Latest News: Top Badger ‘Kicked Tae Fuck!’

The UK’s barbaric badger slaughter was temporarily halted yesterday following a ‘celebrity culling’ in Nutwood Forest when Bill T. Badger, hi-tech secretary to Nutwood’s UKIP candidate Rupert T. Bear, was reportedly ‘kicked tae fuck.’

‘I didnae realise who he wiz,’ said badger knacker Tarquin Quunt, ‘but we kicked fuck oot of him, first with a spade, then just hammers. Then the final coup-de-foie-gras was delivered wi’ a half-brick.’ Asked how he felt about the incident, Quunt said ‘Aye, I feel great. It wiz funny. Messy, but funny.’badger

Badger: ‘Fuck kicked out of!’ 

The position of Rupert’s secretary will now be taken by Ping Pong, a Thai born entertainer whose name is apparently related to her cabaret act, ‘Anyone For Table Tennis?’ Rupert faced immediate criticism for employing a non-UK national and quickly resigned (for the 4th time) but re-elected himself later when he was wankered.


‘I didn’t resign again, did I?’

And News Just In … 

Donald Trump rang the leader of Britain, the Queen, asking if Rupert could be made ‘world secretary’ despite the fact he is not an MP, is not in government, and has fuck all qualifications. Not only that, but he’s shagging some forrin bird as well!

Trump later referred to The Queen as a ‘senile piss bag stand’ and that her ‘race-mixing Jelly whacking grandson better not go for a late night drive round Paris apres-fucken-dejeuner or else!’ Mrs Queen was unavailable for comment as she was pissed-up in the bathroom with a mucky book and a Motorhead CD.


Trump: ‘Hey, I look like Alec Baldwin!’ 


‘So fuck? I look like Helen Mirren!’ 


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‘They are become death … The destroyers of worlds.’

‘They are the Strong Men

They are the Strong Men and we are not

They are the Strong Men who do not die

These are the strong men’ 


‘Murderer of Ukrainians …


… Murderer of Kurdish people … 


… Murderer of your own people in Syria … 

U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump speaks in New York September 3, 2015.  REUTERS/Lucas Jackson  - RTX1QZYY


…Who next?’


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Anti-Fascist Action! Syrian Style!

Solidarity with anti-fascists around the world


And Victory to the Bob Crowe Brigade in Syria! 



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Victory to Kurdish Freedom Fighters Everywhere!

We hope that our Kurdish comrades’ struggle is a successful one. With love and solidarity to our friends across the world!










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Women, Anti-Fascism & The Struggle Against Tyranny

Whilst the far right in the UK wander about cluelessly referring to themselves as ‘foot soldiers’ with their daft ‘FCK ISIS’ and ‘Taliban Hunting Club’ t-shirts, pretending that they care about the Islamic repression of women, here are some men and women who have actually fought against Islamic extremism as well as other forms of tyranny.


First, we salute the members of the Bob Crow Brigade fighting in Syria 


and the anti-fascists flying the AFA flag in Syria


and the Ukrainian anti-fascists flying the AFA flag


& the young YPJ Kurdish Fighter RIP

But let us not forget the thousands of women who also fought against racism, fascism imperialism and patriarchy in Bosnia …

Bosnian Defender Pointing Rifle October 1, 1992 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


In Columbia with FARC


‘Hey Fascist! Don’t mess with me, Pandejo!’

and the Nicaraguan Sandinistas


and Vietnam


and Cuba


and Hungary against Soviet aggression


and the women who fought in the French Resistance


and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising


and Italian anti-fascist women


and all those who fought in Spain


We remember you and all our sisters who fight against racism and fascism across the world. 



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Kieran Wright? ‘Riight Wanker!’

The Malatesta blog is often accused of taking the piss out of the far right, but with today’s subject we don’t need to take the piss, they are donating it in buckets! The latest EDL eejit is called Kieran Wright – which, appropriately, is an anagram of ‘Riight Wanker’ (Kieran son, an anagram is where you jiggle the little letters about and get a brand new word!). Riight Wanker has been in court and made the papers today as this Hero On The Half Shell-Suit had been in hospital following an overdose. Whilst he was there, he made nasty racist comments on Facebook about one of the nurses who were treating him (and no doubt he got the ‘special thermometer’ reserved for difficult patients, just think ‘chocolate lolly’). In court he apologised, like all these racists do when called on it, and said he wasn’t really racist when he obviously is, so not only is he an inept druggie but a cowardly one as well. The fact that Riight Wanker can’t even take drugs properly wasn’t news to us: someone gave him a morphine suppository once but he had to give it back as it wouldn’t fit in his syringe.


Wright? Wrong! 

Riight Wanker likes to break the rules, especially the 1st rule of criminality, which is ‘Don’t Get Caught!,’ and this hanging simian shit-spigot has been nicked 47 times, so any other members of the criminal fraternity should avoid him like a dog dirt buffet.


Riight Wanker: Arrested Again

A couple of weeks back in Sunderland, a young lass was allegedly abducted and sexually assaulted and 6 Turkish men were arrested over it. As usual, the local EDL etc., had to get involved and as usual, they fucked it up! A demo had been arranged for 1.30pm in the area, and the meeting point was in a bar at 11am so by the time things got going, the EDL were already drunk and aggressive and it kicked off. Not with any of the accused of course, but some Asian guys who happened to live there got attacked. There were 5 arrests including Riight Wanker and a few local eejits including Philip Hackers (‘White Warrior’ & NE Infidels supporter) and Kevin Sayers, a drug dealer.

Why this amateur criminal clutch of jizz-fountains thought they could help the situation is unknown and the poor lass at the centre of this needs to avoid them, case pending.

Riight Wanker isn’t very clever where social media is concerned, and after he had been arrested, charged and released for the demo, what did he do? He got on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page and started arguing with people, acting like a fucken woodentop. We have saved all the screenshots should Riight Wanker wish to refresh his drug addled memory. No doubt his solicitor will want to ram the case up Riight Wanker’s backside, assuming he has removed any contraband he keeps up there 1st. Riight Wanker is obviously pleased that he is in the newspapers so he can boast about it in the playground to his mates, but not all publicity is good publicity, ask Max Clifford.

Not only is Riight Wanker a useless druggie and criminal failure, he likes to beat up women:

And as far as bananas are concerned, rest assured that he will be spending years peeling his in prison when he ends up there. And if he is worried that other inmates may start calling him ‘Riight Wanker’ can we suggest another alias? Something like Tnuc latoT?

Be Seeing You!


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Anjem Choudary? Fuck Off, Shitbeagle!


Anjem Choudary has finally been sentenced to 5 and a half years at HM Prison Slade under his real name, Norman Stanley Felcher. He is isolated on the nonce wing so people don’t have to listen to all that shit he comes out with. He is allowed a copy of the Koran, Motorhead CDs, and a mucky book, and is let out for 1 hour a day to play on the prison bouncy castle, but not if it’s raining when he has to stay in and do puzzles instead. cock

Anjem Choudary enjoying a joke!

Former fanny magnet Choudary has been allowed to form a vocal trio, The Candy Apple Steamers (that’s gross, Ed.) and their versions of ‘Where The Girls Are,’ ‘It’s Raining Men’ and ‘I’m Coming Out!’ have been a wow with the sex offenders on their wing!


Anjem: Candy Makers & Loving It!’

Choudary’s supporters have included this fucking idiot, Jamaal Uddin, the exotic dancer formerly known as Cheeky Peeches, who converted to Choudary’s version of Islam because he was a fat ginger who always got picked last at football.


Choudary has also been getting some expert tips from an unnamed adviser (below) on how to make friends in prison: ooops

Your face is like a big minge anyway, they’ll love you (long time)!’

He will not be missed.

Be Seeing You! wullie

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