and Brexists have little political cohesion beyond voting the same in a ‘Yes/No’ vote.


‘Right fuck off! I’m getting pissed!’

The referendum was enormously influenced by the migration row and many failed to realise that problems with benefit cuts, NHS, public services, unemployment, housing shortages, and lack of resources are not to do with ‘immigrunts’ but austerity programmes, originally initiated in 2008 under Labour and continued by the coalition and Cameron’s government. Billions of pounds of public money have been spent bailing out the banking crisis and it will not be repaid so the money has to be recouped from elsewhere, that is, public spending.iStock_refugees_0As far as immigration in the EU is concerned, 100s of 1,000s have had to flee wars that the UK helped initiate in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and so on, and it is immoral to refuse help to the people whose livelihoods you have just destroyed: ‘We just came to help you by blowing up your house and country, but don’t come round mine asking for a free lunch!’ Think about it: what would make you leave your home, your clothes, cars, pets, family, jobs, neighbours, etc., and flee anywhere you possibly could?

Anyway … We got a really good response from a friend of ours about this article that very much merits inclusion here:

DM: ‘I can see within six months Brexiteers asking for a second referendum , because day by day we see and hear bits of the Governments plans and more and more these plans are not going down well with the leavers, you see all though most people realise that all we voted on was should the UK stay or leave the EU, but many leavers believe they voted for more than that , many believed that where voting for an Australian style points based immigration system, well that has been shot down in flames, many believed that a leave vote would put a total end to EU migration . but according to the government the reason they don’t want a points based immigration system is that it doesn’t give them the power to control the number of EU migrants , so it looks like there will still be EU Migrants, many farmers voted leave because they where told that a Brexit vote would not effect their subsidies, now the government have guaranteed their subsidies till 2020. But we will not activate article 50 until 2017, so we wont leave the EU till 2019, so their subsidies have been guaranteed for less than 12 months, and as more and more of the Government plans come out more and more Brexiteers are becoming disillusioned.’

Mal: ‘I think they expected it to be law. It isn’t, its advisory: should we leave or not? That’s it. With head Brexists leaving, Cameron giving up instead of leading his govt thru it, and Theresa May overwhelmed by being PM, no one has a clue.’

Then GM said Blowjob Bonson was waiting to swoop in on wings of Silvikrin

DM: But How much better is Boris , how strong is Boris’s will to leave the EU, this is part of his record, in 2006 , he made a documentary called the dream of Rome , in which he praised the expansion of the EU and championed the call for Turkey to be accepted as a member, earlier this year at the start of the Referendum Debate he said ” A leave vote would be good , as it would put Britain in a Stronger position to negotiate a better deal to stay in ” , in and Interview for the BBC countryfile programme During the debate , he said in response to a question about the Unskilled EU migrants that British Agriculture has come to rely on ” Post Brexit any EU citizen coming to the UK with a Job offer would be welcome” And Just this week during a visit to an English Language School in Warsaw he told young Polish students that he looked forward to welcoming them to the UK.

Mal: The correlation between Donnie Fashco aka Trump and Boris goes beyond crazy hair do’s: they will say whatever they think pleases at the given time.

GM: Brexit is very unlikely to happen. Brexists are full on deluded. Everything they were promised was retracted within an hour of Brexit winning the vote. No one expected the vote to go the way it has and now people are left scratching their heads wondering how to solve a problem like Brexit. I’m all for democracy, a lot of people just throw the word around without understanding it’s meaning. I’m not bitter or angry, I’m amused by it all. It’s all a bit Dads Army.

Cheers DM & GM! To be continued …

Contact CalAid:


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Gillett? The Worst A Man Can Get?

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Even old slags like us have been surprised by the ineptitude, fuckbuglery and internecine quarreling of the shitcones on the far right reaches of political reality. Whilst Donnie Fashco aka Trump popularises xenophobia Stateside, Nigel Farage stood down from the UKIP leadership to grow a shit buzzer and left without a replacement or plan to exploit Brexit. Britain First are under heavy manners banning them from mosques and Luton in general; the BNP and NF have collapsed; and the tiny clutch of neo-nazi arsetrombones and white pride whinnets are either in jail, about to go there, or have been scared off the scene.


Diddyfiddler, NorthWestImbecile: In prison! 

The far-right increasingly looks like a soap opera where a finitely small and unpopular amount of players interchangeably accuse, defame or offend their latest enemies, i.e., their former friends. Down on the EDL farm, the latest episode is over Pete Gillett who looks like the 3rd Mitchell brother and is the star or his own lack-of-reality-show. We first saw Gillett at the piss poor Nottingham EDL demo in August, giving a bizarre speech on the Illuminati and other such gibberish.


Kray & Gillett: ‘Boys like us, like boys like us!’ 

Gillett, a failed pop singer and ‘adopted son’ of 1 of the Kray Twins, is embroiled in the usual splits and splinters and accusations of ‘noncery’ and personality disorders. He also has a very long criminal record which is a lot more entertaining than his other records. He has been done for heroin dealing and armed robbery so has extensive relations with plod. Whilst the EDL accuse each other of deeds both foul and infamous, no one has pointed out that Gillett suddenly appeared less than a month ago and has caused an enormous amount of chaos and dissent between the remaining few dozen EDL members. Odd that! We will be sending him a (2nd hand, unread) copy of Matt Collins’ book Hate as a reward. But fear not EDL, Liam ‘Pampers’ Walsall is going to sort it out!


Be Seeing You!



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Far Right Domestic Abusers

Our list of far right sex offenders has had well over 6k hits so far but not only is the far right infested with sex offenders, there are also dozens of fascists who have physically attacked women, threatened sexual violence upon women, and carried out intimidation campaigns against women who live with children.

Shaun Jones, NWI/HMP, domestic abuse and boasted that beating his wife was his “party trick.” He is now in prison for biting the ear of an older man and also for violence at Dover, 2016.

The Piss Poor Pie & Mash member Fatty Marsh attacked a woman. Full story here:

Tommy Robinson, exBNP, exEDL, exBritish Freedom, exQuilliam, soon to be exPegida UK, battered his fiance:

Shane ‘Diddyfiddler’ Calvert jailed for assaulting pregnant girlfriend:

Diddyfiddler is currently on remand for violence at Dover and we hope we won’t be seeing him for a long time.

Law abiding patriot Chris Jones, EDL, BAAI,  wishes that a woman ‘gets stabbed to death.’ Wait in line, Ladies! He’s a charmer.

Ian Hindle, exBNP, done for battering teenage girlfriend who was 16 when he met her:

He had previous form for sex with 14 year old.

Kristopher Allen, SDL, not only a pedophile like fellow SDL member Stephen Payne, but also guilty of threats and abuse to former partner. Gary Skerrit, EDL, has a history of threats and violence towards women:

Simon Marshment, EDL and Casuals supporter, harassment conviction after abusing ex-partner:

More no doubt to come.

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Updated Sex Offenders List

Unbelievable, I only updated this yesterday then got news of someone we missed from our good comrade Lola tonight!  

EDL member Mark Hogg was fond of spamming Facebook pages with child porn and at 1 point tried to set up a bogus shelter for abused girls but was far too stupid to organise it. Like so many on this list, Hogg loudly accused other people of doing the very thing he was doing himself and ultimately got 9 months for sexual assault on a 14 year old in 2014. This is from his Facebook page:

We have to continually update this growing list of sex offenders on the far right which is even more depressing than documenting their usual nasty salad of vile racism, hatred of diversity and violence towards women (see earlier postings). The far right try to racialise sex offenders and fail to understand that ALL sex offenders prey on the weak and vulnerable and need to be stopped.

Kristopher Allan, SDL supporter,  has not only been done for abusing an ex-partner, he had messages, images, and sexual contact involving a 13 year old. He was done for shouting ‘Allah is a pedo’ at demo, a chant which we assume is now going to be amended by the ever diminishing SDL to  ‘Allan Is A Pedo!’

Another far right/BNP supporter guilty of grooming and physical violence. The 40 year old had been going out with her since she was 16, 2 years ago. Not any more …

He had already been jailed with another BNP supporter, Andrew Wells, in 2008, over abusing 14 year old girls.

Ian Hindle/Andrew Wells – Blackburn

Michael Cowen, Neo-Nazi Noncey Weirdo and Blood & Honour supporter jailed for child pornography:

And I’m sure whilst in jail,  Mr Cowen  ‘WLTM’ another Blood & Honour rubbish nazi music supporter, Paul O’Brien, who was jailed for 9 years for rape and sexual assault:

Ryan Fleming of National Action revealed to be on the Sex Offenders Register for false imprisonment and sexual abuse against a vulnerable teenager.

James Swindlehurst, a White Man March supporter who was photographed with the North West Infidels, jailed for 20 years for 13 counts of child rape:

EDL and BNP supporter sentenced for child murder: 33 years for him, 8 for his accomplice.

Michael Kinnear, BNP and EDL supporter, jailed for in 2010 for sexually abusing a 7 year oldFeatured image

After release done for child pornography. imageElliot Jones, EDL supporter and part of the self-styled ‘pedophile squad’ jailed for, err, pedphophilia 10/7/15:

Bob Ewing, ex-BNP and EDL supporter, found guilty of murdering 17 year old Paige Chivers of Blackpool and had an “inappropriate sexual interest” in her. More to come sadly …

Shaun Jones, Liverpool ‘Scouse Nationalists’ jailed for grooming and raping a 12 year old girl

He is a ‘racial comrade’ of Liam Pinkham who we exposed as a groomer


Robert Ewing, ex-BNP and EDL member charged over missing Blackpool schoolgirl Paige Chivvers and implied sexual activity:

Kane Hutchinson, Newcastle EDL, convicted of serial child abuse

John Broomfield, EDL and British Freedom supporter, ‘making indecent images of children’ and inept mosque attack:

Mervyn Jones, North Wales Alliance/Combined Ex-Forces, remanded in custody awaiting sentence after being found guilty of rape, attempted rape, indecent assault.

cxf pedos Ryan McGee, EDL sympathiser jailed for 2 years for making nail bombs and being an all round fuckbugle.

Michael McQueenie, EDL Blackburn, pleaded guilty of two counts of rape of a 14-year-old girl and sexual assault.

Mark ‘Archie’ Sleman, EDL : kidnapping and sexually abusing 10-year-old girl.

Michael Coates AKA Micky Blue Eyes NW Infidels: charged with 2 attempted rapes and other sex offences.

Brett Moses EDL Hull: 12-month prison sentence for sexual grooming.

Matthew Woodward, Deeside EDL: charged with child pornography and soliciting a 13 year old for photographs.

Alan Thomas Ellis, Deeside EDL: convicted of sending texts of a sexual nature to a 14 year old girl.

Stephen Payne SDL supporter: convicted of grooming a 13 year old.

Richard Price, former EDL leader: on the sex offenders register. Price admitted four counts of making indecent images of children and two charges of possessing cocaine

Liam Pinkham NWI who condemned himself by admitting to grooming a 15 year old. This was corroborated by a poster called ‘Kim Whitenightshade’ on the Nazi VNNUKforum who confirmed that Pinkham had been having a ‘supervised and non-physical relationship’ with Whitenightshade’s 15 year old daughter but was ‘the perfect gent.’ Isn’t that grooming?

pinocropAnd let’s not forget the other far right nonces in the BNP and other spinter groupuscules. Nigel Hesmondalgh, BNP: jailed for possessing a series of degrading photos and videos of children Ian Siree of the BNP:

Darren Francis, BNP, sexual relationship with 13 year old:

Michael Cowen, NF, masses of child porn

Gavin Leist, BNP, child porn:

Roderick Rowley, BNP, child porn, Ian Hindle and Andrew Wells, BNP,  convicted of having sex with a child and engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child respectively:

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Royston Rage!

royston head

Zika Virus Attacks Racist Bugle! 

Andy Steroidston first came to our notice at the EDL’s Camp Skanky in Rotherham, 2014, when he turned up in a tiny t-shirt he had stolen off a 3 year old. As usual, the ongoing demo kicked off between the drunken members of the  EDL, NWI, NF and BNP, despite the solemnity of the event which was to support the 1,400 teenagers who have been serially abused.


Roidy also had a mixed race girlfriend with whom he attended various racist demos and it was hard to work out who was more confused, him or her. Luckily for the white race, he discretely broke up with her and the whole sad hilarious saga was played out on Facebook (where else) as he raged away full of Vodka, bitterness, and Monster Munch (curry flavour).  In case you didn’t know Roidston was at the Dover Riots earlier this year, running round covered in blood, shouting and threatening anti-fascists for hours yet for some reason, he hasn’t been arrested. He said …


… our survey said: royston 6

royston 3

Clashes as anti-immigration groups including the National Front (NF) and the English Defence League (EDL) protest in Dover. In an attempt to disrupt the far-right, anti-fascist groups including Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and the Kent Anti-Racism Network (KARN) hold a counter-protest. Featuring: View Where: Dover, United Kingdom When: 30 Jan 2016 Credit:

So, next time you’re on a demo and don’t want to get nicked, stay in full sight of plod in a cardy covered in blood, running round like a failed bodybuilder chasing squirrels who’ve nicked his steroids! Oh, and Andy, I think we located your missing twin!





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