A Sad Tale of Hopeless Boozers and Confused Losers

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! Just forget the Scottish Referendum for a wee while and bask in a multitude of far right failures! After the fallouts following the EDL’s demo disaster in Rotherham, the collapse of Camp Skank, and next Saturday’s proposed ‘March On Downing Street’ looking very weak, the news that March For England have bottled it going back to Brighton next year is a significant success for anti-fascists. So sit back and relax as we reflect on how poorly the MFE have done over the last couple of years.

No Surrender! Until We Do!’

Of course MFE pretended they were not sick of being humiliated, battered and chased out of Brighton every year so employed their usual hubris. ‘We will be back’ they said which actually means a couple of blokes will stay at a crap Worthing B&B then sneak into Brighton unannounced to take a photo near the Cowley Club when its shut. So what caused this sudden loss of nerve?

The MFE annual humiliation was started in 2010 by long dead groupuscule English Nationalist Alliance led by the comely Bill ‘Chimps’ Baker who was kicked out of the EDL and has since died from a balanic disorder. They gathered up at the train station protected by dozens of cops with dogs, horses, and riot vans, as hundreds of anti-fascists surrounded them. After some delay, they set off. There were about 40 odd ‘chav scrotes’ (copyright EDL leadership) led by plod who eventually forced the march through the blockades set up by militants. There were a few scuffles and the march was continuously delayed: anti-fascists kept pushing them back as plod got increasingly vexed but eventually the ENA reached their demo point for a few tediously predictable speeches about being ‘English Till I Die’ (the sooner, the better). Then plod hurriedly escorted them back to the station followed by large crowds of local anti-fascists who waved them goodbye. It was not a great start for MFE.

In 2011, MFE consisted of 70 non-local and renegade EDL, casuals, the incompetent and the incontinent. The MFE leaders had elbowed ‘Chimps’ Baker out of the limelight, determined to take the glory. Which was sadly lacking. Again, masses of anti-fascists surrounded the MFE at the train station. The UAF contingent were kettled by plod and effectively neutralised as other black blockers, militants and anarchists kept mobile and out of reach. The MFE  were hoping to emulate the numbers of the EDL demos but just didn’t have the support and had to bus in eejits from elsewhere. They were really a fragile alliance of tiny groupuscules attempting to organise outside the EDL but could not help falling out with each other. They were again outnumbered, heavily protected by police and then scuttled out of town.

In 2012, plod drafted in other forces and were more aggressive having lost control the year before. The march set off and was blockaded by anti-fascists, many of whom were tangling with police whilst trying to get at the MFE. The march was completely halted and eventually redirected. However militants moved through the tiny backstreets which kept opposition fluid and effective and they blockaded the new route. Boosted by their success and a worried looking MFE, anti-fascists became much more ‘proactive:’ some started banging on a corrugated fence (which sounded well scary) as bottles, crates, bollards and other missiles rained down on the terrified MFE and the cops. Plod eventually forced their way through with some difficulty but the march was now about 1 ½ hours late. The MFE got to their meet up with great difficulty and after a couple of brief speeches were led, chastened and deflated, back to the station by plod. This was a definitive victory for anti-fascists. And next year would be even better.

In 2013, seaside plod had had enough of ‘shelling out the clams’ to other forces because they could not contain the counter-demonstration and were themselves sick of the MFE. Anti-fascists came into contact with the MFE for the 1st time and it proved very dicey for the fash. They had gathered at the new pier as 100s of anti-fascists filled the area. 1 terrified group of MFE hiding in a bookies were rescued by plod then covered in black gunk. Anti-fascists cornered a few faces in an alley who were bricked, slapped and run, eventually being protected by plod. On the seafront there was hand to hand fighting and the MFE came off very badly. In the lanes the black block were chasing stray fascists down to the seafront where they got into further bother. In one incident, a solo fash was attacked and beaten then, as antifascists withdrew, was arrested. After all the boasting about their prowess, the MFE were properly turned over by those they consistently misidentify as ‘soft, middle-class, student anti-fascists.’ In revenge, they vowed to come back on St Obscurities day but this, like their ‘100s of supporters,’ totally failed to materialise.

After the utter humiliation of 2013, the MFE foolishly talked up 2014, again claiming they would be bringing ‘100s’ but gathered scarcely 100 on the day. This time, they were kettled in a Wetherspoon’s as a large group of anti-fascists surrounded them. Plod forced them through to the start of their embarrassing 400 yard stumble and after ½ hour in the drizzle MFE were then sheepishly marched to the train station. As they headed back they were barracked and blockaded by mobile and militant anti-fascists and at one point were completely exposed at the clock tower. We had a brief chat with Paul Prodromou and his idiot son who went ‘come on then’ whilst standing in front of 20 plod. He was given a clip round the ear and then ran off crying. The black block barricaded their way to the station and the redirected MFE were attacked from the sides. Again, the MFE were outnumbered, slapped, humiliated, and embarrassed and they knew it would only be worse in 2015 so their cries of ‘No Surrender’ now sound suddenly empty. Funnily enough, anti-fascists are going to miss it next year as it is now such an enormous mobilisation of anti-fascists and  a celebration of diversity by the many groups opposing MFE. Be Seeing You. Or rather, not.

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Vultures Of Rotherham #4

This young scallywag was pulled for being late for his tea!

Here are some real fuckbugling arsefountains:

And it doesn’t get much better …

The EDL Damage Limitation Division have gone mental trying to deny that it all kicked off yesterday.


The truth is somewhat different over here in ‘reality.’

EDL Breakout:

The EDL are claiming that this is a Hopenothate-Commie-Muslamic-Antifa-Searchlight-Culturalmarxist- Photoshop fake of course but seeing as several clips of the day are widely circulating the net this is as convincing as their slogan, ‘Neither Racist Nor Violent, But Both.’ They are also claiming that there were ‘1,000s’ there but, again in ‘reality’ where the majority of people live and who have eyes, we can clearly see there is not that number. We do not dispute that their numbers were swelled by the NF, BNP, SEA and the even bigger failures of the NWI but they didn’t hang around long, even if they did make it to the actual demo.

‘Special mention should be given to the BNP, who held a separate demo in Rotherham yesterday. They were spotted on the outskirts of town at a roundabout, such were their numbers I was unable to take a photograph. We passed the 7 of them in a split second and I hadn’t even got the cover open on my phone. Forlorn figures cutting a lonely dash, forgotten. Dead. Irrelevant.’ (From our friends at OTAN X).

The split NF had at least 1 group there claiming to be the ‘Official’ NF. Kev Bryant, a nazi known for his girth rather than his blubbering use of words, was there doing a speech to ‘White Nationalist (& Glue sniffer/grass/drug dealer/Redwatch pimp) of the year, Kevin Watnomoney and his wife, Kate McDermody. Here she is, not mental in the least.

The EDL kept up their classy appearance with their royal couple Stella and Charlie:

Beer in 1 hand, nob in the other.

EDL Onanist Divsion: Stella in 1 hand, nob in the other.

Irrelevant Bin Bag Wearers Britain First got a wee bit hysterical about the EDL getting all the publicity:  ‘Shocking scenes from Rotherham today as several arrested or injured as EDL rally descends into violence. Boozed up National Front/Infidels/BNP factions battle it out with EDL drunks in town centre. Does this boozed-up behaviour reflect well on our struggle? Does this hooligan type behaviour play into the hands of our enemies?’

Above: BF Leader Paul Golding

Pauly Poos is not popular with some of his ‘supporters’ (who support him by mainly calling him a James Blunt). Like this eejit:

And this eejit:

And here is a demo Report From Our Friend ‘Lola':

We stood with locals to protect property. It seemed there was a group of around 40 EDL who were intent on causing trouble after the demo. The police were an absolute disgrace. Forces that I saw from the various constabularies included South Yorkshire Police, Merseyside police, Welsh, West Mercia and Norfolk. £1.2 million spent for this and they seemed as ineffectual as a candle in the fog. The EDL were beaten back by locals at a shop before turning back to town, and whilst most mosques and properties were protected by locals, not one police officer seemed to be present until after any violence occurred. We did pop down to the UAF counter demo and were told there that police had just let EDL breach the lines and several got into the UAF pen and luckily only took photo’s and hurled abuse. I myself managed to walk straight through their lines into the middle of a fash pen to return the favour, the police only realising their fuck up after I gave out a few slaps to someone who has been giving me grief over a very similar incident at Cricklewood. I expected arrest but was dumped back out of the pen and told to leave the area which I did and went back to protect property in Masborough, where the police (again) had failed the innocent locals. A total fucking disgrace SYP.

‘You put your right wing in, your right wing out …’

Here we see a ‘peaceful member’of the EDL as he chats pleasantly with the local constabulary as the EDL’s delusions and denials are going crazy, as with this classic example: ‘Today’s demonstration started and ended peacefully.’ Yeah, but it didn’t half kick off inbetween!


Even their own supporters admit it kicked off. We’ll keep you posted throughout the day!

Diddyfiddler: Not in this demo.

PS: Just found this from some of anti-fascist network comrades:

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The Vultures Of Rotherham #3

What a depressing and thoroughly expected surprise that the EDL’s demonstration in Rotherham over the child abuse scandal ended up in public drunkeness, infighting, confrontations with police and a breakaway group rampaging through the town causing damage.


1 EDL member tries to remember which way up a V-sign is.

The EDL have been vulturing over the appalling tragedy of 1,400 victims of serial abuse and had set up Camp Skanky outside Rotherham police station calling for SYPCC Shaun Wright to quit. This would have been more effective if Wright actually worked in that station. However, by the time the EDL realised their error, they had already pitched a few crap tents from Argos and one member started a hunger strike between pies, sandwiches and cans of beer, so it was too late to admit they had got their ‘facts’ wrong. Again. As we have shown in earlier articles, the camp soon turned into a drunken party that did NOTHING to help any of the scandal’s victims but simply boosted the EDL’s feeble egos by getting in the paper and on the telly thus appearing to give their atrophied and shrinking organisation a much needed boost. Of course, like everything the EDL does, their protest and demonstration soon turned into a joke (a joke as unfunny as any of Jim Davidson’s).


Note carrier bag full of tinnies.

The EDL’s protest was a dismal exercise in embarrassing public drunkenness. Members had been asked to remain sober, and not be photographed clutching cans of Stella, to keep their protest dignified out of respect. Why people need to be told to maintain sobriety at 11AM whilst holding a dignified demonstration is a bad sign. But just like The 4 Tops, they can’t help themselves and so their demo degenerated into confrontations with police, a breakaway from the main group attacking a mosque, and the usual infighting that gave antifascists the only good news from the day. Their demo started off with various groups assembling in Rotherham optimistically expecting 3,000 to attend. Plod maintained there were 1,200 but according to the photos of the day this was clearly untrue. They had inflated the numbers to justify the 1,500 police on duty, many from other divisions, who, despite outnumbering the EDL, still couldn’t control them. Something for South Yorkshire Police to add to their piss poor record of incompetence.

The NWI Had To Stand With NF To Boost Numbers

It is evident that between 6-800 showed up. Included in this rabble of drunken violent eejits, were various members of the BNP, NF and Britain First. Even the tiny Infidels groupuscule made an appearance which remained less than impressive as most of them are still in prison after a 10 strong attack on 2 young antifascists and their dad. Of course, the EDL attacked the NF like they did the other week and then they all ended up attacking each other despite calls for Far Right Unity – although what far right unity has to do with any of the 1,400 victims is unclear. The BNP were also very quiet over the fact that whilst the scandal was happening, they had 2 councilors  in Rotherham who also did nothing (like all their councillors).


EDL: Peacefully Protesting?

As usual the EDL stewards failed to control the violence and yet again, Dave ‘Made In Britian’ Bolton was attacked. He really should give it up as this is the 4th time he has been battered by his own ‘racial comrades.’ The police drew their batons and forced the EDL back, whilst some of them were wielding metal poles, and tried to contain them. This was a partial success as 200 later broke out and ran amok.


It was interesting to see Kate McDermody, formerly of the useless British People’s Party, demanding that sex offenders be hanged. We presume this does not apply to her friend and former BPP member Martin Gilleard who is in prison over sex offences.


The BPP’s Eddie Morrison with Martin Gilleard

The EDL, like everyone else, are right to be angry with the perpetrators of this abysmal situation, and to protest against child abuse, a sentiment we can only agree with. However the EDL racialize the situation and forget that ALL sex offenders are vile. As 1 EDL member said: ‘Find every rapist, prosecute him, jail him, seize his assets to compensate as best as possible his victims. Then deport him’ – yes indeed, including the ones in the EDL ranks about whom they remain silent:

The EDL also ignore other child abuse cases that are perpetrated by white people (see ACAB blog below). So, the post-demo fallout is going to be interesting as they try to justify themselves and all the violence, shouted racist abuse and the hijacking of other peoples’ misery. And what did the EDL achieve in Rotherham? Absolutely nothing except making a bad situation even worse. Well done.

Beer in 1 hand, nob in the other.

EDL Onanist Divsion: Stella in 1 hand, nob in the other.

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EDL Sex Offenders List

The EDL Vanity Show in Rotherham goes on as they try to get their faces in the paper and on the telly to show off to their mates in the pub, but their numbers are falling and there are only about 4 or 5 tents left.


Andrew Edge, the hunger striker, has entered his 2nd week of hunger strike, assisted by only a Twix, some Rolos and a full English breakfast. He is off to jail next week for being an eejit on the EDL 2012 demo in Brum where the EDL started chucking garden furniture at plod who got heavy and left the EDL racists with sore heads. Then, in a massive fit of stupidity, EDL members put footage of them rioting on Youtubw which led to a lot of jail time for them. So, if previous cases are anything to go by, Andrew Edge will be enjoying the prison halal menu for the next few years. Or he may refuse it and go on hunger strike between snacks and meals.

 And whilst the EDL are protesting about ‘Muslim’ pedophiles in their own dignified way …

Beer in 1 hand, nob in the other.


… they conveniently forget the pedophiles and sex offenders in their own ranks. We have publicised the list for some time now but here is an updated version of the sex offenders that the EDL conveniently forget to protest against.

Michael McQueenie, EDL Blackburn, has just been charged with two counts of rape against a 14-year-old girl and sexual assault.

Richard Price, former EDL leader: on the sex offenders register. Price admitted four counts of making indecent images of children and two charges of possessing cocaine

Michael Coates AKA Micky Blue Eyes NW Infidels: charged with 2 attempted rapes and other sex offences.

Brett Moses EDL Hull: 12-month prison sentence for sexual grooming.

Matthew Woodward, Deeside EDL: charged with child pornography and soliciting a 13 year old for photographs.

Alan Thomas Ellis, Deeside EDL: convicted of sending texts of a sexual nature to a 14 year old  girl.

Archie Sliman, EDL : kidnapping and sexually abusing 10-year-old girl.

Stephen Payne SDL supporter: convicted of grooming a 13 year old.

Nigel Hesmondalgh, BNP: jailed for possessing a series of degrading photos and videos of children.

Liam Pinkham NWI who condemned himself by admitting togrooming a 15 year old.

By racialising pedophilia and serious sex offences the EDL are ignoring the fact that ALL pedophiles are sick, and by calling anyone who opposes them a ‘pedo’ trivialises the suffering that 1,400 children went through.


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Rotherham Vultures #2

As we can see, after a week spent in futility, the EDL still think they have some kind of impact on the child grooming issue. Here we see another 2 pissheads ‘supporting’ the victims at Skank Fest. This EDL member is reflecting on the misery of the 1,400 victims using a case of Fosters (£8 at Spar! A bargain!)


This  EDL member is also thinking of the 1,400 victims and not treating the whole thing as massive vanity trip and an excuse to get their faces in the paper. 

Here are the EDL gathered en masse to commmerate the victims.

piss up

Overwhelmed with grief at the EDL’s Wailing Wall (or weeing wall), this EDL member pays his respects to the good folks of Rotherham.

wallAnd here are the ‘1,000s’ who support the EDL at plod HQ.


But luckily, the EDL Worzels tribute band have turned up to entertain the masses.


Be Seeing You!





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The Vultures Of Rotherham

Whilst the entire country is wondering how 1400 children could have been sexually abused for so many years in Rotherham, as inquiries are being set-up to discover what went wrong, and whilst many people have expressed heartfelt sympathy for the victims, the English Defence League have decided to help out as well. The EDL have set-up what looks like a refugee camp for thugs and drunks in a bid to ‘support’ the victims, and what should be a sombre vigil has turned into a rowdy, rain sodden mini-festival for the beer clutching attention seekers on the far right.

Beer in 1 hand, nob in the other.

As usual the EDL complain that the media is portraying them as a bunch of drunken hooligans. But if you look like a drunken hooligan and you act like a drunken hooligan, then …


Of course with any event hijacked by the far right all the little grupuscules are trying to claim credit and publicity, saying the demonstration in Rotherham on the 13th of September is their own. The EDL responded by saying it is their ball and no-one can play with it. The other grupuscules are naturally chagrined as they need a publicity fix for their little vanity tribes as well so the infighting has started already …

MfE cunts

Whilst squatting in their own filth, the EDL have claimed the entire population of Yorkshire supports them and have supplied them with beer, fags, pies, beer and fags. One of the more desperate EDL members has been on hunger strike for several days, surviving on a meagre diet of Stella and crisps (and all the millions of free pies and fags the EDL have been given by the entire population of England). It appears that the EDL’s main sponsors are Stella and Charlie, their royal couple.


The EDL are merely making a bad situation worse by trivialising it and claiming it was they who ‘exposed Asian grooming gangs’ but in fact, they simply read it in the paper and put it on Facebook. 

fat woman

The BNP and the far right in general are very keen to blame the Labour council – of whom we have no political affiliation with – but conveniently forget that in 2008, there were 2 BNP councillors in Rotherham, who likewise did nothing (like every other BNP councillor).Baghead

As usual, the EDL are making up their usual inflammatory lies by saying they were ‘shot at’ by ‘muzzies’ going by in cars. This is clearly drive-by bullshit as the road is closed due to their own protest and surely plod, whose house they are besieging, would have mentioned summat.


The EDL are still politically clueless and promote the false syllogism that ‘I hate pedos; anti-fascists hate me; therefore anti-fascists support pedos.’ Firstly, how you ‘support pedos’ is anyone’s guess (send them a prussic sandwich?) but this is also symptomatic of their naïve polarised reasoning and they cannot see why people are angry at their gross opportunism and vulturing over an already emotional issue. Unite Against Fascism (UAF) have declared that they will be in Rotherham to oppose the EDL but this will do anti-fascists no favours and only inflame the EDL’s false theorising.

gail 2

The BNP will no doubt appear on the 13th, if not before, as post-Griffin they need a publicity boost to remind people they are still clinging on desperately to the distended haemorrhoids of the far right. The ludicrous attention seeking Britain First, a BNP splinter faction who dress in flat caps to show their proletarian roots, are likewise hovering on the scene like a bluebottle over a freshly laid dogpile. When the NF (who are split into 2 factions) turned up the EDL chased them off. Mind you, it’s not hard when there’s only 6 geriatric arsebugles who can’t get to the toilet on time.


It is clear that this is a last ditch attempt for the EDL to show that it isn’t completely atrophied (it is!). They are down to a few hundred members, have no idea who their actual leader is, and are sulking with Mr Tommy who left them to their own desperate devices. But at least they’ve got their faces in the paper so they can show their mates in the pub. Well done.




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Anti-Fascist Book Out Soon!

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! The Malatesta’s first book, Militant Anti-Fascism: 100 Years of Resistance, is finished and gone to AK for a new year publication! Stay SHARP!

Militant Anti-Fascism



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